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Keyword "Tungsten"

XianHuashanTungstenProductsCoLtd [China]
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BaojiShengyuanMetalMaterialCoLtd [China]
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BaojiZhipuNonFerrousMetalsProcessingCoLtd [China]
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Firmetal Co., Ltd.(07/15/2014)

For over ten years, Firmetal is a leading supplier in the field of metals. It depends on Chinese abundant nonferrous metals’ mine resources, bringing its superb metal processing techniques to satisfy customers’ requirements for nonferrous metal materials in chemical, photoelectric, aviation and other fields. Our business expands rapidly throughout the world including Germany, France, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, India, and other markets.

Our representative products are Titanium, Zirconium, Tantalum, Niobium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Indium and their alloyed plates, bars, foils, wires and other typed materials. Firmetal holds ISO9001 and test certification to guarantee both our quality systems and quality products.

Firmetal Co., Ltd. [China]
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Sunny Elite Industrial Limited (03/24/2014)

 Our factory is located in Luoyang, which had ever been capitals of nine dynasties of ancient China. We have experienced technical engineers,skilled workers, advanced equipment,and strict quality control system.

The molybdenum and tungsten products we provide include rods, bars, plates, sheets, foils, tubes, wires, disks, boats,targets, electrodes, crucibles and other fabricated parts.They are widely used in many fields such as thermal field, Vacuum Coating,Solar, Sapphire crystal , Optoelectronics, Semiconductor, Special ceramic,Illumination, Mechanical components, Glass, Glass fiber,Fire-resistant fiber, Rare metal smelting and Industrial furnace.
High quality, prompt delivery, competitive price, and excellent service are always our principle. Through our efforts during the past years,we have built good relations with many customers from different countries, such as USA, Canada, Australia,UK, Germany,France, Japan and Malaysia, etc.

Sunny Elite Industrial Limited [China]
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Hello everyone.

Let me introduce ourselves, Refracast Metallurgicals P Ltd , a metallurgical manufacturing co in India. Our finished products are noble ferro alloys like Ferro Tungsten, vanadium, nickel, cobalt moly, etc and other non ferro items like calcium moly powder/ pellets, tungsten oxide, etc.

We are into this business for more than 17 years now and have a wide spread out market in india and abroad as well.

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[Related Keywords: Metallurgy manufacturing co. Interested to procure sludge/ other concentrates of Vanadium, Tungsten, Molybdenum, nickel and process them for our finished goods which are noble ferro alloys like ferro vanadium, ferro tungsten ferro moly and ferro nickel. ]
Beijing APEX Advanced Technology Co., Ltd(05/15/2012)

Beijing APEX Advanced Technology Co., Ltd specializes in researching and producing a variety of ultra-pure minor metals and related products. Relying on its own advantage of accumulated technology research, APEX actively develops and brings in high-pure minor metal materials and products to meet global market.

  APEX at present specialized in producing WRe thermocouple wire,WRe alloy wire and other Re alloy targets,while supplying W,Mo,Ta products. Owing to its continuous technology improvement, APEX now has formed a mature and steady producing system to ensure constant stable quality.

  APEX is always sticking to its managing principle of "Always provide excellent products and service",and carrying out its obligation of offering reliable quality,prompt delivery and considerate service, to build an honest and responsible managing image of a Chinese enterprise in the world.

Beijing APEX Advanced Technology Co., Ltd [China]
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