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Polished spheres Polished spheres

Spheres: Green aventurine, Zebra, rose quartz ,Garnet , Sunstone, Newly found 3 in 1,Ruby in Green Zoisite, crystal, fancy jasper & Citrine. 

We can also supply polished points, pyramids, eggs,   hearts, tumble stones, pencils with silver fittings.


[Related Categories: Semi-Precious Stones ]
[Related Keywords: Crystal, rose quartz, green aventurine, Amethyst, Zebra, fancy jasper, RUBY, 3in 1. ]
Rocking Horse Set- Zebra Rocking Horse Set- Zebra
Features: 1) Material: birch wood + MDF 2) Product dimensions: 80 x 57 x 5.7cm Inner packing: color box Outer packing: 5 sets/ctn Volume: 0.141cbm N.W.: 20kg G.W.: 18kg Benho Other Price Terms: FOB Payment Terms: T/T, L/C Certification(s): EN-71, ASTM, STSupply Ability: 20,000 sets/month
[Related Categories: Wooden Toys ]
[Related Keywords: Rocking, horse, Set-, Zebra ]
Cowhide, Cow Hide Stenciled Zebra Cowhide, Cow Hide Stenciled Zebra
Specifications: Leather cowhide zebra pattern also cheetah and tiger available Large selection, great prices and quality cowhides We also offer sew rugs & natural cowhides Zebra print cowhide Payment Terms: T/T,CASH
[Related Categories: Leather Raw Materials ]
[Related Keywords: Cowhide,, COW, Hide, Stenciled, Zebra ]
Zebra Skins Taxidermy Zebra Skins Taxidermy
Specifications: These zebras are cropped from game management areas and are fully licenced. We can only supply you up to 10 skins monthly. Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Certification(s): yesSupply Ability: 10 pieces monthly
[Related Categories: Leather Raw Materials ]
[Related Keywords: Zebra, SKINS, Taxidermy ]
African Zebra And Game Skins African Zebra And Game Skins
Specifications: African game skins are used in decorative and furniture apparel. Ladies handbags are also made from game skins and a wide variety is available. Our products are sourced from the best suppliers and as we use all natural products the documentation needed with export will be supplied.
[Related Categories: Leather Raw Materials ]
[Related Keywords: African, Zebra, and, game, SKINS ]
Zebra Crossing Elastic Rope Lanyard Zebra Crossing Elastic Rope Lanyard
Features: 1) Zebra crossing elastic rope lanyard 2) Several kinds of plastic buckles and color to be choose 3) Parts and patterns can be changed at customer's requests 4) Material: elastic aoyu
[Related Categories: Mobile Phone Accessories ]
[Related Keywords: Zebra, CROSSING, Elastic, rope, Lanyard ]
Zebra Barcode Zebra Barcode
Specifications: Zebra's Printer offers a comprehensive choice of direct thermal(LP) and thermal transfer(TLP) modelsfor 2-4 inch wide printing. Z4Mplus and Z6Mplus Sleek with Speed Processing labels fast is a breeze with the Z4Mplus and Z6Mplus industrial and commercial bar code printers. At 10 inches (254 mm) per second, these Zebra printers output Labels quickly and efficiently, maximizing production and Minimizing wait time for demanding jobs like variableinformation Applications. The Z4Mplus and Z6Mplus die-cast Metal construction means reliability and top performance for Industrial environments and distribution centers. Wireless Printers Add Versatility to Printing Tasks On the Open Road Designed for the Road Warrior, the Zebra RW 420 is a Mobile printer ideal for printing delivery receipts and invoices On the go. Its modular design allows users to choose among Wireless options, card readers, and integral accessories such As vehicle mounts for simplified route printing. Its convenient Vehicle mounting and charging options as well as its userintuitive Interfaces and angled display allow for easy use while on the go!
