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Dongguan GuoXiang adhesive products Co., LTD(03/20/2014)

 Established in 2011, we are specialized manufacturer with years of experience in production, research and development of adhesive. Now our working facilities cover an area of 12,000 square meters. We have over 100 fixed staff members, 35% of which are high or intermediate technicians.

  Our leading products include super glue series packed in aluminum tubes, 502 series packed in plastic bottles, 101 series, modified two-component AB series adhesives (acrylate type, epoxy type), CIIR (Chloro-isobutene-isoprene rubber or chloro-butyl rubber), nail glue series, contact cement, etc. Among them, the super glue series packed in aluminum tubes reached the international advanced level and the products sell well around the world.
  With our factory responsible for material of glue, packing and export, our products have won reputation in both domestic and overseas markets due to high quality and competitive price. Our annual sales capacity has reached around USD3,000,000 with export percentage of 80%.
  Holding the guideline of "Seeking existence through development", we devote ourselves to the unceasing exploration of new products while strengthening the quality of our original products and sets up special quality inspection agencies responsible for the supervision of products\' quality. Under the joint effort of our whole staff, our 502 super glue series with the trademark of "Guo-elephant" have been well received by numerous customers in China.
  Following the principle of "Quality first; Credit supreme", we are willing to cooperate with clients from all over the world in order to built a more prosperous future together. Please feel free to contact us for details if you are interested in any of our series.

Dongguan GuoXiang adhesive products Co., LTD [China]
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We are Exporter & Importer of Steel, Oil, Wood Preservative, Welding Electrodes, Auto parts, Adhesive, Building Materials.

ABC [India]
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Autokem Industry Co., Ltd(05/13/2013)

 AUTOKEM INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. is a dedicated manufacturer with professional strength that provides high-quality aerosol and specialty products to customers in automotive, industrial, agriculture business.

Our 1,500 square meters manufacturing plant is equipped with modern machines and equipments. With 5 filling lines, an independent chemical manufacturing facility and a testing lab, we commit to deliver high quality and cost-effective product. 

Autokem Industry Co., Ltd [China]
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Shanghai Sepuna Chemical Technology Co. Ltd.(04/16/2012)

 Shanghai Sepuna Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional industry company which is engaged in sealant and adhesive. Since June 2000, Sepuna has been defined as a professional chemical supplier and acquired PUNADE technology of Switzerland in 2005. After that, sepuna does market survey, research and development constantly to improve the quality and technology. Through 11 years’ endeavour, sepuna now is a mature company with core technology.

Sepuna always regards the environment’s protection as an obligation. In the R&D of new products, sepuna focuses on researching and developing healthy and green adhesive products.

Our products mainly involve automobile, construction, shipbuilding, electronic and so on. Our customers widely spread in Europe, USA, Asia and Oceania.

Sepuna believes that we will build a pleasure business relationship and we promise to provide a satisfying service!

Shanghai Sepuna Chemical Technology Co. Ltd. [China]
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SETAAK Co.(12/25/2011)

In the year of 1997, an organization called Setaak Mold Manufacturer Engineering Establishment along with a team of technical experts knowing the knowledge of today , started its activities including manufacturing of Single Station and Progressive Dies, Die Casting Dies and Injection Molds regarding Die and Mold Making Industry very soon and it was not more than a year, it started manufacturing Standard Parts with the Purpose of increasing its activities and spreading the culture of application of this parts.

In 2000, this organization, under name of SETAAK CO. increased its activities within above fields So much so that most of top manufacturing companies and factories became familiar with its name very soon and the products of SETAAK CO. became a symbol of high quality with enormous variety of products.

From 2001-04, SETAAK CO faced with internal industries progress of itself and started concentrating on making mold components, and at the same time, SETAAK CO attempted to establish a centre for specialty information service and presentation of consulting regarding these fields which are mentioned as below :

  1. Establishment of one engineering sales office in Isfahan (2001).
  2. 10 times increase in variety of products (2002).
  3. Establishment of a central sales office in Tehran (2003).
  4. Presentation of the first fully illustrated catalogue regarding standard parts
  5. Participating in numerous interval exhibitions.
  6. Increasing the number of sales agent (about 40 areas of Iran).

In the year 2005, in response to internal demands of industry in Iran and along with previous successful experiences of Gas Industrial products, the company decided to establish SAMAN ENERGY SETAAK CO in order to produce some unique products like Gas Control Valve and Gas Pressure Regulator etc. The sole purpose behind this decision was that besides increasing the field of its activities, it could take a step within self-independence and decreasing foreign dependence. SAMAN ENERGY SETAAK CO. has been successful to achieve the Standard Certificate of Iranian Fuel Conversation Organization (IFCO) and has attracted a good marketing.

During the year of 2006, SAMAN ENERGY SETAAK CO. continued its activities within a line of manufacturing one product. It set up the line of manufacturing 2 other products and during the same year, the company began to separate it\'s departments as below:

  1. Mold Component Section
  2. Mold Making and producing the parts Section. (specialty center of Die Cast Dies and Progressive Dies and etc.)
  3. Machinery section.( Manufacturing Special machine for production line and production lines equipment).

The purpose of all these changes have been:

  1. To get more specialized manpower.
  2. To achieve efficient utilization of manpower in order to have maximum output.
  3. Segregation of work for quality of products.

In the same year, Setaak Sales Department started overseas marketing by participating in foreign exhibitions and holding various discussion meetings in Europe and Middle East. A return visit was also paid which was huge success.

SETAAK Co. [Iran]
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With the assistance from our Technical Centre, we would be able to provide technical information soonest possible.


Please feel free to call us should you need more information.

Thanks and Best Regards.


CHEONG F. Y    ( +6 019 753 2209 )




Co. Reg: 492162-X





TEL: (6) 07-3649508

FAX: (6) 07-3503010


Get more product details ( with pictures ) at :



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