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Keyword "Ultrasound Scanner medical equipment"
Sell Ultrasound Scanner MD2200s Sell Ultrasound Scanner MD2200s

2 Socket Probe

Application of advanced technology of micro computer, Digital Scanning Converter  (DSC), variable aperture, multi-section dynamic focusing, high dynamic, low noise, wide band pre-amplifier, log compression, TGC  control, dynamic filtering, edge enhancement and frame correlation etc. to get high resolution and sharp images

Four display mode: B, B+B, B+M, M. Gray scales: 256 grades

The image can be displayed in real time, frozen, amplified, black- white reversed, up and down conversed and upgraded in depth in real time

Standard PAL-D and VGA video output, available to access to the large screen monitor, videocassette recorder and video image printer, etc. Optional probes and build-in color coding module
General gain control, near field and far field (T.G.C) control, brightness and contrast adjustment

Foldaway keyboard and trackball are equipped to get fast, convenient and flexible operation

The device is portable structured with plastic cover. Switch power is used without working frequency transformer. Various programmable devices and SMT in the device make the device high integrated, small volume and light weighted

186 frames of Cine-loop and 32 frames of permanent images storage
USB 2.0 interface ensures real-time image transfer to PC

Passed clinical verification of safety and diagnosis validity Specifications

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