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Shunting Locomotive Pre Used Shunting Locomotive Pre Used
Specifications: We have for sale Shunting loco * Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive (M 80- 040) * built:1991 * max.1000 real Km on board * gauge:1435 mm * max. Speed:70 Km/h * axlex: B- B * total length (between bumpers):12900 mm * max. Height above the rail:4100 mm * total weight (full):64 +/- 3 tons * Diesel engine:8 V 396 TC 12 * 8 cylinders * brakes: Air system (Knorr) and hand system (mechanic) Price on application from a real buyer. Ideal for use in mines, ports, plantations, steel mills, chemical plants etc.
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Mtn Pre Paid SIM Card Mtn Pre Paid SIM Card
Specifications: We export south African pre paid SIM cards to companies all over the world. Your clients can now have a south African pre paid SIM card before leaving their home country and travelling to south Africa. Their south African mobile number is printed at the back of the SIM pack so that they can give their number to their frineds and family and business partners. Please contact our office for more information. MTN Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: on going
[Related Categories: Phone Cards ]
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Pre Paid SIM Packs Pre Paid SIM Packs
Specifications: Vodacom Pre paid SIM Started Packs with R29 pre loaded credit ( +- 5 USD credit). 10 FREE SMS per month. All SIM packs come sealed in a Vodacom standard hard plastic cover. No expiry date. Min 100 per order. Price R25 each
[Related Categories: Mobile Phone Accessories ]
[Related Keywords: PRE, Paid, SIM, packs ]
Pre Painted Expanded Metal Parts Pre Painted Expanded Metal Parts
Specifications: If you need Expanded metal parts Expanded metal coil and cut parts Pre painted expanded metal parts Post painted expanded metal parts You've come to the right place! Materials available are: Aluminum - (.015"-.040"thick) cold rolled steel - (.015"-.032") thick electro galvanized steel - (.015"-.032" thick) hot dipped galvanized steel - (.015"-.032" thick) copper - (.015"-.040") thick Coil widths from 2.0625" minimum to 48" wide Coil length usually 2,000 ft Lwd ranges from.250"-1.250" Swd range up to 3/4" All secondary operations applicable to expanded metal (slit, cut to size, paint, flatten, form, die-cut) If you are interested in our products please feel free to contact me.
[Related Categories: Wire Mesh ]
[Related Keywords: PRE, painted, Expanded, metal, Parts ]
Kodak 2 Thermal Plate Processor W / Pre & Post Bake Ovens Kodak 2 Thermal Plate Processor W / Pre & Post Bake Ovens
Specifications: Kodak 2thermal plate processor w/pre& post bake ovens. Kodak pre-bake oven,2 thermal plate processor, then post bake oven. All in-line with conveyor's. 48" max plate size With a pre-bake oven you can get 200,000 + impressions off a plate. With the post-bake oven you can get 1,000,000 + impressions from your plate's. You are making your plate bullet-proof with this complete line setup. KODAK 2THERMAL PLATE PROCESSOR Other Price Terms: FOB  Polonia Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 10
[Related Categories: Printing Machinery ]
[Related Keywords: Kodak, 2, thermal, plate, processor, W, /, PRE, &, Post ]
Alcohol Pre Pad Machine Alcohol Pre Pad Machine
Specifications: It is used for automatic making of alcohol prep pads, liquid-immersed woven or non-woven gauze swabs, cotton pads, lint free wet tissues, and other medical cleaning pads. Other kinds of 4-side sealing pouch products like SHAVE WIPE, NAIL POLISH WIPE, LENS CRAFTERS CAN ALSO BE MADE It automatically does folding, filling-in liquid, pouch forming, pouch sealing, lot & date printing, output and counting. The final products are alcohol-immersed pads or Pre-moistened wet tissue packed in 4-side sealed pouches of aluminiu foils and laminated plastics film. Standard Pouch Size:5cm x 5cm Special Pouch Size like 7.5cmx7.5cm,10cm x10cm or other larger ones.
