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Carburetor & Injector Cleaner

Fast & Powerful with new formula & Spray gun

• For automatic choke, linkage, throat, PVC valve, intake valve & combustion chamber; also for engine surface, spare parts and can be used during engine overhaul to remove sludge, grease, gum, varnish & carbon.
• Improves engine performance & acceleration, reduces fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions. Recommended for use once every 5,000 to 6,000 km.
• CFC-Free - Ozone Friendly
Note: Be careful! Strong liquid. Do not spill on painted surface, rubber or certain plastics. Immediately wipe to dry if spilled & rinse thoroughly with water.

How to use:
1. Carburetor & linkage: with engine turned off, remove air filter & spray entire carburetor\'s outer surface, including rod & choke linkage. Leave for about 1 minute, then repeat spraying to rinse off all dirt, grease & deposit.
2. Automatic choke: with engine turned off, spray both ends of choke valve while opening & closing by hand. Spray vacuum cylinder to remove dirt & gums.
3. PCV valve: with engine turned off, remove PCV valve at the crankcase end, insert tip of can into the open end of the valve and spray while moving the valve. Start engine & repeat spraying to clean off all dirt.
4. Carburetor throat & throttle plate: with engine running, spray all inner parts of carburetor throat to remove adhered deposit/dirt within throttle plate area & other parts.
It is recommended to work out the cleaning process in an open and well ventilated area. Avoid contact with painted surfaces, rubber, plastics or car body. If contact occurs, immediately wipe with clean & dry cloth. During application, it is normal if the engine turns unstable and there’s white smoke coming out from the exhaust.

Packaging: 500 ml Aerosol Can 

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Anti-Bacterial Cleaner for bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, porcelain & ceramic items.
Concentrated formula! More powerful & economical.
Disinfects! Kills 99.9% of germs*
* Independent lab test results. Bacteria: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella choleraesuis, Streptococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli 0157:H7, Methicillin & Gentamycin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA & GRSA), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus faecium (VRE), Vancomycin Intermediate Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VISA), Penicilin Resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae (PRSP).
Viruses: HIV-1 (AIDS virus), Hepatitis A Virus (HAV), Herpes Simplex Type 1, Herpes Simplex Type 2.

• Dissolves & deeply cleans tough stains, organic soils & eliminates rust, lime, hard water & uric acid deposits from hard & non-porous surfaces such as toilet bowls, urinals, tanks, shower stalls, porcelain & ceramic surfaces.
• Easy to apply and within a short time, the surface becomes as clean as new
• Does not damage plumbing & fixtures
• Contains corrosion inhibitors
• With a long lasting fresh Fruity scent

Directions for use:
1. Pour into a small plastic container.
2. Wet the brush and apply Porklin to the surface. Let the liquid stand for 3-5 minutes before brushing the surface thoroughly. Rinse the surface with plenty of water and keep brushing until the surface turns clean and not slippery anymore (neutralized from PORKLIN liquid). Repeat process if stains persist.
3. Also rinse the brush with pleny of water after use.
Caution: This product is a powerful concentrated cleaner. Please use according to instructions.

