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Keyword "Security alarm sensor"
Wireless Dual-Element PIR Motion Detector,Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Wireless Dual-Element PIR Motion Detector,Wireless PIR Motion Sensor


Wireless Dual-Element PIR Motion Detector,Wireless PIR Motion Sensor


Name: Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

Model: AMD-PIR-WLM2(MCU&Internal Antenna)

Wireless Dual-Element PIR Motion Detector,Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
The wireless PIR Motion detector is an INPUT DEVICE, The PIR-WLM2 PIR motion detector is designed to provide detection of criminal intrusion through door frames and window frames into a protected area by sensing infrared energy (heat) emitting from an intruder’s body moving through a protected area. The MOTION SENSOR is commonly referred to as a PIR, which stands for passive Infrared. Upon detection of intrusion, the PIR-WLM2 automatically generates an alarm signal to control panel. The sensor also provides a tamper contact output. The unit is RF and EMI Immunity to interferences produced by radio device. The unit is can be wall-mounted by means of a bracket.
Product Features
ØInternal Wireless Antenna, long distance transmission;
ØLearning code, easy to assign to the alarm panels;
ØTamper Switch for protecting the to avoid opened;
ØNewly-developed dual element passive infrared sensor unit;
ØWireless transmitting digital signal to control panel;
ØIntelligent MCU inside, eliminate false alarm;
ØLow power alert by buzzer sounds;
ØMicrocontroller temperature analysis and Automatic temperature compensation for best summertime detection;
ØTightly-mated bug guard to protect the sensor optics from insects, spiders and dust;
ØSelectable detection sensitivity (standard/high) for different environmental requirements;
ØSMT adopted, RF and EMI Immunity;
ØLow power consumption, long battery life;
ØAdjustable detection time span(4minutes or 8 minutes).

Operating Voltage
9V Laminated Battery
Detection Range
Vertical angle 60degree, Horizontal angle 110 degree, 12m
Standby Current
less than 12uA
Alarm Current
less than 22mA
RF Immunity
> 20 V/m 10 – 1000 MHz
> 3300V/W
<200mV, (mVp-p)(25°C)
Transmitting Freq.
Transmitting Distance
minimum 100m( in the open area)
Temperature Range
-10°C to +50°C
Relative Humidity
90% (25 )
Installation Mode
Wall mounted by bracket
Installation Height
High-impact ABS
107x59x45mm (HxWxD)
For indoor use. Corridor, Office, Room, Museum, Library, Finance Room, Warehouse, etc.

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