[Related Categories: Label & Tag ]
[Related Keywords: Zebra, Barcode ]
Zebra Series Pen Stand Zebra Series Pen Stand
1) Zebra Design Pen Stand 2) Memo Magnet included 3) Customers Design welcome 4) Character also available in other Computer Accessory items
[Related Categories: Pencil Bags & Cases ]
[Related Keywords: Zebra, series, Pen, stand ]
Zebra Design Bouncing Head Ballpen Zebra Design Bouncing Head Ballpen
1) wonderfull design of Ball pen in Zebra design 2) Many Zebra design in a series 3) Other characters: Frog, Dog, Hippo... 4) Customer design welcome Zebra Fantasy
[Related Categories: Pen & Pencil, etc. ]
[Related Keywords: Zebra, design, Bouncing, head, Ballpen ]
250 Eltron Zebra LP2844 Lp 2844 Printers 250 Eltron Zebra LP2844 Lp 2844 Printers
Specifications: One lot of 250 printers Eltron model lp2844 Complete with new factory power supplies These units are tested and in excellent condition. The years vary between 2002-2005. If buy it now is used I will add 50 extra printers without power supply. 250 Eltron zebra LP2844 lp 2844 printers Payment Terms: T/T,M/T,D/PSupply Ability: 3
[Related Categories: Printing Machinery ]
[Related Keywords: 250, Eltron, Zebra, LP2844, LP, 2844, Printers ]
Zebra P330 i Color Card Printer Zebra P330 i Color Card Printer
Specifications: The New Standard in Card Printing: Print and Encode Reliably and Consistently with the P330i Zebra's P330i is the perfect solution for simple, straightforward card printing and personalization. The P330i also offers the most dynamic feature set with options such as built-in Ethernet and contact and contactless smart card encoding. It is simply the most powerful card printer in its class. A new standard has been set for high performance, single-sided color card printing. The P330i: The new face of reliability Powerful Setting new standards, this single-sided, full color card printer is loaded with user-friendly features and dynamic options, which make it the most powerful and flexible printer in its class. Reliable With its new, innovative highly reliable angled feeder design (patent pending), there is simply no better choice than the P330i for mission critical applications. Flexible Designed to integrate seamlessly in a wide variety of applications, the P330i comes standard with an LCD and offers a full range of options, including built-in Ethernet. Zebra i Series (formerly Eltron): Intelligent Printing System The P330i also features the benefits of enhanced i Series functionality. Zebra i Series (formerly Eltron) printers are designed to make card printing a simple function for all users. The system features: Advanced RFID Technology Automatic Driver Configuration Intelligent Color Optimization Ribbon Image Counter & Ribbon Low Notification Enhanced Ribbon Formulation Zebra Other Price Terms: FOB  Dubai, UAE Payment Terms: T/T,M/T,D/D,CASH Certification(s): FCC Class B, CE, UL and CUL approved
[Related Categories: Printing Machinery ]
[Related Keywords: Zebra, P330, I, Color, card, Printer ]
Zebra Z6M Thermal-Transfer Label Printer Zebra Z6M Thermal-Transfer Label Printer
Specifications: 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) 6 Inch Wide Print Width Auto-Calibration Color-Coded Operator Cues Core Diameter: 3 Inch (76mm) Label Ribbon Roll Diameter: 8 Inch (203mm) Maximum Label Width: 7 Inch (178mm) Metal Media Cover with enlarged clear window for easy viewing of media and ribbon levels Minimum Label Gap: 2mm Print Width: 6.6 Inch (168mm) maximum Ribbon Core Size: 1.0 Inch (25.4mm) I.D. Ribbon Roll Diameter: 3.2 Inch (81.3mm) maximum Rugged Metal Design: Die-Cast Aluminum Frame, Base and Printhead Mechanism Selectable Print Speeds at 1 Inch (25mm) increments from 2 Inch (50mm) to 10 Inch (254mm) per second (203 dpi) Rugged Metal Design: Die-Cast Aluminum Frame, Base and Printhead Mechanism Serial and Bi-directional Parallel Ports Standard Back-lit LCD Control Panel Standard ZebraLink Real Time Connectivity and Control System Thin Film Printhead with Element Energy Equalizer (E3 Total Thickness: .0023 Inch (.058mm) to .010 Inch (0.25mm) Transmissive Media Sensor and Reflective Sensors Payment Terms: CASH Certification(s): UPS shipping&handlingSupply Ability: 1 sample-450$
[Related Categories: Printing Machinery ]
[Related Keywords: Zebra, Z6M, Thermal-Transfer, Label, Printer ]