[Related Categories: Packaging Related Machinery ]
[Related Keywords: alcohol, PRE, pad, machine ]
Single Phase PLC Pre Payment Multi Rate KWh Meter Single Phase PLC Pre Payment Multi Rate KWh Meter
Specifications: * Active electric energy measuring and no calibration needed within service life; * Prepayment energy consuming system by use of CPU type IC card, Protecting against tamper & fraud ; * One meter with one IC card which adopts special security measures, safe and reliable; * Warning when residual energy is deficient to remind users of purchasing energy in time, trip at overload automatically and recording the numbers of tripping; * Multi-rate function, three tariffs and twelve time sections ; * Display IC card advance purchase energy, remaining energy, accumulated energy, preset load-limit, alarming energy limit, maximum load, current load; * Power line carrier (PLC) meter reading through special concentrator; * No deviation occurred under normal delivery condition, calibration is unnecessary before installation and random installation location.
[Related Categories: Measurement & Meter ]
[Related Keywords: single, phase, PLC, PRE, PAYMENT, multi, RATE, KWH, meter ]
Pre Taped Drop Cloths Pre Taped Drop Cloths
Specifications: Pre-taped plastic drop cloths is a pre-folded PE embossing film that feature pre-taped edge of professional grade masking tape. Painting Preparation is a pain, but a necessary part of the job. Pre-taped plastic drop-cloths are easy to apply and will help protect floors, furniture and other objects from paint drips and splatters. Products come on rolls, and are available in several sizes. If you need further information, please visit our web-site
[Related Categories: Hand Tools ]
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Pre Filter Pre Filter
Specifications: 1)consist of quartz sand filter, active carbon filter, fine filter 2)quartz sand filter remove big molecule matters 3)active carbon filter can effectively remove some heavy metal ions in the water, mainly remove organism, chroma, peculiar smell and residual chroline. 4)fine filter remove all liquid matters small molecules which can't be removed by the two above filters, reduce the pressure of RO system 5)adapts to industryAngel Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,CASH Certification(s): ISO9001Supply Ability: immediate
[Related Categories: Filters ]
[Related Keywords: PRE, filter ]
Pre Insulated Ducting System Pre Insulated Ducting System
Specifications: Polyurethane, rigid foam, thermo insulated panel. Density about 46 KG/m3. Embossed coated aluminium 80 micron on both faces. Foam without c. F. C. The standard thickness is 20.5mm with a tolerance of +/-0.5mm. The standard width is 1200mm with a tolerance of +/- 2mm. The standard length is 4000mm with a tolerance of +/- 5mm. It is possible to produce on request panels with variable length from 1000 to 4000mm, always the provided tolerance. The realized air system with the panels produced are, beyond doubt guarantees high standards of emergency, assures: Constant and continuous thermal isolation in every point of the duct. Optimal pneumatic held. Facility to assemble the ducts because the panels are pre-cut, manageable and flexible. Good aesthetic of the external finish surface that, can also be painted or covered second of the tastes and the requirements. No problem for the atmosphere, in how it does not release polluting agents or toxic gases Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,M/T,D/D
[Related Categories: Air Treatment & Conditioning ]
[Related Keywords: PRE, Insulated, Ducting, System ]
Tube Pre Amplifier Tube Pre Amplifier
C-88 tube peramplifier With remote control Gain:12db Input impedance:100kohm Output impedance: Is smaller than 750kohm Frequency:5hz-90khz S/n ratio:85db Input:4 sets Out:2 sets Degree of distortion: Is smaller than 0.1% Tube: Ecc83(12ax7)x2, ecc82(12au7)x4,6w5x1 Dimension:28.5(w)x51(d)x17(h)cm Net weight:10kgs LA Audio Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Certification(s): CE
