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Buy A Attachment Of Flashlight
We want a stable supplier of the attachment of flashment It must be stainless with high qulity and low price The picture shows It's specifications
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A New Type Of Advertising Carrier Seeking For Agents Sincerely
The features of the products: 1 Have four advertising types together (1)Equipped with LCD, so it can be used to play video advertisement; (2)]With an advertisement light case, so it can be posted light case advertisement on it. (3)Because it has a brochure basket, you can hand out your brochures though it. (4)The body of the machine also is a 3D ad. Carrier, you can print beautiful ad. Pictures on it. 2 Changing the negative ad. To positive ad When the mobile phone is charging, the owner will appreciate the advertisements on the machine. This advertising effect is better than other advertisements. 3 Special advertising viewers Due to the mobile phone users are the customers of the chaliyuan mobile phone charging station, the advertisement, which is effective for general people, will be more effectual for those mobile phone users. 4 An exclusive ad. Carrier Because chaliyuan have the regulation of the regional exclusive agent, that means, if you obtain the agent right of the chaliyuan, you will get the exclusive management right in one region. 5 Better feeling of geniality Chaliyuan provide the urgent service to the mobile phone charging and have the functions of free disinfecting and eliminating the memory of the cell, these public services will undoubtly increase people agreement to the chargers and accept the advertisement on it easily.
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Buy Ceramic Tube For A Cannular Furnace
We are looking to import ceramic tube for a cannular furnace. We will give you some technical datas for this ceramic tube. It is used for cannular furnace CB Bicasa, batch CTT7 ( L - 900 mm, d ext. - 31 mm, d int. - 25.5 mm, wall thickness - 2.9 mm). It is placed inside the furnace; inside the tube it inserts the melter with polyethylene for establishing the black carbon concentration of the polyethylene. If you can supply this product please contact the applicant company directly.
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Buy A Large Volume Of Silicone Rubber Scrap
We have been purchasing a large volume of silicone rubber scrap for a long term.If you have any recycling silicone rubber, please quote us your best price, CNFHK.
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Buy Bisphenol A (BPA)
Please let us have your best offer for Bisphenol A, CAS 80-05-7 white flakes or powder Temp of crystallization 156,7 oC min, Colour pt-co 25 max, Ash 0,003% max, Water 0,2 % max Phenol 0,03 % max o,p Dian 0,1 % max Delivery time: Soon Destination (place): CIF gdynia pl by sea Packaging: Bags 25 KG and bigbags Payment terms: L/c
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Find A Reliable Shipping Agent In Romania
We would like to find a reliable shipping agent in romania. We have stable goods export from china to romania. We hope the agent have long term history & rich experience for sea & air area. In the same time, have trade 7 clean custom experience.
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Buy Nutlet With A Small Packing
We are planning to import nutlet with small packaging. I f you have,please don't hesitate to contact me.Meanwhile, please note that your country must be the most-favored-nation to china. Thank you and looking forward to your response.
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[Related Keywords: buy, Nutlet, with, a, small, packing ]