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Keyword "Rice"

We work with suppliers worldwide Agruculture,Energy. Please contact us with all of your request per Category.

FrankAllenGroup [United States]
[Related Categories: Agriculture, Energy ]
[Related Keywords: grain, Yellow Corn, wheat, Soybean, Rice, petroleum coke, D2, Jet Fuel ]

Please note we as sourcing person provide solution to buyer and seller in meeting their demand and supply for commodities.


We can cover their interest with sourcing right terms and condition and procedure as mutually acceptable and agreeable between buyer and seller organization.


We beleive in providing present existing and avaialble market prices and with focus on quantity assurance and specification met with timely delivery.


We work on commission and we are flexible on commission in order to secure every body involved interest.

OneApproach [Germany]
[Related Categories: Business Services ]
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Sasbab Co., Ltd is one of Western Asia's top producers, with large agricultural and food production at its strong base. A fully integrated business, its activities span from farming, packaging, technical assurance, quality control, trade, exporting and logistics. The diversified Group also trades of consumer goods, textile, stationary and a wide variety of Western Asia's products. Sasbab Co., Ltd has recently expanded it's sphere of business into Western Asia & Southeast Europe's, and has bought a controlling interest in consumer goods and is looking at further expansion and opportunities. Founded in 1989, Sasbab Co., Ltd has consistently followed a dynamic, long-term growth strategy. Today it owns 17 farming entities, which operate 22 farms and 2 independent pack houses in Western Asia & Southeast Europe and is partnered with more than 50 growers in various Countries.

SASBAB [Turkey]
[Related Categories: Agriculture, Chemicals ]
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We are a trusted manufacturer, exporters, drop shipper and suppliers of a wide range of agricultural products specialism in Nuts, Sugar, Rice, Refined oils, Black pepper, Spices and other more.  These are sourced from reliable vendors that make sure that our product range is safe & 100% Original Branded.


supattracompanylimited22 [Thailand]
[Related Categories: Agriculture ]
[Related Keywords: We are a trusted manufacturer, exporters, drop shipper and suppliers of a wide range of agricultural products specialism in Nuts, sugar, Rice, Refined oils, black pepper, Spices and other more. These are sourced from reliable vendors that make sure that our product range is safe & 100% Original Branded. ]
Sona International Co.,ltd(04/26/2017)

We are Sona International Co., Ltd, is one of the most reputed and top Vietnamese Rice manufacturers and exporters. With quality is the first priority, We specialize in supplying the best rice to customers from seed selection, planting and harvesting, to processing and packaging.  Especially, All products are always tested by Prime Inspectors and meet Vietnam Export Standard as well as our buyer’s request.

With our professional and well experienced in exporting Vietnamese rice, we exported to many countries in the world such as USA, EU, ASIA, AFRICE and MIDDLE EAST MARKET.

Now, we are pleased to introduce you our lasted catalogue as follow

-           Long white rice: Long white Rice 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 100% broken.

-           Jasmine rice: Jasmine rice 5% broken - 90% min, Jasmine rice 5% broken - 85% min.

-           Japonica/Sushi/Calrose rice 5% broken Grade 1

-           Fragrant rice: Fragrant Rice 5% broken – 4900, Premium Fragrant Rice 5% broken, Superior Fragrant Rice 5% broken.

-           Medium rice: Medium rice 5% broken

-           Glutinous rice: Glutinous Rice 10% broken

-           Short rice 5% broken


 So, Please do not hesitate to contact with us if you have demand for importing or need more information.


Thanks & best regards.

Ms. Jane

Sales Executive

Skype:      sonainter2



Sona International Co.,ltd [Viet Nam]
[Related Categories: Agriculture ]
[Related Keywords: Rice, dragon fruit ]

we are manufacturer produce premium quality product and good price.Pls.do not hesitate to contact us, best regards


BBCastle [Thailand]
[Related Categories: Agriculture, Beauty & Health Care, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Home Supplies ]
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Aarav Agro Industries(05/20/2014)

Aarav Agro Industries, India are one of the most reputed leading manufacturer and suppliers of world famous Raisins of all types that are made from seedless grapes.They are very rich in taste and have a high nutritional value. Raisins, offered by us, are well scrutinized in terms of quality, taste, colour & shape. Our purpose is to achieve the highest possible quality standards of any processor within the Indian Raisin Industry. The range of raisins offered by us, is widely appreciated for its freshness, high nutritional value and superb mouth lingering taste. Aarav Agro Industries is having the world's best & latest technology and equipments for the processing of Raisins in India. Aarav Agro Industries prides itself in being committed to customer service and satisfaction to ensure customer satisfaction among its reputed clientele spread across globe

Aarav Agro Industries are manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Black Raisins, Malayer Raisins, Golden Raisins, Dark Brown Raisins, Green Raisins, Cashew Nuts, Onion Powder, Almond, Apricots Jaggery, Rice, Ground Nuts, Dry Coconuts, Dry Grapes, Dry Fruits.

