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Kayavlon Impex Pvt. Ltd.(10/03/2013)

 It's our pleasure to introduce ours self as an Indian and Singapore based Export Company. The Kayavlon Impex Pvt. Ltd. Incepted in 1990, is a multi product, multi faceted Agro Commodities and Yarn Exporter from India, catering to a wide spectrum of customers across the Globe.

We deal in various agro commodity products like Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Wheat flour, sorghum seeds, Spices, soybean meal, maize, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, animal seed and many more. Our experience and knowledge has enabled us to develop a profound understanding of the intricate requirements of our customers. We have a team of quality expert who have a long experience of different agro commodities.


Kayavlon Impex Pvt. Ltd. [India]
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Natufoodvn company is producer and direct exporter of dried natural products mainly:

- Kinds of Rice: Long White Grain Rice (5%, 10%, 20% broken...), Medium White Rice, Jasmine Rice, Glutinous White Rice, Round Rice, Broken Rice...

- Black pepper,white pepper.

- Robusta coffee S13, S16, S18.

- Cashew nuts

- Peanuts

We are long time established and top producer and exporter in this field. Our dried foods are produced according to HACCP standard, with over ten years’ experienced quality control (QC) staff and high efficient processing chain.

Our products are faithful quality, most reasonable cost exported and accepted by countries over the world with regular delivery, best after-sale service, cheap and safe.

Please contact us via email: export1(at)natufoodvn(dot)com for the best quotation.


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Graham Smith Ltd(06/07/2012)

Graham Smith Ltd is a company focusing on the Production, Manufacturing and Exporting of Vegetable Oil, Cooking Oil and Nuts.

Graham Smith Ltd [Cameroon]
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[Related Keywords: Vegetable Oil: Sunflower Oil, Soy Bean Oil, PALM OIL, olive oil, Corn Oil, Cotton seed oil, Ghee Oil, coconut oil, CANOLA OIL, Jatropha Oil. Our Nuts includes Almonds, Brazil nuts, Cashew Nuts, Chestnuts, Coconuts, Hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, Peanuts, pecan nuts, pine nuts, Pistachio nuts and walnuts. ]
e are one of the largest Marketing/Supply Firm in Germany with stations in Europe. We are in market since 1999. We import products and we also have our business partners around Belgium, Italy, France, UK, Canada, United states of America and Newzaland (10/04/2011)

 We are one of the largest Marketing/Supply Firm in Germany with stations in Europe.

We are in market since 1999. We import products and we also have our business partners around Belgium, Italy, France, UK, Canada, United states of America and Newzaland etc.

e are one of the largest Marketing/Supply Firm in Germany with stations in Europe. We are in market since 1999. We import products and we also have our business partners around Belgium, Italy, France, UK, Canada, United states of America and Newzaland [Germany]
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We are NAJAH FOODS FARMERS LTD. We are one of the leading sugar company in Cameroon, We have in stock all types of sugar and nuts at our ware house ready to supply to any serriouse buyers to contact for more information about our products.



Lukong James

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DTH EXPORTS(08/29/2011)

 Company Profile

Incepted in the year 1953, we have gained prominence due to our supply of quality agro products with a wide variety and reliability in the market since the very budding stage.


Products such as peanuts, sesame seeds & oil seeds offered by us are an embodiment of premium quality and we assure the best hygienic and nutritional values to all our supplied products.


The wide assortment of agro products availed by us has ensured a wide expanse of market both in the international and national arena. We cater to the Food Industries all over the world and export to countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, UAE, Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Japan, South Africa etc.


We have an efficient workforce who has an exposure of international market, which is clubbed with in-depth knowledge of market. The stupendous workforce enables us to take up bulk consignments in a positive manner. Moreover the satisfaction of our clients is maximized by the deliveries offered by us in the estimated time frame.

