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Keyword "air hammer"
Sell pneumatic forging hammer Sell pneumatic forging hammer

This pneumatic forging hammer is widely used for general Forging works. the hammers falling weight at 9kg, 15kg, 25kg, 40kg, 55kg, 75kg are used to art blacksmithing such as drawing-out, upsetting, punching, chiseling, forge, welding, bending and twisting. It is also used for forge in bolster dies. 
the forging hammers are CE approved.
   + Ready operation: economic and convenient
   + Easy to operate, by manipulating the hand lever or foot-pedal, all operating functions—idle run, top setting, pressing down, single blow, light or full series blow can be obtained as desired   
   + A special oil-pump is provided for lubricating the cylinders. Prior to running, turn the hand-crank of the pump to get the cylinders being lubricated beforehand.

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Sell air tool,pneumatic tool,air impact wrench Sell air tool,pneumatic tool,air impact wrench


FREE SPEED(rpm):7000

MAX TORUQE: 230Ft-lb    312n-m

AVG. AIR CONSUMPTION: 4.2Cfm    0.12m3/min

< P class=MsoNormal style=\"MARGIN: 0cm -5.35pt 0pt 0cm; mso-para-margin-right: -.51gd\">AIR PRESSURE: 90Psi     6.3 kg/cm2

AIR HOSE ID: 3/8In    9.5 mm


SQUARE DRIVER: 1/2In     12.7 mm

LENGTH: 7In  178mm

WEIGHT: 5.1Lb   2.3kg
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