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POM Plastic Workpiece POM Plastic Workpiece
Features: 1) Connected piece 2) POM plastic 3) Production technology: turning, milling, piercing
[Related Categories: Precision Parts ]
[Related Keywords: POM, plastic, Workpiece ]
Aluminum Alloy Workpiece Aluminum Alloy Workpiece
Features: 1) Material: aluminum alloy 2) Production technology: CNC turning, milling, polishing, anode oxidation
[Related Categories: Precision Parts, Precision Parts ]
[Related Keywords: aluminum, alloy, Workpiece ]
Sandblast Machine For Aluminum Workpiece Sandblast Machine For Aluminum Workpiece
Specifications: We are Worldclean Industrial Co. Ltd, a leading company that specializes in aluminum anodizing& surface finish Turnkey equipments, especially emphasizes our professional research and development to surface treatment. Please visit our website for more information. If you have any comment or suggestion, please don't hesitate to share with us.
[Related Categories: Metallic Processing Machinery ]
[Related Keywords: Sandblast, machine, for, aluminum, Workpiece ]