[Related Categories: Amplifier ]
[Related Keywords: tube, PRE, Amplifier ]
Marantz 7 Tube Pre Amplifier Marantz 7 Tube Pre Amplifier
Specifications: Marantz 7 tube pre amplifier mint l@@k Description Heres a nice piece for any audiophile, a marantz model 7 vaccum Tube pre amp, this is literally in as new condition, it would be Hard to find one better than this. This unit is complete with manual, box, spare supplimental Parts, as you can see in the pics. There are no scratches on the Cabinet at all, it has never been refinished, its all original. This amp is fully operational, with no physical flaws, the Tubes are all phillips miniwatt, tested and show 70% on the Scale. Serial # 7-20379.MARANTZ Payment Terms: T/T,M/T,D/P
[Related Categories: Amplifier ]
[Related Keywords: Marantz, 7, tube, PRE, Amplifier ]
Pre Amplifier Kit (With LED Display Panel) Pre Amplifier Kit (With LED Display Panel)
Specifications: A. Features: 1. One group stereo RCA input for AUX. 2. One group 5.1 RCA input for 5.1. 3. AUX input generated 2.1 channels output. 4. Front, Rear, Center, Subwoofer +/- 10dB individual level control. 5. LED display panel. All functions remote controllable. B. Specification: 1. S/N Ratio @ 20K filter, Volume Maximum,1K Hz(Subwoofer100Hz),1V Output Left, Right, Center, LS, RS ----91 dB. Subwoofer------------ 89 dB. 2. THD Ratio @ 20K Filter, Volume Maximum,1K Hz(Subwoofer100Hz),1V Output Left, Right, Center, LS, RS--- 0.01%. Subwoofer------- 0.007%. 3. Satellites Frequency Response @ 20Hz to 20KHz Left, Right, Center, LS, LS--- +/- 3dB. 4. Subwoofer Frequency Response @ 20Hz to 100Hz Subwoofer------ +/- 3dB. 5. Input Sensitivity @ 1V output Left, Center, Right, LS, RS--- 600mV. 6. Input Impedance Left, Right, Center, LS, RS, Subwoofer-----22K Ohm. Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
[Related Categories: Amplifier ]
[Related Keywords: PRE, Amplifier, kit, (with, LED, display, Panel) ]
Pre Amplifier Pre Amplifier
Specifications: Frequency response 20 hz - 50 khz (+ 0, - 0.2 db) Output impedance 750 kohms Bandwidth (-3 db) 15 hz - 200 khz Maximum power output 5.5 w(rms) Cross talk -80 db ( 1 khz,1 vrms) Tone control +/-6 db at 10 khz (treble) Signal to noise ratio better -80 db ( 1 vrms,20 hz - 200 khz) Thd+noise better 0.003 %
[Related Categories: Amplifier ]
[Related Keywords: PRE, Amplifier ]
Music Angel Xd800mkiii Vacuum Tube Pre Amplifier Music Angel Xd800mkiii Vacuum Tube Pre Amplifier
Product Detail: Dimensions (mm):450 L. X 170 W. X 350 H. Item Size (mm):565 L. X 415 W. X 270 H. Weight of Amplifier:22kg Power output for original:65W x 2 Power output for 3 tube:30W x 2 Output impedance:4ohm,8ohm Frequency reaponse:7Hz - 70khz -3 db S/N ratle:95dB Input jack:2 groups Vacuum tube: KT88 x 4,12AT7 x 2,12AU7 x 2 Supply voltage: AC220v 50Hz/60Hz,3A Item Features: Capacitor, resistance, connector, switch, POT, signal wire are the high-grade imported Bias voltage end is convenient for revising the hi-fi tube, anode current balance Power short circuit protection Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: Amplifier ]
[Related Keywords: music, Angel, Xd800mkiii, vacuum, tube, PRE, Amplifier ]
Pre Filled Syringe Filling Machine, Stoppering Machine Pre Filled Syringe Filling Machine, Stoppering Machine
Specifications: Operation: Operator has to keep a nest(tray) of 100 pre filled syringes over the ss jig. Then he has to put a jig to filling magazine and start the machine to filled syringes. Automatic filling cycle start in 10 steps with at a time 10 syringe will filled with help of perisatalistic pump pr 'valve less syringe'. Then operator has to keep a nest (tray) of 100 prefilled syringes over the ss jig. Then he has to put a plugs tray with suitable stoppers over the ss-316 plug tray. Then after he has to close the evacuation and stoppering chember. Now he can start the machine. Automatic filling cycle start one by one as per the programmed stoppering cycle mentioned as under.100 stoppers are pluged into the prefilled syringes precisely after vaccum hold cycle. Now last cycle of nitrogen flushing with vaccum break completes the stoppering operation. Program cycle for evacuation and stoppering Cycle operation 1. Vaccum evacuation in the chamber 2. Nitrogen flushing. 