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Keyword "Surgical Instruments"

 M/S: Amin & jameel international  who have been manufacturing finest quality of Veterinary,  Surgical, & Horse riding Instruments since 1980. 

AMIN & JAMEEL INTERNATIONAL  is one of the leading Manufacturers & Exporters of Veterinary, Surgical, Horse Riding Instruments of all kinds from Pakistan including.

Calf Puller, Shepherd's Crook Sticks , Castrating Instruments: Band Castrator, Stretching Forceps, Castrating Forceps, Castrating Knives, Emasculators. Cattle Marking Instruments: Ear Notchers, Tag Applicators, Tattoo Hammers, Tattoo Pliers. Dosage Instruments: Balling Guns (with spring) , Pistol Balling Gun, Ruminal Magnet Balling Gun, Stomach Pump, 3-Rings Balling Guns. Ear Syringes: Ear Syringe, Luer Lock. Hoof and Claw Instruments: Hoof Knives (Wooden Handles) , Hoof Knives (Ebony Handles) , Hoof Knives Set with Case, Hoof Cutters, Hoof Rasps Crop Needles 8g,10g, 12g.14g,16g.18g. etc.

Surgical Instruments, Extracting Forceps, Children Forceps, Fitting Handle Forceps, Root Elevators, Bone Rongeurs, Bone Curettes, Needle Holders, Dental Scalars, Excavators, Probes & Explorers, Cement Spatulas, Filling Instruments, Dental Impression Trays, Dental Tweezers, Dental Root Elevators, Tooth Extracting Forceps, Cotton Pliers , Dressing & Tissue Forceps, Bone Files , Chisels & Gouges, Mouth Gags, Gum Scissors, Needle Holders , TC Instruments , Spatulas.. All Surgical.

We are in a position to supply Surgical,Dental & veterinary Instruments of all types at competitive prices to USA, Europe, Australia and Far East Countries. You can see our products range at our website          www.a-jinternational.com .

The quality of our instruments is guaranteed and every instrument manufactured is carefully examined and tested before leaving factory premises. We use top quality material in manufacturing and highly experienced manpower is employed in our establishment.

The prices of our Surgical,Dental & veterinary Instruments are moderate and highly competitive. We offer both F.O.B. and C.I.F. by Airfreight / Sea freight prices.

Packaging is our specialty and every possible care is taken in packing all goods. The instruments are stamped with Buyer's Logo!

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Direct instruments(06/24/2011)

 Surgical  Instruments, Dental Instruments,Eye Instruments, Beauty Instruments, Manicure and Pedicure

Direct instruments [Pakistan]
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[Related Keywords: Surgical Instruments, dental instruments, Eye Instruments, Beauty Instruments, Manicure and Pedicure ]