Packaging: 25 L Pail, 5 L Jerrycan, 1 L Bottle 

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Powerful Brushless Electric Bicycle Powerful Brushless Electric Bicycle
Specifications: Powerful brushless electric bicycle @ low price Range per charge:60Km Weight:25Kg Battery:24V 20Ah Li-ion battery Bicycle frame:25" single speed Charger:24V 2A Motro:360W or 180W brushless motor Max speed:38km/h CE approved Come with one year warranty CYCLONE Other Price Terms: FOB  Taiwan Payment Terms: T/T Certification(s): CESupply Ability: 2000
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[Related Keywords: Powerful, Brushless, Electric, Bicycle ]
Powerful R/C Monster Truck Powerful R/C Monster Truck
Features: 1) Front and rear double wishbone suspension 2) Coil spring shock units 3) Sturdy PC monocoque frame 4) Motor-driven 4wd system 5) Runs at 60km/h 6) Electronic speed control 7) Completely assembled chassis 8) Powerful S-590 motor 9) Built-in front and rear bevel gear differential 10) Double wishbone arms with adjustable width 11) Oil filled dampers 12) Four-wheel drive system with shaft drive 13) Full function: go forward and reverse, turn left and right 14) Length: 17" 15) Width: 8" 16) Height: 12" 17) Wheelbase: 10.4" 18) Gear ratio: 5.7:1 speedy cobra Payment Terms: T/T, L/C Certification(s): CE
[Related Categories: R/C Toys ]
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1 : 6 Radio Control Scale Powerful Monster 1 : 6 Radio Control Scale Powerful Monster
Specifications: Item no : LS02177 Description : Radio controlled powerful monster Remark : 1:6 scale powerful monster Product size : 70 X 37 X 48cm Packing : 2PCS/CTN,MEAS:75.5 X 56.0 X 65.5cm Fob port : SHENZHEN , CHINA Features : 1:6 scale R/C sport monster can rise and descent Functions: forward/reverse drive, left/right turn and stop, adjustable front Colors: red, yellow available Battery: 12V rechargeable battery pack and charger included Packing: packed in luxurious packaging with window box Mato Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
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Volvo Powerful Petrol Boat (Rtr) Volvo Powerful Petrol Boat (Rtr)
Specifications: Technical data: --- length------1300mm. --- beam-------480mm. --- height-------260mm. --- weight-------6600g. --- prop: D76xp4.5. --- hull materials: The glass fiber-4 layers. Features: 1. Independently pump cooling system:4.5-12v. 2. Contains clutch equipment & tool bundle. 3. Remote control equipment: Futaba 2er or 2dr radio system. (included) Optional radio system: Futaba mj 2phka. 4. Burning oil:25:1 (gasoline: Lubricating oil). 5. Gasoline engine:25.4cc. (included) VOLVO Other Price Terms: FOB  N/A Payment Terms: T/T Certification(s): CE/EN71Supply Ability: 200unit/month
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Super Powerful Sim Card Super Powerful Sim Card
Specifications: Pare no.: Sd-sim-01 spec: 1. We can copy 12 telephone numbers which are defferent placed and operators into one sim card. 2. It can display any two of the 12 numbers, and you can switch them anytimes without turn off your phone. 3. It support defferent operaters, defferent countries. 4. It can be earsed and re-copy. 5. The accessories includ:1 cd(software),1 card reader,1 blank sim card, i cd. super sim card Other Price Terms: FOB  ShenZhen Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 100000
[Related Categories: Mobile Phone Accessories ]
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Pedometers - The Powerful Promotional Tool Pedometers - The Powerful Promotional Tool
Specifications: Pedometer - your powerful promotional tool! Y-2001s with personal weight and stride setting features Maximum steps:99999 steps Maximum distance:999.99 Miles) Maximum calorie:999.99(kcal)weight range:20 to 135kg or 60 to 255 pound Stride:0.30 to 1.55m or 10 To 60inch With clock 12/24 hours mode Carton size:58x38x33cm G. W.:11kg; n. W.:10kg. 400pcs/ctn Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Certification(s): CESupply Ability: 500,000 pieces per month
[Related Categories: Fitness & Body Building ]
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Shaking Powerful Slimming Belts Shaking Powerful Slimming Belts
