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Sichuan Lomon Titanium Co.,Ltd.(05/26/2014)

 Sichuan Lomon Titanium Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, is set vanadium titanomagnetite ore mining and dressing, and high-grade rutile titanium dioxide R & D, production, sales for the integrated enterprise, under the Mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd., Sichuan Lomon and Xiangyang Long boa Titanium Co., Ltd., has been formed with an annual output of rutile titanium dioxide 30 million tons, annual mining and vanadium-titanium magnetite 800 tons (Table mine), 3.5 million tons of annual output of iron ore concentrate, with an annual output of titanium fine mine 100 million tons and an annual output of copper and cobalt nickel concentrate capacity of 150,000 tons


 The company has a the titanium dioxide Applied Technology Institute of innovative, market-oriented research and development center, and establish a cooperative relationship with a number of well-known professional research institutions, and the end of 2012, the company passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification, OHSAS18001: 2011 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification; same time, the company also adopted the standardized management of dangerous chemical safety norms.
    Companies adhering to the "high-quality, low-cost, excellent service" business purpose of the group companies, to law-abiding operators, customer first, creating a harmonious community, "scientific and technological innovation, continuous improvement, tree industry" management approach, and continue to strengthen and improve the after-sales service. Vigorously implement the scientific and technological innovation, the physique innovation, management innovation, and comprehensively promote the scale and efficiency of enterprises, the scale and quality, scale and manage synchronization intensify environmental protection and employee health and safety, ensure enterprise efficiency, environmental benefits, economic benefits, social benefits simultaneously development along the track of healthy development of the modern, diversified, international, and make greater contributions to social development and the growth of national industry.

Sichuan Lomon Titanium Co.,Ltd. [China]
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Jianghu Titanium White Product Co.,Ltd.(07/31/2013)
Shanghai Jianghu Titanium White Product Co., Ltd. is a Chinese-Foreignjointventure integrating manufacture, supply and sales as a whole.With about 30 years’ history and annual capacity of about 60,000 tons of titanium dioxide powders in Shanghai, including more than 36,000 tons of various kinds of chemical fiber titanium dioxide, food additives titanium dioxide. All products are researched and developed by our company independently, and some of them are the first of its kind in China. Besides, the company can satisfy customized requirements for titanium dioxide products. Our company, with the floor area of 33,000m2 and construction area of 20,000m2, has more than 300 employees. Its production lines have been industrialized and specialized. Some products have taken up about 80% market share in China and are exported to other countries all over the world. We warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit us and promote the development of more new products. We will keep following the management philosophy of Mr. Xie Yiyuan, and seek global cooperation with our advanced technologies, top-ranking test & analysis methods, modern management, high-quality products and outstanding services. the company website: www.jianghutitanic.com
Jianghu Titanium White Product Co.,Ltd. [China]
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Hangzhou Ruijiang Chemical Co., Ltd (08/08/2012)

Hangzhou Ruijiang Chemical Co. Ltd. was established in 1992,. “Ruichem” is a leading manufacturer and exporter of “color” in China. There is 3 main department in Color area : Pigment. TiO2. Silicone Industry.

Zhejiang Chun-An Foreign Trade Co. Ltd., established in 1973, was a state-owned importing and exporting company, with main business in Chemicals.

In 2007, the above 2 companies were merged as one company, under the name of “ Hangzhou Ruijiang Chemical Co. Ltd.”.

Since year of 2000, “Ruichem” started in “ Titanium Dioxide” industry. Our production supply-chain has 60,000 tons Rutile & 20,000 tons Anatase production capacity. With stable quality, competitve price and good service, “Ruichem” Titanium Dioxide enjoys high reputation among clients around the world, such as EU, USA.Middle east, South America…

Hangzhou Ruijiang Chemical Co., Ltd [China]
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UNION TITANIUM ENTERPRISE (SHANGHAI) Co.,ltd is a privately operated high tech enterprise.By right of chinese huge resource,We focus at developing various 

compound rutile grade titanium dioxide,anatase grade titanium dioxide, lithopone, super fine synthetical barium sulphate, calcium carbonate , calcined kaolin 

ect. Our products widly used in to coating, paints, plastic,print ink,rubber, paper industry,enamel and ceramic industry, glass...

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UNION TITANIUM ENTERPRISE (SHANGHAI) Co.,ltd is a privately operated high tech enterprise.By right of chinese huge resource,We focus at developing various

compound rutile grade titanium dioxide,anatase grade titanium dioxide, lithopone, super fine synthetical barium sulphate, calcium carbonate , calcined kaolin

ect. Our products widly used in to coating, paints, plastic,print ink,rubber, paper industry,enamel and ceramic industry, glass...

Now,We produce/supply 10,000 tons each rutile and anatase grade titanium dioxide, 5,000tons lithopone, 8,000tons super fine synthetical barium sulphate and

15,000tons calcium carbonate series annually.Our products have covered most regions of China and have been exported to foreign countries and regions such as

South America, Europe, USA ,North Africa,Middle East and Southeast Asia etc.We still can adjust to produce special requirement product according to

customer's demand.

"Quality is the spirit of the development of our company" is the adage of us. From the beginning,We adopt advanced equipments and technology for surface

treatment on the basis of development concept “High start, high orientation and high science & technology”. All critical equipments are imported. It adopts

advanced DCS control system and has many professional talents in research of process for inorganic white powder chemicals, production management, technology

development, equipment management and strategic research etc with long-term experience. Our own brand rutile grade MBR9668 and MBR9666 have already achieved

the first quality level of the word market.The quality is as good as some famous company such as Dupont, Kronos, Tronox, Cristal etc. Ours super fine

synthetical barium sulphate,The quality is famous of its high whiteness, high concentrate purity BaSo4, Low oil absorption, Narrow particle size distribution

and Super fine particle size (D50=0.6-0.8um). It is the main product to replace "Blanc fixe" which produce by "Sachtleben" from Germany.

Be established in Today, Looking forward to future, with high quality, high-tech products and excellent services, UNION TITANIUM ENTERPRISE (SHANGHAI)

CO.,LTD. warmly welcome the visit of friends from around the world for mutual development!

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Tianjin Dexinzhuochuang chemicals co.,Ltd.(08/17/2011)

Tianjin Dexinzhuochuang Chemicals Co., Ltd. has earned a solid reputation in North China over its many years development. The sales network of Dexinzhuochuang extends through Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Hong Kong , Macao and Taiwan Currently. Dexinzhuochuang is among the Best-performing Import & Export Enterprises in our country, and has been awarded " Advanced Export Enterprise", "Customs Credible Enterprise" and "Contract-abiding and Reliable Enterprise" status for many years. As a valued client of several banks, it benefits from their continuing credit support.

Dexinzhuochuang 's business activities mainly deals in the following series of products:

  • Coating, paint, plastics chemicals
  • The textile and dyeing industry chemicals
  • Water-treatment Chemicals
  • Detergent Chemicals
  • Glass and Rubber Chemicals

With its vision to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships, and provide professional service that is second to none, and with the support and trust of its customer-base, Dexinzhuochuang has established stable, long-term business alliances with many well-known chemical enterprises, both at home and abroad. 

With its fourteen experience, Dexinzhuochuang has built up a dynamic, professional sales team, well experienced in both domestic and international marketing, efficiently providing a range of products and professional services.

Tianjin Dexinzhuochuang chemicals co.,Ltd. [China]
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