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Keyword "TURMERIC"

we are producer of beering and brass parts, and also deal in various agri product, we belive in best quality with customer satifications.

AumInd [India]
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Mark Overseas(04/15/2014)

Welcome to Mark Overseas.

Mark Overseas “worldwide Export – Import – Representatives” company of agricultural commodities. From procurement to delivery Mark Overseas, is actively taking care in all aspects of the phase. Our mission is to provide the essence of the agro resources to International Market.

Today, Mark is the source behind many globally recognized foodstuff brands. Our constant and main focus on quality and consistency, joined with our value additional services, has certified us as one of the best service providers of Agricultural Commodities.

Mark Overseas [India]
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 we are one of the leading exporter & importer in india. we export coir fiber,coir pith,yellow corn,turmeric,onion,potato etc... we also import PCR & TBR tires

ArcherExports [India]
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[Related Keywords: we are one of the leading exporter & importer in india. we export coir fiber, coir pith, Yellow Corn, TURMERIC, onion, potato etc... we also import PCR & TBR tires ]
Pride International(02/12/2013)

 We are the Processor and Exporter of Natural Dried Herbs, Dried Flowers, Spices, Natural Henna Powder and Henna Hair Dyes Powder from Pakistan.

Pride International [Pakistan]
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We are one of leading company in producing and exporting agricultural products in Vietnam

- COCONUT as desiccated coconut, nata de coco, bio cellulose, coconut flake, coconut milk powder, mask coconut jelly

- SEAWEED as cottonii, sargassum, gracilaria, ulva lactuca, sea grape/ green caviar;

- FRUIT as lime, dragon fruit, mangoteen, rambutan, pomelo, passion fruit, jackfruit, mango, corn

- VEGETABLES as galadium, leaf frozen, sugarcane, sweet potato, yam, carrot, taro, pumpkin, okra, aloe vera

- SPICES as turmeric, chilli, onion, shallot, cinnamon, cassia, betel nut/ areca nut, ginger, lemongrass, galangal, star aniseed, ginger, garlic, curry powder

- TAPIOCA as tapioca starch,cassava, manioc, tapioca residue, tapioca flour, frozen cassava, tapioca pearl, tapioca chip

- CANNED as pickled gherkin, peel tomato, pickled tomato, pickled garlic, pickled leeks, pickled chilli, canned litchi,

- GUM ROSIN, oleo pine resin, turpentine oil

- raw material for FUEL OR ANIMAL BEDDING  as wood pellet, sawdust, wood chip, rice husk pellet, cashew  husk, bagasse pellet, coffee husk, rice husk briquette.

-  FEED MEAL as sugarcane bagasse, copra meal, corn silage, grass, fish meal, cuttlefish bone, jackfruit seed, peanut meal, pineapple meal, rice bran, rice husk powder

- DRY SEAFOOD as fish maw, sea cucumber, shrimp shell, crab shell, lobster shell, dry tendon, chitin, fish scale, shark bone, dried sea horse

- BAMBOO SKEWER, bamboo chopstick, etc.


We are expanding and looking for the partners who want to buy our product. So if you have any interest and have demand to import our product, you can write us anytime to have more information. 

With high quality, quickly delivery and most competitive price, kindly hope to serve all buyer.


With thanks & all Best regards,

Ms Alex Pham  (ALEXPHAM0206  at GMAIL  dot COM)

HP  +84 169. 994. 8793

SKYPE snow_rose26

Yahoo   hoa_hong_trang26

(P/S: We are appreciate high if you kindly please forward this letter to department or person who need it)

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Ashrams Bio Health Pvt Ltd(11/11/2011)

 We have been carrying on the herbal medicinal trade for about a decade with a good reputation, depending mainly on medicinal plants that abound in Sikkim, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Bhutan, Assam and other North-Eastern states Our esteemed firm takes pains to manufacture herbal products as per GMP norms and collect herbal plants without spoiling their active ingredients for feeding the home demands and overseas market after observing the rules of Do’s and Don'ts for basic safety and efficiency. Being the major exporter of herbal materials / products we receive order enquiries from inside and outside the country for them and accordingly serve the clientele in compliance to their satisfaction.

Further, alongside our own scheme of plantation on self-farming and cooperative basis we are best on introducing multi-pronged scheme towards creation of plantation of important medicinal plants in a cost friendly and export oriented manner. Such activities would no doubt call for well-groomed planning of various components starting from site selection, adoption of propagation technology, management of plantation, use of organic fertilizers, fungicide and bacteria culture, good harvesting, post-harvesting care, safety measures, processing as per GMF norms, storage and packaging before marketing. Ashrams Bio-Health Pvt. Ltd. is always at a service for supply of herbal/aromatic plants and products and supportive assistance.

