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Keyword "air"
Buy Air / Water Cooled Screw Chillers
We are urgently looking for European manufacturers of Air/Water Cooled Screw Chillers, Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units. The manufacturers as discribed above are requested to contact me ASAP since we have got urgent and handsome inquiries in hand that needs to be addressed immediately.
[Related Categories: Refrigeration & Heat Exchange ]
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Buy Pneumatic & Air Nailer
We import all kinds of nailers with big quantity: ST& FST nailer, framing nailer. We have two redistered brands with good reputation in chinese domestic market. Please contact us if you are interested in.
[Related Categories: Pneumatic & Air Tools ]
[Related Keywords: buy, pneumatic, &, air, Nailer ]
Buy Air Cleaners Connected To Ducting Of Kitchen Exhaust System
Kindly assist us in the supply of air cleaners of 12,000 cmh and ensure that the ducting is connected to the kitchen exhaust system. It is very important that the exhaust fumes will not be gone unto a ceiling and release any odor. So odor filtration is a must for the kind of air cleaners you supply. Please see our website
[Related Categories: Others ]
[Related Keywords: buy, air, Cleaners, connected, TO, Ducting, OF, kitchen, exhaust, System ]
Buy Parts For Wall Mounted Air Conditioners
We are looking for the manufacturers and suppliers who can supply us the air conditioning parts for manufacturing of our wall mounted split air conditioners. The parts that mainly required are; Spring for copper tube in suction line Brass Flare Nut for 1/2`` and 1/4`` Brass Adaptor for 1/2`` and 1/4`` Brazing Rings and silver solder rods Terminal Block (for indoor units) Aeroflex Sheet and Aero Flex Seleeve Blower Bush Dies for Blower Bush Drain Pipe
[Related Categories: Parts & Accessories ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Parts, for, wall, mounted, air, Conditioners ]
Buy Air Switch
We need a large quantity of Air Switch which used for the Food Waste Disposer . And the Air Switch should meed the EU standard . Remind you that we need one or two pieces of samples for our inspection in advance and we agree to share some sample fees . If you are able to contact me before the Janaury 2006 that would be wonderful.
[Related Categories: Food Processor ]
[Related Keywords: buy, air, switch ]
Buy Daikin Air Conditioners
We want to import more than 10,000 units spli type Daikin air conditioners European Stanadarts R410a freon - CE Please send us your best offer.
[Related Categories: Air-conditioner ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Daikin, air, Conditioners ]
Buy Air Conditioners
Our company S. K. NAIDOS ltd is an European distributor in sector of air conditioners. We have a big sales network all arround Europe. We would like to buy 1500 HUALING famous brand air conditioners set of split wall type air conditioners. New freon R410a or R407c. We are interested in brand of Guangzhou Hualing Air Conditioners. Please send us your best export offer. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
[Related Categories: Air-conditioner ]
[Related Keywords: buy, air, Conditioners ]
Buy 20 000 Coffee Air Tight Wooden Box
We need to buy 20 000 coffee wooden box air tight size 12cm width x 12 cm length x 17 cm hight
[Related Categories: Bamboo & Wooden Crafts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, 20, 000, coffee, air, tight, wooden, box ]
Buy Air Freshener, Perfumes For Car
We need a Scented card hanger on Car Size:3" *4" * 3mm thicknes Card with scented
[Related Categories: Air Fresheners ]
[Related Keywords: buy, air, Freshener,, perfumes, for, car ]
Buy Air Fresheners & Auto Dispenser
We are looking for eco friendly air freshner & dispensers from quality suppliers and the relavant suppliers may contact us
[Related Categories: Air Fresheners ]
[Related Keywords: buy, air, Fresheners, &, auto, dispenser ]