Aarav Agro Industries provide Cold Storage facility in Nashik City for Vegetable, Fruits, Medicines, Milk Products, Other Perishable items that can be managed in cold room.

Aarav Agro Industries [India]
[Related Categories: Frozen & Dried Fruit ]
[Related Keywords: Black Raisins, Malayer Raisins, Golden Raisins, Dark Brown Raisins, Green Raisins, Rice, dry fruits, onion powder, Dry grapes, dehydrated fruit, preserved fruit, Dehydrated Onion Powder ]

Established in 1975, Khanh Tam Private Enterprise began from a rice milling factory for local rice and rice trader. Gradually, after  understanding clearly the process of exporting rice, we are confident to bring Vietnamese rice to oversea market. All of our rice are always tested strictly by Vietnam Prime Inspectors and the same with sample as well as buyer's request.

With nearly 40 experience years in domestic rice market and over 5 year quality rice exporter, we are proud to be one of leading rice manufacture and directly exporter in Vietnam. Since 2008, we have become one of Viet Food Association members. We always offer The Best Quality Rice of Vietnam in every kinds of rice to match with client's demand.

With long term business goal, we work based on the strictest quality of processing rice. Begin from choosing quality paddy of farmers which signed contract-farming, then drying and husking them. When got whitening rice, it will be polished 2 times and moved to sorted machine. After sorted rice, the finished product is packed into bag with different size as client's request.

Our main products include all kinds of Fragrant rice and the best one is Flower Fragrant rice which has become our best selling product in many years.

[Related Categories: Grain ]
[Related Keywords: Rice, jasmine rice, fragrant rice, glutinous rice, Kdm rice ]

 We are here to introduce our company MN2 INTERNATIONAL SARL as one of import trading company dealing mainly on food products (fresh vegetable fruits, canned foods, confectioneries, Seafood, vegetable cooking oils, secondhand clothing’s/shoes and other goods of interest in our market, we have been in these business sector for many years out-standing having a large mains of disposal and a good experience sales factors. 

[Related Categories: Canned Food, Dairy Products ]
[Related Keywords: VEGETABLE COOKING OIL, fresh vegetable fruits, milk powder, Rice, canned food, secondhand clothing\'s, secondhand shoes, used household appliances, fruit drink, Energy Drink, soft drinks ]
Mark Overseas(04/15/2014)

Welcome to Mark Overseas.

Mark Overseas “worldwide Export – Import – Representatives” company of agricultural commodities. From procurement to delivery Mark Overseas, is actively taking care in all aspects of the phase. Our mission is to provide the essence of the agro resources to International Market.

Today, Mark is the source behind many globally recognized foodstuff brands. Our constant and main focus on quality and consistency, joined with our value additional services, has certified us as one of the best service providers of Agricultural Commodities.

Mark Overseas [India]
[Related Categories: Agriculture Product Stocks ]
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Dubai Trade liaison Co(03/16/2014)

 We are active about trading of petroleum products,petrochemicals,Agriculture such as wheat, rice and sugar. The main office of DTL Co is in QATAR

Dubai Trade liaison Co [Qatar]
[Related Categories: Grain, Natural Gas, Energy Agents, Other Energy Related Products ]
[Related Keywords: D2, Jp54, fuel, CST, grains, wheat, Rice, sugar, M100 ]

We are exporting all Kinds of Basmati and Non basmati Rice.

So kindly please let us have your enquiery and serve you in a better way.

[Related Categories: Grain ]
[Related Keywords: Basmati, non basmati, Rice ]
Al Maha Foods International Pvt. Ltd.(01/01/1970)

Al Maha Foods International Pvt. Ltd. [India]
[Related Categories: Grain ]
[Related Keywords: basmati rice, Traditional Basmati rice, Rice, 1121 Sella, 1121, 1121 Raw, 1121 Creamy, 1121 Steam, 1121 Golden, Creamy Sella, Golden Sella, 1121 BASMATI RICE ]
Sona International co.,ltd(01/01/1970)

Sona International co.,ltd [Viet Nam]
[Related Categories: Rice ]
[Related Keywords: Rice ]
B&O Agency(11/10/2013)

Dear supplier,

Do you have enough stock of rice?

If rice is your line of production, kindly get back to me for more details.


