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Sri Lanka Natural Gems ( Sri Lanka Gems International ) Sri Lanka Natural Gems ( Sri Lanka Gems International )
Specifications: We r a Dealer for Natural, Precious and Semi-Precious colour Gemstones from Sri Lanka; the Island of Gems. As I am from a gem trading and mining family in Sri Lanka, I posses a wide range of many world class master piece colour gemstones including, High Quality Sapphires of all kinds (Blue, Yellow, Pink, Padmaraja, Star stones), Rubies and Star Rubies, Alexandrites and Crysoberyl Cat's Eyes and various varieties of Semiprecious Gemstones. These stones range from largest to smallest (3 to 30 carats or even much larger stones like 50,100-150 carats). Almost all of these stones are of exquisite quality, and cut and polished. Upon the notice of your interest on my resources I will provide you the fine details of all the available pieces meeting your level of need together with my affordable offers to be considered by you. I always get my gems stocks maintained with the new arrivals from my sources in Sri Lanka. My first interest is to distribute untreated precious gemstones of very high quality for therapeutic (healing purposes) and aesthetic purposes because I try to protect the natural quality of the stones we mine and therefore they are very reliable to have those powerful properties. In addition, their original quality would be witnessed by the Gem Quality Assurance certificates provided by me, and these certificates are obtained both from authorized reputed gemstone testing and certifying organizations and personal both from Sri Lanka and Japan. The originating gem mines in Sri Lanka are partly owned by my family members and all the stones are cut and polished to the best by our experienced cutting personal. These stones are transported through legal and official channels through Gem and Jewelry Authority of Sri Lanka. Therefore, their source is acceptable and reliable to you. Further, if you are interested of anything, I will provide you all the necessary details of each and every gemstone together with the JPG electronic images of the gemstones which I can offer you in particular times. Though the mining processes are extensive, finding of marketable gemstones is noticeably low and therefore, the offers might change from time to time but a sustainable flow of various types of stones in sufficient stocks can be assured in most of the times. Therefore, you can make decisions in different times and we will soon negotiate to make the deals. I also can listen to you of any of your current interests or needs and if you require any special variety of any colored gemstone or gemstone stocks of big or small sizes mainly targeted for fine quality jewelry production, I am in a better position to provide you the need. I am sure; you will find that the offers I may make are so reasonable as these stones of very high quality and rare.
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Sri Lankan Precious Stones Sri Lankan Precious Stones
Specifications: We can supply all kinds of SRI LANKAN precious stones and Jewelry for very competitive prices. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
[Related Categories: Precious Stones ]
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Sri Lanka Natural Gems Sri Lanka Natural Gems
Specifications: Looking for buyers of Sri lanka (Ceylon) natural gems both retail and wholesale. We do have our offices in both Thailand and USA incase of any customer within that range could contact our representatives who will pay them a visit or else will call and do the needful. All gems sold will come with a valid certificate showing the place of origin. Payment terms are negiotiable and so are the price as our prices are very reasonable.
