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Keyword "Vacuum casting"
Shenzhen Quick Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.(08/29/2012)


 Shenzhen quick Molding Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in laser rapid prototyping equipment sales, contract production of SLA Rapid Prototyping, CNC hand production, small batch production of complex mode and the associated fuel injection, silk screening and other related business, and Deputy United States SOMOS China regional sales photosensitive resin material. 

     Since its inception the company, relying on advanced equipment and high-level professional and technical personnel as well as sound management experience, continuous innovation and improvement of the production process. With excellent quality, reasonable price, good faith the principle of service with our customers has established long-term good cooperation (in particular, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology joined a substantial boost to the strength of our company), to win customers and people from all circles of support and trust. 

     Company under the Comprehensive Department, Marketing Department, Engineering Department, after the treatment department, the Ministry of complex mode, SLA Ministry, CNC Machining Center, Customer Service Department and other departments. 

     Xi'an Jiaotong University, Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Institute by the Chinese Academy of Engineering ProfessorluBingheng lead is the National Development and Reform Commission in November 2005 approved the establishment of a national innovation and advanced manufacturing technology platforms, from Xi'an Jiaotong University (main sponsor), National Chiao Tung University Kunming Machine Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Development Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Industrial Technology Research Institute, Suzhou Industrial Park Venture Capital Co., Ltd., jointly invested to create. 

     Advanced technology is our capital, a reasonable price is our commitment! We look forward to welcoming

Shenzhen Quick Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. [China]
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