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Monocomponent Polyurethane Adhesive for Sticking Leather On Soles Monocomponent Polyurethane Adhesive for Sticking Leather On Soles

Neoplastic ABR is a monocomponent polyurethane adhesive suitable for sticking leather
and synthetic materials on soles
. It can be reactivated at about only 50° C.
It is possible to increase performances adding activator Desmodur (5%).
High Crystallization PECULIARITY: RIACTIVATION AT 40°C CHARACTERISTICS : Viscosity : 2800 +/- 100 Cps Reactivation : 40/50°C USING INSTRUCTIONS : Mix very well the adhesive. Apply an homogeneous coat upon the two parts has to be stickked, wait for 20/25 minutes and then reactivate the adhesive at a temperature of 40/50°C and then press the two parts. In case of materials very oly or absorbent we advise to use our PRIMER-HP as a first hand. PREPARETAION OF THE SOLES : LEATHER SOLES : No preparation TR SOLES : Wash the soles with PRIMER-FAC RUBBER SOLES : Card the soles and wash them with PRIMER-FAC PU SOLES : Card the soles TUNITH SOLES : Wash the soles with PRIMER-FAC The adhesive can be improved with addition of ACTIVATOR RFE, RN, RC or E 462 5/6 % weight. In this case the adhesives has to be used in 60/90 Min. ATTENTION : With temperature near to 0°C the product freezes but to bring at its original conditions it doesn't show any problem and can be used without problems. The products has to be conserved in the original tins well closed and in a cool and dry place. N.B.: All the indications over reported are without obligation and warranty. PACKAGINGS : Kg 800 - Kg 200 - Kg 40 - Kg 20 - Kg 10 Kg 5 - Kg 1.

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