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Sell T/T Yarn Sell T/T Yarn
Product Name: T/T YarnPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures: 1) 1/10nm 75% viscose 25% acrylic T/T yarn 2) Raw white in hank/dyed on cone 3) Material: 300D viscose + 3D x 102mm acrylic (regular) 4) Packing: 75kg/bale, 30kg/carton
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Sell T/T Clean Squid Tubes And Tentacles Sell T/T Clean Squid Tubes And Tentacles
T/T (Clean Squid tubes and tentacles) Skinless, gutted, and eyes, beak, quills removed. Species: Chinese Loligo (Loligo vulgaria/loligo chinensis) Todarodes Squid (spp: Todarodes Pacificus) Presentation: Block Frozen Packing: Packed in tray. 2.5LB x 20/CTN Size: Tube length. (Inch) 3/5,5/8,8/12
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