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Keyword "Yu"
Guan Yu Hand Painted Chinese Statue W/Guan Dao Weapon Guan Yu Hand Painted Chinese Statue W/Guan Dao Weapon
Specifications: Hand carved and painted statue depicting historical Chinese character "Guan Yu" with Guan Dao weapon included. One of a series of historic Chinese historic statues available. Certificate of Authenticity included. Boxed. Weight 6 LBS. Size: 7"x5"x4". Other Price Terms: FOB  China Payment Terms: L/CSupply Ability: Unlimited
[Related Categories: Sculptures ]
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Yu Ma Po Black Lobster Sauce Yu Ma Po Black Lobster Sauce
The Yu Ma Po black lobster sauce is made by adopting the traditional fermentation and the modern technology. The soybean protein of product is converted completely into all kinds of the amino acid for human needing in the processing. It does not contain any chemical additive. This product is popular with the domestic and international consumers. Features: 1) Manufacture standard code: Q / YQ8 2) Ingredient: black beans, vegetable oil, prickly ash, peanut, sesame, natural spice 3) Shelf life: 24 months Inner packing: 180g/bottle, 300g/bottle Outer packing: 300g x 24 bottles/paper carton 180g x 20 bottles/paper carton Carton dimensions: 44.5 x 30 x 15.5cm ( 300g), 37 x 16 x 20cm (180g) Fish Well Brand Other Price Terms: CFR, CIF Payment Terms: T/T Certification(s): Q/YQ8Supply Ability: 3,000 cartons/month
[Related Categories: Spices & Seasonings ]
[Related Keywords: Yu, mA, PO, black, Lobster, Sauce, black, Lobster, Sauce ]
Granite Tile (Jingbai Yu G3755) Granite Tile (Jingbai Yu G3755)
Features: 1) Jingbai Yu is from our own quarry 2) Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 20mm/30mm, 600mm x 600mm x 20mm/30mm, 800mm x 800mm x 20mm/30mm or as per customers' requirements 3) Treatment: polished, flamed Packing: Wooden crate and foam plastic Other Price Terms: FOB Qingdao, CNF Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
[Related Categories: Flooring & Tiles ]
[Related Keywords: Granite, Tile, (Jingbai, Yu, G3755), Granite, Tile, Jingbai, G3755 ]
Shen Shan Wu Yu Shen Shan Wu Yu
Bamboo charcoal zao, bamboo vinegar liquid in include protect shi dosage sum many kinds organic matters, PH worths with skin unanimous submit weak acidity, can make skin protect shi, gentle embellish and prevent ruck wait for efficacy, on the other hand, bamboo vinegar liquid possesses except feculent, restrains epiphyte multiply, antipruritics wait for efficacy
[Related Categories: Activated Carbon ]
[Related Keywords: Shen, Shan, Wu, Yu, Shen, Shan ]
Wu Yang Chun Yu High Mountain Tea Wu Yang Chun Yu High Mountain Tea
The tea garden where the Wu Yang Chun Yu high mountain tea growth is environed with fresh air, cloud and mist all year round. As the curiosa in various teas, the appearance of Spring Rain Mountain Tea is slim and curled. Its color is green and bright and perfume and taste are pure and mellow. Features: 1) Grade: Wu Yang Chun Yu tea 2) Product standard code: DB330700/T039.4-2004 3) Public health certificate: ZWWSZ(2004)No.80024 4) Color: green 5) Shapes: slim and curly 6) Bud stout: strong 7) Grade: special level Inner packing: 100g/tin, 2 tins/present box Outer packing: color carton N.W.: 100g x 2 tins Jiulongshan Other Price Terms: FOB Ningbo, CFR, CIF, CIP, CPT Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P
[Related Categories: Tea ]
[Related Keywords: Wu, Yang, Chun, Yu, High, mountain, Tea, Yang, Chun, High, mountain, Tea ]
Bai Yu Tu Tea Bai Yu Tu Tea
China blooming tea, which are also called China art tea, artificial tea or artistic tea, is all made by hand with the most complicated technology. Based on the raw tea, it is called newly-innovated special green tea, white tea, black tea, or oolong tea. It features a unique appearance, a splendid infusion view and a lingering flower scent mixed with tea flavor and various health benefits such as delaying the ageing of cells, whitening the skins and improving immunity. We are a specialized blooming tea export agent in China. We can supply you with excellent quality blooming tea. Our supplier has their R&D team. According to your demands, we can create the new types and new taste of this tea continuously. Packing: 2.5kg x 10 bags/ctn 25kg/ctn Other Price Terms: FOB Guangzhou Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: Over Tons
[Related Categories: Tea, Artificial Crafts ]
[Related Keywords: Bai, Yu, Tu, Tea, Bai, Tea ]
Specifications: YU DENGLONG is actually refined Yunnan superior green tea. It is kept fresh and greenduring the process.It comes in special shape.It is hand selected and chosenfor it's fine aroma.YU DENGLONG accounts for its smooth flavour.When made witha pure spring water, there is nothing as refreshing as a nice cup of hot green tea.Also it can be reused several times. It last for 3 or 4 cups. It has very fragrantscent unmistable among teas.
[Related Categories: Tea ]
[Related Keywords: Yu, DENGLONG, DENGLONG ]
Specifications: YU ZHUJIAN is actually refined tea. It comes in unique shape. It is hand selectedand chosen for it's fine aroma.YU ZHUJIAN accounts for its smooth flavour.Whenmade with a pure spring water, there is nothing as refreshing as a nice cup of hotgreen tea. Also it can be reused several times. It last for 3 or 4 cups. It hasvery fragrant scent unmistable among teas.
[Related Categories: Tea ]
[Related Keywords: Yu, ZHUJIAN, ZHUJIAN ]
Wu Yang Chun Yu Green Tea Wu Yang Chun Yu Green Tea
Features: 1) Color: light green 2) Grade: special grade in famous tea 3) Shape: likeness pine needle silk rain 4) Soup color: slightly yellow, pure 5) Pick up time: in March every year Inner packing: 50g/tin Outer packing: 4 tins/gift box Jiulongshan Other Price Terms: FOB, FCA, CFR, CIF, CPT, CIP Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/PSupply Ability: 500kg/year
[Related Categories: Tea ]
[Related Keywords: Wu, Yang, Chun, Yu, green, Tea, Yang, Chun, green, Tea ]