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Keyword "Xbox"
We need PS3 Slim, PSP3000 and XBOX360

Our company is a retailer for game consoles in Beijing.

We are constantly looking for reliable suppliers.
We have great needs for PS3 Slim, PSP3000, PSP Go, XBOX360 Slim and 3DS consoles.

We welcome all suppliers in Mainland China and HongKong areas to contact us.

Single order will not be under RMB30,000.00.

For the first three transcations, we only accept logistic companis as the payment collectors. You should have no trouble to find logistic companis that provide such services. Or if you can find other ways to provide "zero risk", we are listening.

Transferring money into a personal account and hoping the products will be deliveried later is not how business should be done and no respectable company should make such request.

If your company only accepts payment to a personal account first, then sends products later, please don\'t contact us.

Thank you very much.

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Xbox 360 Premium
In order to meet constant and growing demand from our customers, we are always in need for more of the following products, directly from sellers/master distributors (brokers to abstain, please!) and at most competitive prices and terms: xbox 360 premium
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Buy PSP, PS2, XBOX Games
Looking for all kinds of games for PSP, PS2 and Xbox. Let me know if you can supply.
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Buy Xbox 360 Modchips
We are looking for a supplier for modchips for ps2 and XBOX. We are looking especially for duo 3 for ps2 and XBOX 360 modchips
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