B&O Agency [United Kingdom]
[Related Categories: Agriculture Product Stocks ]
[Related Keywords: Rice, Beans, yollow corn ]
Kayavlon Impex Pvt. Ltd.(10/03/2013)

 It's our pleasure to introduce ours self as an Indian and Singapore based Export Company. The Kayavlon Impex Pvt. Ltd. Incepted in 1990, is a multi product, multi faceted Agro Commodities and Yarn Exporter from India, catering to a wide spectrum of customers across the Globe.

We deal in various agro commodity products like Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Wheat flour, sorghum seeds, Spices, soybean meal, maize, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, animal seed and many more. Our experience and knowledge has enabled us to develop a profound understanding of the intricate requirements of our customers. We have a team of quality expert who have a long experience of different agro commodities.


Kayavlon Impex Pvt. Ltd. [India]
[Related Categories: Agriculture & By-product Agents ]
[Related Keywords: Rice, wheat, WHEAT FLOUR, Millet, sorghum, Sesame, sugar, Peanuts, basmati rice, spices, Cumin, Fennel, Mustard, Fenugreek, Coriander, Barley, soyabean meal, Rapeseed meal, Corn, Yellow maize ]

Natufoodvn company is producer and direct exporter of dried natural products mainly:

- Kinds of Rice: Long White Grain Rice (5%, 10%, 20% broken...), Medium White Rice, Jasmine Rice, Glutinous White Rice, Round Rice, Broken Rice...

- Black pepper,white pepper.

- Robusta coffee S13, S16, S18.

- Cashew nuts

- Peanuts

We are long time established and top producer and exporter in this field. Our dried foods are produced according to HACCP standard, with over ten years’ experienced quality control (QC) staff and high efficient processing chain.

Our products are faithful quality, most reasonable cost exported and accepted by countries over the world with regular delivery, best after-sale service, cheap and safe.

Please contact us via email: export1(at)natufoodvn(dot)com for the best quotation.


[Related Categories: Beverages, Grain, Nuts & Kernels ]
[Related Keywords: Rice, desiccated coconut, Peanuts, coffee bean, pepper, Cashew Nuts ]
Material Host Trading LLC(09/22/2013)

 Material Host Trading is a UAE based company under Host Group and is involved in Import & Export of Oil, Gas and Petroleum products. The company is a supplier and trader for product procured or produced and is one of the trusted dealers in Middle East. Material Host Trading was successful in trading $215 Million of Oil, Gas and Petroleum product to Middle East, Africa and Asian Markets. The essence of our business is to build and maintain long-term relationships, rather than focuses on short-term results and satisfy our clients’ needs with high-quality advice, products and services.


Material Host Trading LLC [United Arab Emirates]
[Related Categories: Beans, Grain, Bitumen ]
[Related Keywords: Traders, supplier, Bitumen, asphalt, Rice, sugar, Urea, sulfur, Soya bean meal ]


Dear Friendly Customers,

VNFOOD Co., is producer and direct exporter of Vietnam dried natural food.

We would like to establish a long term relationship in business with Corporations who are the Buyers or Dealer of Agricultural products. We could supply the following products in bulk on regular basic. Our products include:




White Rice




Long grain white rice: 5% broken; 25% broken; 100% broken.

Short rice, medium rice, calrose rice, shushi rice

Jasmine rice, Ir rice, Homali rice

Home Maki rice.

Cashew Nuts Kernels



First Grade: WW210, WW240, WW280, WW320, WW450, WW500.

Second Grade: LBW240, LBW320, LBW450, SW240, SW320, WS.

Third Grade: DW1, WB1, SK1, LP, SP, BB.

Coffee Beans


S16 & S18, Screen 13 -18.

Green and roasted bean, Dry washed and wet polished

Black & White Pepper


500g/l – 550g/l, Dried & Raw

Desiccated Coconut


Fine grade and Medium grade, High fat &  Low fat

Dried & Preserved processing type

We produce the dried foods according to buyer's orders according to HACCP standard, with quality control (QC) staff, processing and quality control 10 years experienced.

Our product are faithful quality, most reasonable cost exported and accepted by 100 countries over the world with regular delivery, cheap and safe, assured shipping.

Please kindly consider if any advice or comment. We will produce the good shipment for you.

Hope to build up long business.

Yours truly,

Other Provisions:



15-30 days after Contract or as per Negotiate.



Prefer L/C, TT, DP, CAD



Regular by sea

Inspection and Fumigation


By independent organization (Vinacontrol, SGS…)



Ms. Sophia, export3(at)vnfoodco(dot)com, sophiavnfood(at)gmail(dot)com, Skype: sophiavnfood


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