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YTO-x904 Tractor YTO-x904 Tractor
Specifications: Dongfanghong-x904 large-sized wheeled tractor, having a power output of 90 horse-powers and driven by the four wheels, is designed and manufactured by adopting the mature technology of dongfanghongexcellent performance, good-looking appearance & shape and can be used for various farmland operations by matching with the plough, harrow, rotary tiller, sowing machine, harvesting machine, ensiling machines, straw removing machine and other machines or implements and other operations such as transportation and so on. Equipped with dfh-lr4105zt55 diesel engine, the tractor can provide sufficient power output, consume less fuel and have better dynamic economy. The tractor adopts the dry type, single-plate, dish-spring pressed, independently controlled & dual-action clutch. At the customer, S option it is possible to have the economized single action clutch. Equipped with the fully hydraulic steering system, the tractor is easily controlled with a smaller turning radius. One hydraulic output,2 or 3 hydraulic power outputs can be provided at the customer, S option. The driver, S cab is bright spacious, well sealed and comfortable for both driver and passenger
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