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Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd.(03/26/2014)

 Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of water treatment chemicals in China, with sales volume being No. 1 for four years. Taihe focuses on the manufacturing and devotes itself to be the production workshop for global water treatment industry.

Taihe’s turnover reached 115 million US dollars while sales volume 88,000 tons in 2013. Taihe took the lead in continuous mass production of water treatment chemicals in the world, the quality stability and operation safety of which was greatly improved compared with traditional single reactor batch production.

Advanced SAP-ERP & bar code systems are keys to better management on customers’ needs.

Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability are Taihe’s highest priorities.

Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd. [China]
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Qingdao YiDingYuan Chemical Co.,Ltd(10/31/2012)

mainly manufacture pigment chemical,pesticides and feed additive,water treatment chemical,rubber and plastic chemical

Qingdao YiDingYuan Chemical Co.,Ltd [China]
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Shandong Chengwu Hongwei Disinfection Products Co.,LTD.(07/24/2011)

 Shandong Chengwu Hongwei Disinfection Products Co.,LTD.is a complex chemical enterprise specializing in the production of bactericide, disinfectant, swimming pool chemical and water treatment chemical. our main products include Trichloroisocyanuric Acid(TCCA), Cyanuric acid(CA), Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate(SDIC), NaDCC, Chlorine Tablets, Chlorine Granules, calcium hypochlorite,sodium hypochlorite, bromine.

Shandong Chengwu Hongwei Disinfection Products Co.,LTD. [China]
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Zhejiang Zengxin Chemistry Co.,Ltd(08/29/2011)


ZHEJIANG ZENGXIN CHEMISTRY CO.,LTD was established in 1994 as an big manufacturer professionally producing phosphorous chemicals. Our two plant sites are set respectively in TIAN TAI, ZHEJIANG and JIN DE ZHEN, JIANGXI. We have possessed more than 50 million dollars capital asset and 300 employees including 30 technicians in it. Our company implements modernization management system and own advanced equipment and mighty exploiting power. As one of the earliest enterprise getting through the certification of ISO9001, ISO 14001, we are ahead of other competitors in phosphors in chemistry industry.
At present, SODIUM HYPOPHOSPHITE PHOSPHOROUS SULFATE (102%~103%), TETRALIS HYDROXYMETHYL PHOSPHOROUS SULFATE, TETRALIS HYDROXYMETHYL PHOSPHOROUS SULFATE UREA are mainly on our product line. And our annual output is 10,000MT for SHPP, 6,000MT for THPS, 3,000MT for THPC, 90% of which is exporting to European, America, Japan, South-east Asia and so on in almost 30 countries and areas. They are widely used in industrial water treatment, textile flaming, metal surface improvement, medicine intermediate, petrochemical complex and environmental protection.
ZHEJIANG ZENGXIN CHEMISTRY CO.,LTD has always been pursuing consistently sustainable development and environment-friendly production in order to achieve totally the green production. From beginning to end, advanced technology, qualified product, pure-hearted service are always the motive and source for us to develop.

Zhejiang Zengxin Chemistry Co.,Ltd [China]
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Jujin International Trading Co.,LTD(03/25/2011)

Jujin International Trading Co.,Ltd. founded in early 2000, is a large chemical raw materials manufacturer and provider.we have convenient traffic and unique geographic advantage.We specialize in manufacturing basic chemical raw materials.Our products have been awarded a high reputation all over the world.For the high quality and competitive price,we have established a long-time business relationship with Middle East,Europe,America,Southeast Asia and domestic.

Our products are inorganic chemicals,dyestuff and pigment,feedstuff,etc.


Jujin International Trading Co.,LTD [China]
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