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Keyword "Potassium fertilizer"
Fertilizer Fertilizer

 Our agricultural probiotic, works greatly to improve plant growth by providing soil nutrition. the natural beneficial strains in our products work efficiently.

Magic-gro Plus is a unique microbial product that uses the technology of Biosensors and Bioactivators. All our agricultural products are certified organic.Tested and proven worldwide for more than a decade. Magic-gro Plus is a natural, organic and cost-efficient eco product for a range of agricultural, horticulture, nurseries and cropping applications. It performs especially well where there is stress due to soil or weather conditions.

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 Liquid Potassium compound Golf lawn Organic seaweed fertilizer Liquid Potassium compound Golf lawn Organic seaweed fertilizer

Organic Golf lawn fertilizer with Potassium complex Fertilizer seaweed extract


Trade name: BioPower-k biological seaweed fertilizer compound Potassium Fertilizer

Common name: Natural seaweed extract with potassium and polysaccharides



BioPower-k seaweed fertilizer Potassium Fertilizer is a natural fermented seaweed extract mixed with potassium and polysaccharides stimulating crucial metabolic processes of plant growth . Fermented seaweed extract contains natural plant hormones, protein amino acids, alginic acid, mannitol, betaine, arachidonic acid, carbohydrates that stimulate plant growth. Phosphor, potassium, boron and molybdenum present in BioPower-k are essential nutrients.


Co mposition: Fermented Seaweed extract 300g/L, P2O5≥15%, K2O≥20%, B≥0.2%, Mo≥0.2%


&n bsp;[Functions and Features]

  1. Stimulating plant growth, hence promoting balanced growth of plants.
  2. Improving the development of roots, enhancing the ability of roots to absorb nutrients in soil, and modifying soil fertility.
  3. Enhancing the resistance of plants to stresses, such as drought, cold and diseases.
  4. Obtain strong plants, earlier formation of flowers, bigger flower heads, extension of flower life, more fragrant flowers. Promoting growth of lawn grass, development of root system, and turning green earlier. Making grass leaf dark green and reducing infestation of diseases. Making lawn grass more resistant to foot stepping.
  5. Supplementing and activating microelements, effective soil amendment, promoting their absorption by plants.
  6. Reducing application of chemical fertilizer, pesticides and labor intensity, reducing contamination to the environment.

Target Crops:

It is widely used in lawn, tea, potato, fruits, vegetables, melons, cotton, bean, tobacco, grain crops, flower, lawn and Chinese medical plants etc.

Mode of application: Foliar spray: dilute 500-1000times, at interval of 15-20 days.

- Vegetables: apply from beginning of fruit setting until harvest

- Fruit trees: apply from beginning of fruit setting until start of fruit coloration.



What is the real Seaweed Extract fertilizer?

Production methods of seaweed fertilizers: Usually they can be divided into

  1. Chemical hydrolysis method (i.e., potassium hydroxide hydrolysis),
  2. Physical extraction method (i.e., high-pressure and cold process),
  3. Biological fermentation method (i.e., enzyme degradation method) etc.


Extraction method has great influence on active materials and nutrition constituents of products.  


  1. Presently, major companies in the world is using chemical hydrolysis to produce seaweed fertilizers, the biggest disadvantage of chemical method is: the strong alkali and high temperature will destroy activity of endogemous materials and nutrients.
  2. Physical extraction method is crushing seaweed cell wall by using high pressure and subcooling process; it is better than chemical extraction. But there are few companies mastering physical extraction technology at present, such as kelpak of South Africa.
  3. The principle of biological fermentation method is using various kinds of enzymes produced by microorganisms in the metabolic process which uses seaweeds as nutrients. It degrades macromolecule materials constituting seaweeds into micromolecule and water-soluble materials. Without strong alkali and high temperature of chemical method or high pressure and low temperature of physical method, it maximizes the retention of bioactivators and nutrient substances in seaweeds.


Nowadays, Dongyang Lianfeng biological Technology Co.,Ltd. is the only enterprise in the world producing Seaweed fertilizers with two-phase fermentation technology.


Fermented Seaweed extract "Power" has played an important role in plant growth, which provides plant with very comprehensive nutrients and the endogenous plant growth regulators such as auxin, cytokine and gibberellins, which have a significant effect on plant growth to stimulate plants to generate specific biological factors, and 18 kinds of amino acids, arachidonic acid, peptides, nucleotides, algae polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenoids, various vitamins, alginic acid and humic acid etc., which can be absorbed easily by the roots and leaves of plants as nutrients directly and enhance the plant\'s resistance to drought, cold, pests and diseases. All these substances are extracted completely from natural algae in a balanced ratio by using the fermentation process, but not from chemical additives. These substances are environment-friendly, non-toxic to humans and animals.  

So "Power" is different from chemical hormones, it can be used any stage from seed treating to harvesting, and because of the specific stability of biological products, "Power" can absolutely be used as the raw materials of organic fertilizer as additives, mixed with the other organic fertilizers, bio-fertilizer and compound fertilizers, to increase biological activity and fertilizer efficiency. And also "Power" can be used in livestock feed as nutritional additives.


Compared with seaweed fertilizers produced by chemical and physical method, fermented seaweed fertilizers have specific stability only owned by biological products. In order to reduce labor intensity, farmers like to use fertilizers together with pesticides, which requires excellent stability of seaweed fertilizers.


Furthermore fermented seaweed fertilizers as an ideal bio-organic fertilizer do not have seaweed fishy and pungent chemical odor and residue at harvest time, especially be suitable for organic products required high quality such as tea, Chinese Medical Plants, vegetables and fruits, and indoor bonsai flowers and grass golf.


Organic Golf lawn fertilizer with Potassium Fertilizer seaweed extract

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