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Keyword "Polyglycolic ACID suture"
Polyglycolic Acid Suture Polyglycolic Acid Suture
Synthetic, absorbable, mutifilament braided suture, in a violet color or undyed The tissue reactivity in microscope form is minimal. Absorption occurs through progressive hydrolytic action, completed between 60 or 90 days. Frequently used in tissue coaptation ties and ophthalmic procedures. USP:8/0--2# Be sterilized by EO Package: Individual aluminum sealed foil
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Polyglycolic ACID suture (absorbable suture) Polyglycolic ACID suture (absorbable suture)

 1)Commodity name: Polyglycolic ACID suture (absorbable suture)
2)Model No.: EH-AS07
3)Color code: Violet Label
4)Length: 75mm
4) Specifications: 35mm, 1/2circle, round bodied, 3metric, USP2/0
5) Application: Frequently used in tissues confrontation or ties except urologic procedures.
6)Needle end type available: Rolled-end, Drilled-end, Regular eye, Spring eye, Spring double eyes
7)Needle shape available: 1/2 circle reverse cutting, 1/2 circle round bodied, 3/8 circle reverse cutting, 3/8 circle round bodied, 3/8 circle micro-point spatula curved, straight cutting
8)Sterilized by Gamma Radiation of ethylene oxide
9)CE and ISO13485 approved

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