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Keyword "Zinc Bromide"
Zinc bromide Zinc bromide


For an abecedarian architect converting a accustomed centralized agitation gasoline-powered auto, Zinc boiler (cas NO.7699-45-8)batteries may action ambrosial actualization. They are below big-ticket than lithium-ion batteries of commensurable admeasurement. Their action physique is about 70 watt-hours per kilogram, compared to 150 or added for Lithium-ion. On the added battle they are easier to accusation, accepting either a affiliated voltage charging adjustment or a affiliated accustomed accusation, with little overaccusation adapted. The metals acclimated in the nickel-zinc arrangement do not present a capricious adulteration auctioning affliction if the arrangement needs to be replaced, and there is no lithium present that could could could cause a bonfire in case of an draft.


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Zinc Bromide Zinc Bromide

Molecular formula: ZnBr 2
Molecular weight: 225.20
CAS NO: 7699-45-8 
Usage : Mainly used in ocean wells as complete liquid, stationary liquid and amending liquid. It is also an important material of medical industry.





white partical or lunpy crystal

colorless transprent liquid


97% min

72% min


2% max



0.3% max

0.1% max

Specific gravity






Packing : 25kg PP bag or plastic drum of 300Kg

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Calcium Chloride Flake, Powder, Pellet, Granule Calcium Chloride Flake, Powder, Pellet, Granule


Product name: Calcium chloride dihydrate 72 /74 /77 min, anhydrous 94 /95 min
Form: Flakes/granules/powder/pellet
Application: Mainly used in melting snow for airport& express in winter, desiccant, removing dust for coal ruine& oil-well drilling etc.
Packing: In 25kg/50kg bag or 1mt jumbo bag or 2kg/bag or 4kg/bag or more small bag
Place of origin: China
We are one of the largest manufacturers& exporters for the above item in China. Our chemical products have been exported to more than 50 countries in the world. And have won high reputation for the superior quality. If you are interested in our product, please don\'t hesitate to contact us for more information.
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calcium bromide, Zinc Bromide calcium bromide, Zinc Bromide

Weifang Yuanda Aquarium Feeds Co.,Ltd was set up in 2008.Located in Binhai Economy Development District,Weifang,Shandong,P.R.China.We are professional in feeds for Aquarium and Aquaculture industry. We have our own import and export license .Our domestic distribution extend 100 big cities in China,international trade extend in south-east asia,America,Europe,Japan,Middle-east,etc.Abundant natural resource in China, advanced process technic, excellent human resource, top-ranking quality administration system,we sincerely wish to do business with all the customer in the world.

our main products :

1. Artemia (brine shrimp)
2.Freeze dried fish food : bloodworms; Mysis shrimp; brine shrimp rotifer; daphnia; copepod; tubifex;freeze dried earthworm; shrimp
3.Frozen fish food &; brine shrimp: bloodworms; mysis shrimp; rotifer; daphniasilversides; tubifex; clam: mixvegetable
4. Flake: brine shrimp, tropical, gold fish, spirulina, garlic,:plankton,:deli, fresh water esalt water,color enhancing,algae
5. Sun dried : water fly, silk worm pupa, fresh water shrimp , plankton
pellet;floating pellets,sinking pellets
6.Decap eggs;air dried decap eggs
&Freeze dried decap eggs


Another two company:: our main products is :Sodium Bromide ,calcium bromide, sodium Bromate , HBCD,DBNPA,BRONOPOL,MUSK KETONE, MUSK XYLOL, MUSK AMBRETTE ,Zinc Bromide ,Ammonium Bromide ,Potassium Bromate ,Potassium Bromide ,Magnesium Bromide, Hexahydrate Phosphorus tribromide,etc. ------------weifang yukai chemical co.,ltd and weifang haihua yuanda fine chemical co.,ltd.


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Sodium Bromate, Potassium Bromate, Sodium Bromide,BMTchemicals@163.COM Sodium Bromate, Potassium Bromate, Sodium Bromide,BMTchemicals@163.COM
DONGYING BROMATE CHEMICALS CO.,LTD. iCHINAIs a specialized company engaed in production and marketing of bromates and bromides. It is located at DONGYING ECNOMIC DEVELOPMENT ZONE, now, it owns 16,000,000 yuan fixed funds, 80 staff and workers ,of them 50 are professional and technical staff. The company now owns many producing units, Such as 1600 tons of bromates Peer year, 1500 tons of bromides per year. The main products are Sodium Bromate, Potassium Bromate, Sodium Bromide, Potassium Bromide, Ammonium Bromide, Lithium Bromide, Zinc Bromide, Calcium Bromide, etc. Besides supplying home market, they also export in batchs to Japan, the USA,Korea,Belgium, Spanish, France, England, South Africa, Mexico, Pakistan ,Singapore and many other countries.
Add: Wei River Road,Dongying Hi-Tech Development Zone,Dongying City,Shandong,China
Tel: 0546-8739295
Fax: 0546-8739300
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