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Keyword "T870A"
 BGA IRDA Welder T870A BGA IRDA Welder T870A

1、Adopt infrared weld technology which independent exploration.
2、Use infrared heat,easy to cut through,heat proportion piercing tradition weld machine with sirocco.
3、Easily operate.Just need one day training.Can operation this machine.
4、Don\'t need weld tools.This machine can weld all the component of 35x35-50x50mm.
5、This machine has 800W heating system.widely to240x180mm.
6、Infrared heating don\'t have sirocco flow. Don\'t impact perimeter small component.Can suitable for all of the component,especially Micro BGA component.
7、Definitely can satisfy the computer, the notebook, the electricity swims and so on the BGA sealing off/repairs to request;Specially especially suits to the computer north and south bridge。

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