Our range of products have the following salient features:

  • Hygienically processed and packed
  • Delicious and natural taste
  • No artificial color or preservatives used


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We are exporters of all kinds of dry fruits, nuts and kernels from cameroon.  We have cashew nuts, walnuts, betel nuts, pistachio nuts, peanuts, macadamia nuts, apricot kernel, sunflower kernel sesame seeds,Buckwheat, Pecan nut, Hazelnut, Brazil nuts etc.

We have huge quantity of all those nuts and kernels listed above and we sell and very affordable prices.

For additional details, kindly email us and do provide you email address

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[Related Keywords: Cashew Nuts, walnuts, betel nuts, Pistachio Nuts, Peanuts, macadamia nuts, apricot kernel, sunflower kernel sesame seeds ]
Madhuram Dio. (P) Ltd(03/13/2011)


                                        MADHURAM DIO PVT LTD  

“Customer is the prime visitor of our office we do not oblige him by serving him but he is obliging us by giving us a chance to serve him”


Madhuram Dio. Pvt Ltd is one of the most reputed company. It has been established under Indian Company Act 1956 with initial capital of Rs. 25,00,000/- in 1995. In the initial period it imported City Scan Machine from United States of America. 

Dr. Rajesh Chacha (M.S.Ortho) is the Head of the Company. Shri Rajesh Chacha is running his Orthopedic Hospital at Surendranagar. He has been supported Mr. Nilesh Chacha (M.Com, L.L.B., P.G.D.T.P, P.G.D.Com.sc, Fellow IIB) , Mrs. Meena Chacha (B.E. - Mech) and Miss. Saloni chacha ( B.E – Computer)

The Export Import License No  :   IEC  2407006712  

BIN Card No                               :   AADCM5847K FT001

There are three sister concerns:

1.    Shaunak Internationals.

2.    Shaunk Exports.

3.    Laxmi Finance Pvt Ltd.

4.    Madhuram Impex

5.    Madhuram Exim


Saloni Chacha


Madhuram Dio. (P) Ltd [India]
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Abdel Saleem(03/04/2011)

We offer almond,african mango,walnuts,peanuts,pine nut,palm oil,sinflower seeds,soya bean oil,sunflower oil,galic,garlic powder,ginger,onion,cashew nuts,cocoa beans,cocoa powder,corn oil,timber,Cotton yarn,raw cotton 

Abdel Saleem [Cameroon]
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Makin dry nuts(12/23/2011)

Makin company trade dried nuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios and peanuts. We buy the dry nuts from Greek or European farmers, we crack them and we trade the kernels in wholesale prices.


We have machines for:

  1. Break of almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts and pistachios
  2. Blanched Almonds
  3. Almonds and pistashios's kernel in slices
  4. Splitting of almonds, walnuts (1/2 and 1/4), pistachios(open-close)
  5. Raw dried nuts, Greek Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and pistachios
  6. Roasted dried nuts
  7. Trade in Organic dried nuts
  8. Trade in Dried fruits
  9. Import - Export

     Currently we have fridges and warehouses for the best conservation of dried nuts. We trade import-export, dried nuts from Greece and Europe.


Makin dry nuts [Greece]
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[Related Keywords: Peanuts, pistachio kernels, Pistachios, walnuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, dried nuts ]
Tiko Agric firm Co.Ltd(01/25/2011)

We are one of the biggest nut and kennel supply company in Cameroon. We supply Kernel and Nut of different species and types and offer with best low prices

Chestnuts, Peanuts, Cashew Nuts,Walnuts,Chestnuts,Sunflower Kernels,Pumpkin Kernels, Almonds,Pistachio Nuts,Betel Nuts,Hazel
1) Smooth and bright surface
2) Rich in fat, easy peeling, low water content
3) Supply period: September to next March
4) Sizes: 40 - 60, 60-80, 90-110, 110-150, 150PCS/kg

Outer packing:
25kg or 40kg/gunny bag, or per customers\' requirements


Tiko Agric firm Co.Ltd [Cameroon]
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