Ashrams Bio Health Pvt Ltd [India]
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Hello all buyer

Hope that you are fine and you business will be well!

We are HX EXPORT CENTER as one of the big exporter of Agricultural in Vietnam and the products are made from Agriculture. We have exported large quantity to USA and Asian countries, deal to high quality and reasonable price. We are ready to refer you our favorable price and relative samples.

Our products list:

Agriculture: Rice, Corn, Tapioca Starch, Peanut, Cashew Nut, Chili, Ginger, Turmeric, Onion, Rice Flour and so on

Raw Materials: Rice Husk Pellet, Rice Husk Briquette, Grinded Rice Husk, Wood Pellet, Bagasse Pellet, Fermented Sugarcane bagasse, Corn Silage, Cashew Husk, Raw Cashew Nut and so on

Seaweed: Sargassum  liquid, Gracilaria, Raw Cottonii, purified cottonii, Raw Sargassum, Grind Ulva, sea grape


Fresh/Dried Fruit: Rambuton, Jackfruit, Dragon Fruit, Longan, Tomato and so on

We would like to bring the best quality of them with competitive price

Because of directly producing, so stock is always available, big quantity, high quality and competitive price and good after sell service. Satisfy customer is our goal business.

We are the best choice for you.

Come back us and contact by details following

Thanks & Best Regards

Gloria (gloria20801)


Address: 625/3 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Str, Ward 26,

Binh Thanh Dist, Ho Chi  Minh  City, Viet  Nam.

Tel: 84 8 3511 7827, Fax: 84 8 3511 7829

Mobile: 84 902 561 110

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Heena Spices Pvt Ltd(02/06/2011)

Hello there,

May peace and blessings of God be upon you.

I am Ejaz Ali Syed working as a Quality Management Specialist at T-Systems North America. I also own a spices company, which is a family owned business. 

Heena Spices Pvt. Ltd. is located in Warangal (about 150 kms away from Hyderabad), Andhra Pradesh, India. We specialize in ground spices, especially chillies, turmeric, coriander and other products on need basis. Our finished product is the powder that we prepare and supply in most parts of the state but we concentrate mostly on exporting our products. We are the suppliers to the exporters. Most of our goods are exported to European Countries especially UK.

CAPACITY: Every year we supply 200 and more containers of best quality of chillies powder and crushed chillies [used in pizza] with each container weighing 10 Metric Ton. This is just exporting, and as I already told you we have our products sold in local market as well.

I would also like you to know that we have capability of easily producing triple that the current quantity and we are looking for reliable exporters for expansion.

Coming to the man power, we have about 50 full time members and about 500 part time workers at our company. 

QUALITY: I would like to put forth a point here; Quality level ultimately depends on what the client and customers are looking for. As you know there are some  clients/customers who are okay with whatever the quality is, but they look for specific thing in a product, for eg: consider chillies: some ask chillies to be very spicy, some want it to be very red in color and some want it to be without any contamination. It varies. Hence depending on the quality that the client/customers want, we produce our products. 

To give you an estimate what best quality that we are capable of supplying, Let me give you a scenario. 

The product, i.e. chillies powder/crushed chillies that we supply to the exporters is the best quality that I can say not many can produce all around in India. UK is very specific in quality. Every container of ours is checked by the govt. of India and it is so risky that if it does not pass the quality tests, then total container is a mere waste. The quality standards that UK looks for is "contamination level less than or equal to 5 ppb(parts per billion)". Now you can easily understand how finely we have to choose our raw material, the care that we have take to produce the final product. We also happen to export goods to US but not as frequent as we do to UK and other European countries. Quality level for US [20ppb]. 

We have been supplying the products for more than 10 years now, to the exporters of UK and to my knowledge I remember only one container of ours got rejected.

We have recently started supplying chillies, chillies powder and crushed chillies produced from farmers who do not use any commercial pesticides. There is a lot of demand for this product in UK. 

PRICE: You might know and I would also like to put forth this point that there is a lot of fluctuation in the price of the product lately and especially in turmeric and coriander.  

MAP: http://wikimapia.org/4990740/Heena-Spices-Pvt-Ltd


What I would like to know from you

First of all it is a pleasure introducing ourselves to you. I would like to know

Introduction about your company? Please give us complete details.

What products are you looking for? We specialize in chillies/turmeric/coriander and supply other products only on need basis.

What is the quantity?

What is the quality? If you are specific about the quality, then please specify complete details.

Which place do you want us to deliver?

Details of the price? 

Any other details that you feel is necessary.

It is a pleasure talking to you. Thank you very much for your time. We look forward to furthering our partnership in future God Willingly.

Takecare of yourself. 
Ejaz Ali Syed.

Heena Spices Pvt. Ltd.

Heena Spices Pvt Ltd [India]
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