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Keyword "Seabuckthorn"
Yiyang Biochem Company Limited(01/06/2011)
Deyang Yiyang Biochem Company Limited ,as one branch in China mainland of Hongkong Tianjian Chemicals international limited group, is leading manufacturer and trader of Botanical Extracts/Pharmacutical/Health food Located in Sichuan province, P. R. China with all manufacturing structure related to the products. Quality consciousness has been the key to our success.

We are currently selling products as following:

--Standardized Herb Extracts Powder( Milk thistle extract, Ginkgo extract, Green tea extract, etc. )

--Botanic Extracts(Seabuckthorn Oil,Angelica Root Oil,Wolfberry(Goji)seed oil, Pumpkin seeds oil ,...... etc)

-Digestive enzyme(Pepsin,Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Pancreatin),

--All kinds of Amino Acids(L-glutamine, L-Arginine etc. )

----Food addtive( Aspartame,Fumaric acid,Malic acid,Maleic Acid,Tartaric acid,Aspartic aicd,Succinic acid,Kojic acid etc.)

--Pharmaceutical excipients( HPMC, PVP, etc. )

We well understand our customers need for a qualified supplier on the quality and logistic service, which we can do to meet our customers demand;

We are looking forward to a very good mutual benefit long-term cooperation with you in near future.

Fore more information, please check our web: www.yibiochem.com thanks

Yiyang Biochem Company Limited [China]
[Related Categories: Health Care Products ]
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Hongkong Rishon InternationaL Co., Ltd(09/26/2019)

Since year 1996, Rishon International Group Co., Ltd began its development worldwidely. We supply globally the Steel Processing, Fire-extinguish, Pharmaceutical, Dairy and personal care industries, as well as the fine chemicals used for detergent, industrial & institutional cleaning, agriculture industry, water treatment, food processing, leather treatment, pulp & paper, textile, paint and electronic, industries.

We(Rishon Biochem Co., Ltd) are professionally supplying:

1.  Docosahexaenoic Acid-DHA (microalgaes source), Powder & Oil
2.  Arachidonic  Acid-ARA (derived  from  Mortierella  alpina) , Powder & Oil

3.  Enzymes, Proteinase K
4.  Natural Food colour
5.  Natural Plant Essential Oils, Seabuckthorn Oil
6.  Natural Amino Acids/Vitamin/Protein
7.  Natural Feed Additives

8.  Natural Hearb Extracts 

9. OEM Service for Drinks,Soft/Hard Capsules,Plate,Premix,Blistered..

Hongkong Rishon InternationaL Co., Ltd [China]
[Related Categories: Plant Extract, Plant & Animal Oil, Food Agents, Health Food, Food Additives ]
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