Zebra Security Card Printers Zebra Security Card Printers
Specifications: Use the p520i card printer for: Military ID cards Secure facility access control Correctional facility ID cards Transit passes Zebra p520i advantages Security: Single or dual-sided hologram lamination, Password protection capability Advanced color printing: Enhanced color-processing Firmware and new richer color formulation I series intelligent printing system: Enhanced I series functionality makes high image quality card printing a simple function for all users. The system features: Advanced rfid technology Automatic driver configuration Intelligent color optimization Ribbon image counter & ribbon low notification Enhanced ribbon formulation Zebra Payment Terms: T/T,M/T,D/D,CASH,D/P
[Related Categories: Printing Machinery ]
[Related Keywords: Zebra, security, card, Printers ]
Zebra Paint Brush Zebra Paint Brush
Peta (Decorating Tools) Ltd, an award winning manufacturer of paint brushes and paint rollers, recently introduced the Zebra paint brush. This innovative product has a comfortable non-slip handle, that makes it ideal for DIY use (as it is user friendly) as well as painting in warm temperatures. The bristle is a special mixture that allows both oil and water based paints to be used, giving an exceptionally smooth paint finish. The above features and benefits make is one of the highest quality decorating tool products. The Organization welcomes enquiries from valued partners worldwide, and looks forward to assisting their current and future needs
[Related Categories: Hand Tools ]
[Related Keywords: Zebra, paint, brush ]
Zebra Type Hose Clamp Zebra Type Hose Clamp
Specifications: If you are afraid that the screw lines will damage the surface of your products, you can use this type of hose clamp. The part of band is edged without a hole so that the screw lines will not contact with hose. You can use this product especially in dealing with pipes in dangerous situation 1. Size:1/2 ~ 2 3/4inches 2. Material: Galvanized steel and stainless steel
[Related Categories: Fasteners ]
[Related Keywords: Zebra, type, hose, clamp ]
Ceramic Teaset ( Leopard And Zebra Look) Ceramic Teaset ( Leopard And Zebra Look)
Specifications: We are a company specializing in ceramic products in China. Our products include ceramic dolls, kitchen wares, table wares and other ceramic goods. All of them are of special design and of reasonable price. Please contact us for any products you are interested in. We will provide you the pictures together with the quotation as soon as possible. Other Price Terms: FOB  HK Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: Tea & Coffee Sets ]
[Related Keywords: ceramic, Teaset, (, Leopard, and, Zebra, Look) ]
White Zebra White Zebra
We export all kinds of aquarium fishes from Vietnam such as: discus, koi, oscar, guppy, molly, angel, beta and eel. Latin names of fishes: carassius auratus, rasbora trilineata, microgeophagus ramirez, poecilia reticulate, poecilia latipinna, symphysodon aequifasciata, pterophyllum scalare, tetraodon nigroviridis, colisa labiosa, pterygoplichthys, betta imbellis, macronathus, notopterus chitala and cyprinus carpio.
[Related Categories: Pet & Products ]
[Related Keywords: white, Zebra ]
Zebra Safety Matches Zebra Safety Matches
Specifications: We are one of the leading exporter of all kind of safety matches. Our two size is 52x35x14.5mm containing 2300 cartons in 1x40 hc and 52x35x15mm containing 2260 cartons in 1x40 hc container. We have lots of African brands and mentain good quality.
[Related Categories: Matches ]
[Related Keywords: Zebra, Safety, Matches ]
Zebra Brand Safety Matches Zebra Brand Safety Matches
We offer Safety Matches as per following specfication: Brand: As per buyers requirement. Size:51 x 35 x 14.5mm. Average Contents:40/45 wooden splints. Size Of splints:43 x 2.2 x 2.2 mm. Packing:10 match boxes in cellephone,10 such pack in shrink wrap,10 such pack in 1 carton. Qty:1x 40 FCL HC 2350 cartons. 1x 20 FCL 1000 cartons.
[Related Categories: Matches ]
[Related Keywords: Zebra, brand, Safety, Matches ]
Bedset Zebra Bedset Zebra
Specifications: Bedset zebra motif is design and make by traditional batik pekalongan
[Related Categories: Bedding Set ]
[Related Keywords: Bedset, Zebra ]
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