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Keyword "Tire Valve"
Sonil Ventilfabrik(08/09/2014)

Sonil Ventilfabrik was started as a result of 17 years of rich experience of Proprietor as small scale Industry to manufacture Bicycle Tube Valves in 2000. Gradually it has now grown and manufactures various types of Bicycle as well as Automotive Tyre – Tube Valves and Accessories.

By constantly studying the Industry's demand, in 2003 We added OTR Tube / Tubeless Tyre Valves and Accessories like TRJ 1175C, TRJ 650 - 02, TRSP2, TRJ 670 - 03, Key type Large Bore Valve Cap, Hex type Large Bore Valve Cap etc in to our product range. In 2008 we have added Super Large Bore, Mega Bore & Z Bore Tubeless Tyre Valves & Accessories in our product range.  In order to take maximum benefit of our technical expertise & Indigenously designed & developed special purpose machineries, we undertook designing, developing & manufacturing technically critical products viz. Specialized Stems & Components for Technically Advanced TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) & other Ultra High demanding applications like Tubeless Tyre Valves for Defense & VVIP’s Vehicles, Valves for Telecommunication Cables of various types, etc.

Though all manufactured items are not shown in the Catalogue due to our privacy commitments with our Customers, the company also manufactures and undertakes to develop Valves and Accessories as per Client's requirements, drawing and specifications.

For Latest and updated details on our product range, please visit our website at www.sonil.co.in.

Sonil Ventilfabrik [India]
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