Features: 1) By adopting micro computer technology, the high efficiency degreasing belt will directly act on the abdomen and back part with high efficiency vibration device 2) The internally-allocated powerful 750 model strong power motor will directly act on the human body from the surface to the inside with strong power of 200t/m to the deep grease of the human body 3) Infrared ray heat treatment function to extend the effect form the used part to the surrounding human body and make the human body carry out sympathetic vibration in all directions and in large scale. The micro computer control program can automatically and gradually enhance the movement intensity of product. It can be adjusted massage intensity by hand to suit for widely human Packing: Unit dimensions: 38 x 22 x 12.5cm 10pcs/ctn Carton dimensions: 39.5 x 64.0 x 45.5cm Conveyance: Qty/40' FCL: 2,430pcs Qty/40' HQ: 5,030pcs Other Price Terms: FOB Shenzhen Payment Terms: T/T, L/C Certification(s): CE
[Related Categories: Fitness & Body Building ]
[Related Keywords: shaking, Powerful, Slimming, belts ]
Powerful Backlight Compensation Powerful Backlight Compensation
Specifications: 1) Image device: 1/3' interline high sensitivity EXVIEW CCD 2) Signal system: PAL or NTSC standard 3) Picture elements: a) H) x 582(V) b) NTSC: 768(H) x 494(V) 4) Scanning system: a) L: 625 lines b) NTSC: 525 lines. 2:1 interlace 5) Sync system: a) V, ternal (line-lock) b) DC 12V, gen-lock (gen-lock model) c) AC 85-265V / AC 24V, line-lock 6) Horizontal resolution: 480 TV lines 7) Minimum illumination: 0.003lux 8) Aperture correction: H aperture and V aperture 9) Gain: a) Max. Gain 30dB b) Super Gain 36dB 10) S/N ratio: better than 48dB 11) Auto exposure system: 4 modes selectable by dipswitch: a) AE CCD iris mode: (AES) 1/50 (1/60s)- 1/100,000s b) AE AES low mode: 1/120 (1/100s.)- 1/100,000s c) AE Auto iris mode: 1/50 (1/60)s d) AE Auto iris + shutter speed mode 1/50(1/60) - 1/10,000s 12) AE level average, peak selectable 13) Manual exposure system: a) Shutter: 1/50(1/60), 1/120 (100), 1/250, 1/500, 1/1,000, 1/2,000, 1/4,000,1/10,000s b) Gain: 0,6,12,18dB 14) Auto iris lens: accepts video or DC servo iris lens 15) ATW: 2500°K - 9500°K 16) AWB: push to lock and conventional AWB 17) MWB: R gain, B gain 18) FWB: indoor 3200°K , fluorescent1 4200°K, fluorescent 2 4700°K, outdoor 6300°K 19) Gamma: 45 / 1 20) Backlight compensation: auto detect on/off, histogram plus windows weight BLC 21) Video output signal: composite: 1 V at 75 ohm load 22) Y/C output (DC model only) a) Y: 1.0Vp-p b) C: 0.3Vp-p at 75 ohm load 23) Lens mount: C & CS mount 24) Operating temperature: -10 - 50°C 25) Power source: a) DC 12V b) AC 24V /DC 12V (non-polarity) c) AC 85 - 265 V 26) Power consumption: a) 3.5W(DC type) b) 5.5W(AC type) 27) Dimensions (W x H x D): 57 x 52 x 110mm Payment Terms: T/T, L/C at sight Certification(s): CE
[Related Categories: Surveillance Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: Powerful, backlight, compensation ]
4ch Powerful Triplex Mpeg-4 DVR With CD-RW 4ch Powerful Triplex Mpeg-4 DVR With CD-RW
Specifications: The most powerful, triplex MP4 DVR. Allow recording, playback&internet playback at the same time. D1 resolution. Smoothly ff&bf play in 64x speed. No limited HDD volumn. Full functional, steable, easy education, plug&play, and low cost DVR.
[Related Categories: Surveillance Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: 4ch, Powerful, Triplex, Mpeg-4, DVR, with, Cd-rw ]
Powerful Search Light Powerful Search Light
Specifications: 1) Rated power supply: AC220V-240V 50Hz 2) Rated power: 15W 3) Bulb specification: 1 x 6V 15W, 150lm 4) Duration: a) Strong light: >2.5 hours b) Weak light: >4.5 hours 5) Battery specification: 6V 6.5Ah lead-acid battery 6) Recharging time: approx. 20 hours 7) Range: approx.1,000m 8) Product dimensions: 20 (L) x 12 (D)cm Features: 1) Explosion proof 2) Waterproof 3) Powerful long-range light 4) Over-discharge protection 5) Rechargeable 6) Logic program control Outer packing: 9pcs/ctn Carton dimensions: 62 x 23 x 42cm N.W.: 18.5kg G.W.: 19.5kg KLX Other Price Terms: FOB Payment Terms: T/T, L/C at sightSupply Ability: 10,000pcs/month
[Related Categories: Portable Spotlights ]
[Related Keywords: Powerful, search, light ]
Swivel Powerful Torch Swivel Powerful Torch
Features: 1) Size (H x Dia.): 8-1/2" x 2-1/4" 2) Imprint size (L x W): 2-3/4" x 5/8" 3) 90 degree swivel powerful light 4) Can be used camping lamp and desk lamp 5) Uses 2 x D batteries (excluded)
[Related Categories: Flashlights & Torches ]
