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Keyword "Xm075"
Xmicro Sunglasses With Bluetooth Xm075 Xmicro Sunglasses With Bluetooth Xm075
Specifications: Xmicro sunglasses with bluetooth xm075 Features: Compatible with all wireless brands: Microsoft, motorola, Nokia, nextel, sprint, Sony, ericcson, IBM, intel, dell, HP, samsung, siemens, palm, san disk, panasonic, audiovox, blackberry, linksys, cisco and many more. 1) uses bluetooth technology 2) designed to be used with different bluetooth compliant mobile phones 3) users can talk on the mobile phones handsfree 4) crystal clear sound quality: Range of 10 meters (between handsfree and mobile phone) 5) stylish and lightweight design 6) compatible with other bluetooth devices, such as computers, laptops, pdas and MP3 players
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