3. Vaccum evacuation repeats. 4. Nitorgen flushing repeats. 5. Vaccum creation with hold. 6. Plunging of stopper inside the prefilled syringes 7. Nitrogen purging cycle with vaccum break. Salient features Model: Pfs - 05 is a compact, elegant and matt - finished encompassed with stainless steel (ss-304) Perfect synchronization of plc based cycle, filling stroke and perisatalistic pump or syringes to fill volume for 1ml to 5ml. Compact and feather-touch mmi control panel for easy control of the machine operation. The machine is equipped with easily adjustable leveling legs so foundation is not require. Nitrogen filter is provided pre-filter 0.5u. And final filter is 0.2u. Air ex. Is 0.2u. Utilities: Sterile air and nitrogen. Important requirements Vaccum pump is to be installed outside the sterile area. Silicon tubes are under the scope of customer. Water line is required for cooling of vaccum pump chembers. Machine specification: 1 model no: Pfs - 05 2 output:7500 syringe/hours 3. Filling ht.:775 - 825mm adjustable 4. Electrical rating:.4.1.230v.50 hz.4.2.2 hp,3 phase,440v.50hz. 5. Overall dimesnions: Length:1200mm Width:750mm Height:1200mm Note: Laminar flow is required 1.5 mtrs. X 1.0 mtrs. For filling and stoppering machine. Machine is available with lf also. Pharmtech Other Price Terms: FOB  Mumbai Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,M/T,D/D Certification(s): GMP USFDA STANDARDSupply Ability: 10 machines per week
[Related Categories: Pharmaceutic Machinery ]
[Related Keywords: PRE, filled, syringe, filling, Machine,, Stoppering, machine ]
Hair Extensions And Pre - Bonded Extensions Hair Extensions And Pre - Bonded Extensions
Specifications: Could provides human hair extension and pre-bonded extensions in both 100% human hair and natural Remi hair in a variety of colours and lengths. Details pls visit our website.
[Related Categories: Hair ]
[Related Keywords: hair, extensions, and, PRE, -, bonded ]
Human Hair Pre Tipped Extensions Human Hair Pre Tipped Extensions
Specifications: Specifications: A)Length:8" -30" B)Available colors:1,1b,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22, 24,27,30,33,34,44,51,280,99J,118,130,613,60, red, blue, orange, mixed colors, etc C)Tip: Nail, V, I, showlace tip with Keratin(real!! ) D)Texture: WW, DW, NDW, CURLY, etc E)Each strand weight:0.5g,0.7g,0.8g,1.0g or as per your requirements Hioh Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Certification(s): Industry highest standardSupply Ability: 150,0000/month
[Related Categories: Hair ]
[Related Keywords: human, hair, PRE, Tipped, extensions ]
Pre Bond Hair Extensions Pre Bond Hair Extensions
I am a trust pass member in alibaba. I have Italian keratin glue tipped extensions. I have hair weft too. I have 14 colours, sizes 16"-30". Pls see my web site
[Related Categories: Hair ]
[Related Keywords: PRE, bond, hair, extensions ]
Pre Tipped Hair Extensions Pre Tipped Hair Extensions
Specifications: Beautiful 18-20" human remy Hair, properly cared for this hair will last for more than 6 months. Truly stunning silky straight 100% human hair, pre tipped with keratin for easy removal. This hair can be applied by using Shrinkies, Micro rings, Cold glue or Fusion. It can be treated exactly the same as your own hair. Each strand of extension is tipped with the highest quality Keratin. Keratin is the safest natural bonding agent available. It can be removed from your hair so easily without causing any damage to your natural hair. Jiamei Payment Terms: L/C,T/TSupply Ability: 150000pcs/month
[Related Categories: Hair ]
[Related Keywords: PRE, Tipped, hair, extensions ]
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