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Keyword "Premium Hardwood Charcoal"

We are very pleased to inform you that we are ready to supply you with our Hardwood Charcoal.

We introduce you that we are manufacturer of shisha and charcoal(coconut charcoal and hardwood charcoal briquette)for shisha, hookah and BBQ. Our company located in Cameroon. This time we should like to get new business relationship with you. Here are the product we made:

1. Coconut charcoal Technical specification: 
Fixed carbon:90% up, moisture content:3%, ash content:3%, volatile matter:4%


A. Easy ignition, it will burn only 1 stick of match 

B. Smokeless, the charcoal burns without any smoke of fume during the initial ignition and during the burning duration 

C. Odorless, minimum evaporate substances this eliminating the possibility of odor 

D. Higher fixed carbon& caloric value, the caloric value of charcoal is 70 kcal/kg up E. Low ash content, minimal residual of ash is allowed nothing more than 3% of the original weight of the charcoal

 2. Hardwood charcoal briquettes(hcb) Technical specification: 

Fixed carbon:90% up, 
moisture content:2%, ash content:5%, 
volatile matter:3% 


. Natural matter/chemical free, the hcb is processed with untreated hardwood charcoal and no binder. Only with special hardwoods the hcb is made. The hcb is specially recommended room warmer& barbeque 

B. Long life burning and sparkles, the hcb have high fcc(fixed carbon content) more than 90%. The caloric value of charcoal is 50 kcal/kg. The heating value 6,5 kcal/kg. 

C. Odorless, the hcb have minimum evaporative substances that make eliminating the possibility of odor 

D. Smokeless, the hcb burn without any smoke or fume during the initial ignition and during burning duration. Because we selected all matter of hardwood charcoal for our product 

 3. Sawdust briquettes(sdb) Technical specification: 

Length: 360MM
Outer Dia: 40MM
Inner Dia: 10MM
Weight: 380g
3. 0-15. 0 KG. In brown Carton Boxes, bag, or any kinds
Technical Specification (average values)
Moisture Content: 7. 8%
Volatile matter: 9. 0%
Fixed Carbon: 80. 0%
Ash: 3. 0%
Sulfer: 0%
Calorific value: 7, 080 Kcal / KG
Burning time: 3-6 hours (depend on type of usage)
Product Details:
Usage: BBQ
Shape: Sawdust

4. Hard wood charcoal (Casuarinas and Mangrove trees) : 

Fixed carbon 70%

Moisture level 7% : 10%

Ash contents 8.5%

Heating value 6800kcal/kg

Volatile matter 3.5%


5.  Soft wood charcoal (fruit trees)

Fixed carbon 85%

Moisture level 1%: 5%

Ash contents 3%

Heating value 6800kcal/kg

Volatile matter 12%


Standard packing 20 kg polypropylene (p.p) bag, 800 bags per container

Other packing:

1 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 50kg, 60 kgpaper bags or plastic bags or craft paper bags


Model: Box shape(20x5x2cm3), packaging(brown double wall paper + color printing), inner plastic bag for packaging,1 pack = 10kg.



Container 40 feet loaded by 20 MT approximately  

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