[Related Categories: Gemstone Jewelry ]
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Sri Lanka- Publications Sri Lanka- Publications
Specifications: We can supply Sri Lanka Business Pages, Yellow pages, Daily , Weekly, Monthly, l News papers ,Magazines , Annual report etc Also Sri Lanka Sinhala Novels , Buddhism,Turist, Philosophy,Autobiograpies, Cultural and historical books. Also we can supply Sri Lanka CD' sFamous Teledramas, Songs , Movies as per your requisitions
[Related Categories: Books ]
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Portable Electronic 300g/0.01g Digital Scale From Sri Lanka Portable Electronic 300g/0.01g Digital Scale From Sri Lanka
Specifications: Capacity 300g Division 0.01g Calibration Weight supplied Weighing ApplicationsLaboratory/Gems/Jewellery/Counting or any other purpose Power Battery 9v AA or AC 230 v Adaptor 300g Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: Measurement & Meter ]
[Related Keywords: Portable, ELECTRONIC, 300g/0.01g, DIGITAL, scale, from, Sri, Lanka ]
All Kinds Of Ornamental Fish From Sri Lanka All Kinds Of Ornamental Fish From Sri Lanka
Specifications: All fish come in Small Medium and Large Sizes. Variety Size Size chart available on requestMulti Fish Lanka Other Price Terms: FOB  BIA Payment Terms: T/T Certification(s): Health Cerfificate and anu other nessacery documentsSupply Ability: 100%
[Related Categories: Pet & Products ]
[Related Keywords: All, kinds, OF, ornamental, FISH, from, Sri, Lanka ]
Sri Sai Baba Sri Sai Baba
Specifications: Sai Baba statue Produced from Clear Polyresin. We are manufacturer and exporter of Clear polyresin Sculptures specializes in Hindu Gods. Our brand name is " Crystalline ". Your exclusive designs are cordially welcome. Crystalline Other Price Terms: FOB  Bangkok / Thailand Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: Religious Crafts ]
[Related Keywords: Sri, SAI, Baba ]
Sri Lankan Wooden Mask Sri Lankan Wooden Mask
Specifications: Beautifully hand craved wooden masks made by highly skilled Sri Lankan (Ceylon) craftsmen. Each variety of mask depicts a different diety or spirit and is widely used in Asian culture to bring good luck and ward off evil. Hang our masks in your office, Home, business establishment and success, fame and happiness will be yours. If you don't belive in spirits then use it as a beautiful decorative object to please your eye and add effect to your environment. As a special offer for those who use the best B2B portal, we will offer a special price offer. Please enquire for details. Contact us today.Gini Other Price Terms: FOB  colombo Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Certification(s): sri lankan standardSupply Ability: 500/day
[Related Categories: Folk Crafts ]
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Meru Sri Yantra Meru Sri Yantra
Specifications: Meru Sri Yantra has been used in India since ages to clear problems and attract prosparity. We are looking for good distributors overseas. Feng Shui consultants can also be taught to incorporate this into their practice.
[Related Categories: Carving Crafts ]
[Related Keywords: Meru, Sri, Yantra ]
Sri Lanka Women Sri Lanka Women
Specifications: Oil paintings 75x 90 cm Sri lanka women 1200us dollars Orginal hand made
[Related Categories: Paintings & Calligraphies ]
[Related Keywords: Sri, Lanka, women ]
Phra Sri Wooden Base Candle Holder Phra Sri Wooden Base Candle Holder
Specifications: Phra sri wooden base candle holder comes in two or three candle holder holes.
[Related Categories: Candles & Holders ]
[Related Keywords: Phra, Sri, wooden, base, Candle, holder ]
Sri Lankan Cloves Sri Lankan Cloves
Specifications: Srilankan cloves is the very attractive cloves in the world. Our company also ready to supply this proudable srilankan products under safty packing. Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 2500KG PER MONTH
[Related Categories: Spices & Seasonings ]
[Related Keywords: Sri, Lankan, Cloves ]
Cinnamon, Pepper And Sri Lankan Spice Items Cinnamon, Pepper And Sri Lankan Spice Items
Specifications: We can Supply wold best Sri Lankan Sipce such as Cinnamon and Pepper. You can get them in bulk or small quantities. Contact us for more information
[Related Categories: Spices & Seasonings ]
[Related Keywords: Cinnamon,, pepper, and, Sri, Lankan, Spice, items ]
Sri Lankan Cinnamon Sri Lankan Cinnamon
Specifications: Cinnamon (cinnamomum verum) is a spice which is used as food flavor, beverage and many other like extracting cinnamon oil. Sri lanka is the world leading cinnamon supplier which has 75% of the global cinnamon market. Sri lanka holds such a position because; it has the world best cinnamons which are inherited to sri lanka. Cinnamomum capparu coronde Cinnamomum citriodorum Cinnamomum litseaefolium Cinnamomum dubium Cinnamomum ovalifolium Cinnamomum rivulorum Cinnamomum sinharajaense are the best in the cinnamon family which is only growing in sri lanka. Sri lankan cinnamon is a registered trade name of 2003 no.36 intellectual property ordinance,161st sentence according to international laws (trips,22nd and 24th sentences) Our company, UPS eco friendly products has these cinnamon planted in our estates. We produce the best quality cinnamon and export them. We have dried cinnamon quills as well as cinnamon bark oil (40%,60%) and cinnamon leaf oil available. Our best markets are Mexico, USA, peru, Chile, Guatemala, Germany, and France. We are always ready to undertake your orders for cinnamon. Please feel free to contact me for dealing details. Quote your order in any amount because we are capable of satisfying your request.