[Related Keywords: swivel, Powerful, Torch ]
Rechargeable Powerful Long Range Searchlight Rechargeable Powerful Long Range Searchlight
Advantages: 1) It is nearly reach the sun light, without dazzling 2) It is powerful (HID) 3) Rotary handle release knob 4) AC adapter charger 5) Rechargeable battery 6) Lead acid battery Specifications: 1) Impute voltage: AC 220V - 50Hz 2) Output: DC 13.5V, 500mA 3) Max power: 10W 4) Voltage: DC 12 - 14V 5) Ambient temperature: 10 - 40°C 6) Duration time: 30min 7) Charging time: 15 - 18 hours 8) Bulb specification: DC 12V, 55W 9) Battery spec: 6V 4Ah x 2pcs (12V) 10) Brightness: approximate 1,000,000 candle power 11) Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 19cm Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P
[Related Categories: Camping Lights ]
[Related Keywords: rechargeable, Powerful, Long, range, Searchlight ]
High Polymer Powerful Ropes High Polymer Powerful Ropes
Specifications: The high polymer powerful ropes are made of high performance fiber(dyneema fiber),which are the most powerful ropes in the world nowdays, The development of the ropes leads to the substitue for traditional steel ropes in many cases. In USA, Western Europe, Japanese and other many contuies, this kind of high polymer powerful ropes are all adopted presently to many industries, such as crane, sea rescue. The use in our countryTianDa
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Jet Mill / Powerful Jet Energy Pulverizer Jet Mill / Powerful Jet Energy Pulverizer
Specifications: **Product Feature: 1)This JET Mill is a newest Ultra-super-micro-nano-fine Dry-Grinding machine which pulverizing any kinds of substances and materials by using powerful jet energy, and this machine is very versatile, useful and essential for various industries. 2)Durability of main machine and its parts against abrasion is incomparably excellent with those of conventional JET MILL, even able to pulverizing the hardest substance, whose hardness reaches to 9.5 MOHS, into ultra-fineness. 3)Pulverizing bin is scarcely abrasing by developing effective jetting technique of ENERGY to circulate air and substance in the Pulverizing bin simultaneously. It is possible to curtails 30 of 40% of ENERGY consume in quantity by developing the fittest JET ENERGY and ultra-fine classifier. 4)Milling process is progressing by feeding the substance automatically in the PLANT itself and ulfra-fine classifier, which has an excellent sorting function, is not accepting any coarse substance to produce ulfra-fine product and able to operate constantly without the supervision of operator. 5)Ultra-fine classifier is able to obtain a minute particle in the MICRON unit by displaying the highest minute distributional effect. 6)During the operation, abrasive rate of machinery and tools are drastically lower than the conventional one, it curtails the expenses to replace abrased parts. 7)It is easy to pulverize even the low melting point and weak substance to heat. 8)Noisy occurrence during operation is less than 80db. 9)It is easy to clean inside of pulverizer. 10)Stabilized operation is possible with mounted LEVEL SWITCH with which adjustable automatically the quantity of pulverizing substance supply and a system which prevent from overpressure. **THE MOST EFFECTIVE FIELDS OF APPLICATIONS 1)Size reduction of high-cleanliness products such as: Fluorescence powder, Special Ceramics, Sillica Gel, Aluminium Oxide(Alumina), Silicic Acid. 2)High-quality Abrasive and very hard products such as: Tungsten Carbide, Aluminium Oxide/Magnesium Compound, Zirconium Oxide, Silicon Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Calcium Carbide, Corundum(Emery Powder). 3)Heat-Sensitive products such as: Toner, Insecticides, Wax, Resin, Fat, Epoxy Resin, Fungicide. 4)Materials difficult to make fine powder such as: Mica, Graphite, Talcum, Tastar 5)Materials with flat-structure of porous nature as silica gel which is very hard to make fine powder and to classify. ****We are the Korean well-established manufacturer and exporter of vaious kinds of machinery and plants for paints, coatings, inks, pigments, dyestuffs, lacquers, varnishes, all kinds of resin, toners, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper industry, food industry, powdered milk, various granules, batteries, second batteries, fuel cells, electronic materials, plastic pastes, rubber, detergents, grains, additives, lubricants, metallic oxides, silica gel, washing liquids, adhesives Mechstar
