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Stain Remover for Varnished Leathers Stain Remover for Varnished Leathers

Stain Remover for Varnished Leathers. EcoBrill is a solvent used to cleanse leathers and fabrics, shiny or varnished from stains and glue excess and it can be used on most of delicate materials. Apply with a sponge and brush.

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Removes Stain & Dirt

• Easy to use – works fast

• Liquid solvent, clear as water, will not leave spots on surface



Cleans tough stains such as:

markers, shoe polish, crayons, old chewing gum, wax, adhesive tape, wet paint, tree sap, make-up, scratch marks, stickers, glue, oil, grease, tar, asphalt on car body, house interior and exterior.


How to use:

Test first with a white cloth on a hidden part of the surface. If the surface’s color stains on the white cloth, do not use.

Hard Surface:

1. Pour directly on tough dirt or to clean cloth, then rub it to surface

2. Leave for a few minutes for STAIN OFF to start working

3. Wipe to dry with clean cloth or rinse with water

Carpet & Upholstery:

Do not apply STAIN OFF directly to carpeting, as it may loosen carpet from its backing.

1. Apply STAIN OFF to a clean cloth

2. Gently brush stain, repeat if necessary

3. Rinse area with water, blot dry with clean towel


Packaging: 250 mL bottle, 60 mL Spray Bottle

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Magnetic Laundry Washing Ball Magnetic Laundry Washing Ball


Laundry Washing Without Detergent!!



- It eliminates all problems you may have with other\'s washing ball

- Free from fragment of inside material

- No cloth damage

- No skin trouble out of detergent

- 80% reduction on washing powder

- Antibiotic and Sterilization (99.9%)

- Eliminating remained chlorine (99.9%)



* Wellos Environment-friendly Washing ball *

< P class=MsoNormal style=\"MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt 30pt; WORD-BREAK: keep-all; TEXT-AUTOSPACE: ideograph-numeric; TEXT-ALIGN: left; mso-pagination: widow-orphan; mso-para-margin-left: 3.0gd\" align=left>1. The wellos washing ball is made by scientific design and It contains 4 types of special natural ceramic balls and Specially treated permanent magnets(with 3000 gauss). It enables to wash without any detergents.


2. With the wellos washing ball, it substitutes a faculty of existing ordinary synthetic powder detergent.


3. Excellent performance in cleaning, bleaching and sterilizing. It has approved and certified by National authorization institute.


4. Compare with the existing laundry method, using the wellos washing Ball is more economical in saving detergent, water, electricity, time, and so forth.


5. It contains \"The wellos patent material\" which makes itself outstanding in performance and effectiveness.


6. The wellos washing ball cuts off detriment of remained detergent and chlorine in tap water. So, it\'s good for environment, clothes and human skin protection.



* Washing principle *

1. The powerful far-infrared rays from the wellos washing ball break water molecule\'s hydrogen-combinations into small clusters and force the small water cluster being activated to increase it\'s molecular motions, penetration force, and washing power.  And it radiates negative ions to weaken the surface and inter fabric adhesion so that the dirt can come off easily without any detergent.


2. The Alkali Ball keeps the ph spectrum at the level that ordinary chemical detergent has, and it helps to remove oil-dirt from clothes.


3. The Antibiotic Ball eliminates the mode, pathogenic organisms in the washing machine, and activates the water to increase the cleaning strength.


4. The Chlorine Exclusion Ball eliminates the chloride compound in water, and slackens the water surface tension and increases the cleaning strength.


5. Function of Magnetized Hexagonal Water 

(A)  Scale or Rust Removal.

(B)  Soften water - The phenomena of high pressure magnetic discharge changes the water molecule into Magnetized water, hard water into soft water and it minimize the size (cluster)of water molecule.

(C) Function of Magnetize Ion passing the magnet, Water changes its chemical and physical  characteristics (MagnetizeIonization-Alkalize) then it become Hexagonal water (Like the body water) and increase dissolved oxygen in the water. Impurities and odor in the washing drum and pipes discomposed by its strong detoxication. 

(D)  Sterilization, Antibiotic The magnetic field of Magnets and water cause waves and it sterilize bacteria and block proliferation of bacteria



* Usage and period of use *

1. Laundry utensil which is used inside of a washing machine (All types).

2. More than 3 years (Once a day use).

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