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Kubota M5400 4x4 Farm Tractor W/Loader Kubota M5400 4x4 Farm Tractor W/Loader
Specifications: Nice kubota m5400 farm tractor. This unit runs and operates great. We checked it out and everything works as it should. I didn't notice any leaks, smoke, blowby or welds anywhere on this tractor. This tractor was traded into us from a local landscape yard who used this tractor only to loader mulch. The 3pt, pto and drawbar where never used. This tractor was serviced well and is ready to go to work. This tractor comes with: 4x4 Power steering Factory loader Ag tires Standard 540 pto Cat 1 3pt 5 cyl diesel engine 54hp Manual transmission 3800 hours One owner Rops 1998 model Mail me for more information about my tractor. We guarantee sameday payment send we will go to ship out the tractor. KUBOTA M5400 4X4 FARM TRACTOR W/ LOADER Payment Terms: T/T,M/T Certification(s): ISO 9002Supply Ability: 1
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John Deere 6410 4X4 MFWD W/Loader Cab Air Farm Tractor John Deere 6410 4X4 MFWD W/Loader Cab Air Farm Tractor
Specifications: This is a John Deere 6410 4X4,16/16 Power Shift With Left Hand Reverser and the 640 John Deere Self Leveling Loader. This is a hard to find tractor. This is a nice cab air 90 HP farm tractor. It has the 540 PTO and the 1000PTO. The 6410 is really a good tractor and considered a present model. This is a really good running machine. It has straight sheetmetal and does not have any welds on it. It does not smoke or knock, just a nice diesel sound. It has a couple of minor dents on the hood, but no rust or anything major, just minor cosmetic blemishes as with any used tractor. It starts up and does not take 2 seconds to fire right up. The inside is nice, we just put a new seat, and there are no other major blemishes. It has a right at 6560 hours on it, the drawbar is not all worn out it is good and tight.. It has a different kind of step on the left side and one of the rungs is missing on the right side step. The entire machine is good and tight. The air conditioner blows super cold and again the tractor has no problems that we have found. It has good oil pressure and good hydraulic pressure. All the glass is intact and has no cracks or bullseyes. The tires are good at around 90% for the front and 50% for the back. It does have a few hours on it, but it runs out really well, with no major leaks, maybe a little seapage as with many new tractors. John Deere 6410 4X4 MFWD W Payment Terms: T/T,M/T,D/D,CASH,D/P Certification(s): okSupply Ability: 1
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