[Related Categories: Spices & Seasonings ]
[Related Keywords: Sri, Lankan, cinnamon ]
Cinnamon From Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Cinnamon From Sri Lankan (Ceylon)
Specifications: Cinnamon is so closely associated with sri lanka that its very name cinnamomum zeylanicum is derived from the word ceylon, as sri lanka was formerly known. So that we supply the world's best pure sri lankan (ceylon) grown cinnamon to rest of the world. If you are interested in importing by air (air freight or courier), sea (lcl or fcl), please write to us.
[Related Categories: Spices & Seasonings ]
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Sri Lankan Shark Fin Sri Lankan Shark Fin
Specifications: Sri lankan black shark fins, 100% dried,no bad smell, straight cut/moon cut. One set consists of 2 Pectoral,1 Dorsal& 1 Caudal(Lower Lobe Only). constant supply!black shark Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: Aquatic Products ]
[Related Keywords: Sri, Lankan, Shark, fin ]
Rss 3&4 Sheet Rubber From Sri Lanka Rss 3&4 Sheet Rubber From Sri Lanka
Specifications: We export quality RSS 3 & 4 grade sheet rubber of Sri Lanka Origin. Grades: RSS 3, RSS 4 Quantity:20 M/ton per 20' Ft Container Shipment: From Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka Delivery: On prior arrangement CIF or C&F Payment: L/C - sight Please contact us for more information
[Related Categories: Rubber & Products ]
[Related Keywords: RSS, 3&4, sheet, rubber, from, Sri, Lanka ]
Vauxhall Vectra Sri Vauxhall Vectra Sri
Specifications: Vauxhall vectra sri,2 litre,1999 registration. T reg,68000 mileage, perfect condition, sports seats, silver 5 doors, manual, hatchback, silver,2 owners. ABS, adjustable seats, adjustable steering column/wheel, air conditioning, alloy wheels, computer, driver airbag, electric mirrors, electric windows, electric sunroof, foglights, front armrest, head restraints, folding rear seats, immobiliser, lumbar support, passenger airbag, power assisted steering, rear armrest, remote locking, radio/CD, side airbags, rear headrests, sports seats. vauxhall
[Related Categories: Automobile ]
[Related Keywords: Vauxhall, Vectra, Sri ]
Sri Lankan Black Tea Sri Lankan Black Tea
Specifications: We are a tea exporting company in sri lanka, however please note the flowing: - There are many grades of tea available in sri lanka and the price variation is very high (1.6 us$ to 8.5 us$), it is partly due to the packing and the loading ability to the container. Here is the information you can provide us for us to provide you a feasible offer: - 1. The grade of the tea (op, opa, opa-f, bop & bop-f) 2. The price range you are comfortable with marketing (cif, include the port name) 3. Packing information (100grams,250grams,500grams,1kg,10kg, bulk pack 25kg, bulk pack 45kg) in box board, tin, PP packs or other 4. The quantity that you can purchase per shipment (in metric tons) 5.. Indicate if possible market information (preferred price, taste, tea size etc. ) Further to the above the payment terms that we work with is give below for you consideration Payment terms Fully funded irrevocable transferable unrestricted confirmed letter of credit confirmed by world prime bank, payable 100% at sight Inspection Quantity and weights by sgs at our cost, if any other will be at your cost
[Related Categories: Tea ]
[Related Keywords: Sri, Lankan, black, Tea ]
Sri Lanka Fresh Pinaple Sri Lanka Fresh Pinaple
Specifications: We offer freshly picked grade a sweet sri lankan pinaple for export. Sizes range from 750gms to 1.5kg depending on buyer wish. We assure you of best service at all times. Contact me for further information
[Related Categories: Fruit ]
[Related Keywords: Sri, Lanka, Fresh, Pinaple ]
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