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Keyword "Rust Remover"
DESCALING ACID remove grout, plaster, rust, soot, oxidation DESCALING ACID remove grout, plaster, rust, soot, oxidation

DESCALING ACID plaster, rust, soot, oxidation remover


Hydrochloric acid, surfactants, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, water.


P-500 is a cleaning solution based on inorganic acid (hydrochloric acid) containing surfactants and inhibitors.


P-500 is a hydrochloric acid that can remove residues of lime, grout, plaster, rust, soot, oxidation, etc... with descaling and pickling action on absorbent building surfaces resistant to acids, such as cotto, earthenware, clinker, porcelain stoneware, red stoneware, etc... Never use on polished limestone, such as marble and travertine, slate or tuff and in any case on materials that are not resistant to acidic solutions.



Shake well before use. Once you have established the required dilution for cleaning the surface, apply the solution and go over the surface with the single-brush floor cleaner fitted with suitable abrasive disks (approximately 1-2 minutes on 1 sqm) remove the residues immediately with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. Finally rinse with water following the same procedure. On very porous materials we recommend wetting the surfaces to be washed beforehand. Protect any surfaces that may come into contact and therefore be damaged by the acid product, e.g.: wooden, copper-plated, galvanised surfaces etc... Always run some test applications before applying it to the definitive surfaces.



• Radical and fast descaling.

• Removes light oxidation from cotto floors.

• Low fumes.

• Allows you to work with greater peace of mind.

• Suitable for floors and walls of various kinds.



DILUTION: In all proportions, we recommend 1:9 with water.

YIELD: With 10 lt. of previously diluted solution it is possible to wash approximately 10/30 sqm.

STORAGE: Closed in the original packaging, in a cool place, away from frost and UV rays, it retains its properties for at least one year.


2 10-litre buckets




COLOUR: turquoise

ODOUR: characteristic

SPECIFIC WEIGHT (20°C): 1.096kg/l





Hazard statements:

H314 Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

H335 May cause respiratory irritation.

Precautionary statements:

P264 Wash . . . thoroughly after handling.

P280 Wear protective gloves / clothing and eye / face protection.

P304+P340 IF INHALED: remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing.

P310 Immediately call a POISON CENTER / doctor / . . .

P403+P233 Store in a well-ventilated place.

Keep container tightly closed.


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 LUBE 10 LUBE 10

Parts cleaner, multi-function lubricant and economical slight rust dissolver.


         ; Cleans & dissolves: slight rust, old glue, stickers, paints, asphalt, tar on car body, spare parts, mechanical parts, etc.

         ; Eliminates moisture, prevents electrical contact/short circuit (spark plugs, cables, dynamo)

         ; Anti Rust Lubricant with light anti-rust & anti-corrosion

         ; Fast penetration: loosens tight bolts, lubricates door hinges, locks, cable mech­anisms, brakes, clutches, seat springs, shock absorbers, bicycle/motorcycle chains, etc.


How to use:

1.      Shake can before use

2.      Spray directly to desired parts

3.      Repeat as necessary for maximum results

4.      Can be used while engine is running

5.      Repeat spraying once every 5-6 weeks for routine cleaning & maintenance


Suitable to clean parts from slight rust, deposits and dirt stuck in used lu­bricant, before lubricating with SLICKER/SLICK WAX (Primo\'s ultimate modern lubricant spray with Nano Ionic Bond Technology).


Packaging& lt; /strong>: Aerosol Can 400 mL

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• Rust-killer by way of converting rust into a permanent black layer of anti-rust.

• Easy to use: Dip, Brush or Spray.

• No harsh odor.



Suitable for use on severely rusted metal where rust had pen­etrated into the metal structure and becomes impossible to eliminate except by “killing” it so that the metal can be re-painted.


How to use:

Pour RUST STOPPER into an empty container during each application. Promptly re-cap the remaining unused RUST STOPPER liquid left in its original packaging so that it will not be contaminated.

1. Before treating, clean the metal surface first from rust & old paint: mask with wire brush, coarse sandpaper or other abrasive tools.

2. Shake bottle and pour a little into a plastic container. Do not use metal containers because RUST STOPPER will react immediately with metal.

3. Cover metal surface with RUST STOPPER.

4. Metal surface will change to black color after 15 minutes. It’s always advisable to brush a second layer of RUST STOPPER 10 minutes after the first layer has been applied.

5. In areas with high humidity, top layer will reduce the risk of peeling/dissolving. Paint surface within 24 hours after coating with RUST STOPPER.

6. Immediately wash the brush with water after use.


Packaging: Bottle of 1 L & 250 ml


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[Related Keywords: Rust Remover, Anti Rust, No Harsh Odor ]