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Shisha Waterpipe Hookah Space Grinders Shisha Waterpipe Hookah Space Grinders
Specifications: A genuine manufacturer of waterpipes, chicha, narghile, hookah and space case grinders since YEAR 1986. Your most trusted and relaiable supplier. Our products have good reputation through the world and are slod to whole world. Our prices are the best in Industry being the actual manufacturer. Quality is rated very high and at par with US standard. Please visit our website.
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Aromatic Waterpipe Tobacco & Sauce Aromatic Waterpipe Tobacco & Sauce
Specifications: Aromatic Waterpipe Tobacco; Mark: Hayyam Aroma Types:17 different aroma type (apple, strawberry, melon, banana, cappucino, coffee, lemon, tutti frutti, mint, peach, orange, coconut, etc. ) Packing: In carton box 50 grs,250 grs, Bulk Mark: GLOBAL Aroma Types: Apple, Strawberry, Banana, Mint, Melon, Cappucino, Mixed Fruits Packing: In carton box 125 grs,200 grs Flavoured Sauce Mark: Hayyam Aroma Types: Naturel, Apple, Strawberry, Banana, etc.. Packing:100 ml Plastic Bottle Hayyam, Global
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Waterpipe Tobacco Waterpipe Tobacco
Specifications: Our company is an international trader and is active in exportation and re-exportation of agricultural products (wheat flours, spices - sage, oregano, laurel leaves, rosemary), vegetables (fresh, canned) & fruits (fresh, dry) bred in the turkish territories, fresh & frozen seafood (sea bass, sea bream, shrimp, etc. ) and also tobacco products. We do the exportation of narghile/water-pipe tobacco products (flavors: Apple, rose, grapes, banana, lemon, mango, vanilla, cappuccino, caramel and many more/packages:50,125,200,250 gr. ) to some customers. In this respect, we are able to supply you all the above mentioned products continuously within the quoted amounts and we also would highly appreciate to serve you these products with competitive pricing. Your own brand name and special packaging requests are also welcome.
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