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Powerful Magnetic Lifter Powerful Magnetic Lifter
Features: QZ1-0.1: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 100 2) Shape size (mm): 100 (A), 82 (B), 80 (h), 126 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 350 4) Weight (kg): 3 QZ1-0.3: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 300 2) Shape size (mm): 180 (A), 100 (B), 120 (h), 150 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 1,050 4) Weight (kg): 12 QZ1-0.6: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 600 2) Shape size (mm): 246 (A), 145 (B), 142 (h), 236 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 2,100 4) Weight (kg): 28 QZ1-1: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 1,000 2) Shape size (mm): 280 (A), 165 (B), 164 (h), 284 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 3,500 4) Weight (kg): 48 QZ1-2: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 2,000 2) Shape size (mm): 370 (A), 210 (B), 205 (h), 426 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 7,000 4) Weight (kg): 90 QZ1-3: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 3,000 2) Shape size (mm): 458 (A), 286 (B), 264 (h), 521 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 10,000 4) Weight (kg): 190 QZ1-5: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 5,000 2) Shape size (mm): 550 (A), 330 (B), 310 (h), 720 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 17,000 4) Weight (kg): 420 Chenlong
[Related Categories: Cranes & Hoists ]
[Related Keywords: Powerful, Magnetic, Lifter ]
Powerful Magnetic Lifter Powerful Magnetic Lifter
Features: QZ2-1: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 1,000 2) Shape size (mm): 510 (A), 370 (B), 100 (h), 580 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 4,000 4) Weight (kg): 145 QZ2-2: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 2,000 2) Shape size (mm): 770 (A), 460 (B), 100 (h), 670 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 7,000 4) Weight (kg): 255 QZ2-3: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 3,000 2) Shape size (mm): 850 (A), 550 (B), 120 (h), 720 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 10,500 4) Weight (kg): 395 QZ2-5: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 5,000 2) Shape size (mm): 1,005 (A), 560 (B), 120 (h), 790 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 15,000 4) Weight (kg): 470 QZ2-10: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 10,000 2) Shape size (mm): 1,350 (A), 750 (B), 150 (h), 850 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 25,000 4) Weight (kg): 1,050 QZ2-20: 1) Rated lifting capacity (kg): 20,000 2) Shape size (mm): 1,500 (A), 850 (B), 195 (h), 950 (H) 3) Max. test pull off force (kg): 50,000 4) Weight (kg): 1,850 Chenlong
[Related Categories: Cranes & Hoists ]
[Related Keywords: Powerful, Magnetic, Lifter ]
Powerful Handy Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Handy Vacuum Cleaner
Specifications: ST-910 Powerful Handy Vacuum cleaner
[Related Categories: Hand Tools ]
[Related Keywords: Powerful, Handy, vacuum, cleaner ]
FE Series Floor Powerful Electric Fan FE Series Floor Powerful Electric Fan
Features: 1) Four models are available: 300mm (12 ), 400mm (1612 ), 450mm (1812 ),500mm (2012 ) 2) Can be used on over- or below-voltage power supply with low temperature increase 3) Three-level speed adjustment in wide range 4) Can freely select air volume 5) Energy-saving, with power consumption from 10 - 30% lower when compared with the national standard 6) Long operation life, being able to work for 6,000 hours without breakdown 7) Blades are made with advanced craftmanship, static and dynamic pressure balance, and low shake 8) Large wind flow and low noise level 9) Can offer with different power supplies: 110V - 120V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 220V - 240V / 50Hz - 60Hz Inner packing: Plastic bag Outer packing: 1pc/carton Deton Other Price Terms: FOB, CNF, CIF Payment Terms: T/T or L/C Certification(s): ISO9001, CE, EMC, CCEE, UL, GS, S-markSupply Ability: 80,000pcs/month
[Related Categories: Draught Fan ]
[Related Keywords: Fe, series, floor, Powerful, Electric, fan ]
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