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MOKOTechnologyLtd [China]
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Shenzhen Grandtop Electrical(07/24/2014)

Shenzhen Grandtop Automation Co., Ltd (Grandtop Electrical for short) is a manufacture specialized in SMT and DIP processing. The company production base locates in Shenzhen Bao’an; it is well-equipped both in production line and inspection. Our products are widely used in industrial equipments,communication apparatus, automobile electronics, computers, medical devices and network devices .

Shenzhen Grandtop Electrical [China]
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Sunthone Technology Circuit Co., Ltd(03/19/2014)

PCB manufacturer欺负欺负欺负缺乏高清播放i很气愤回去俄方i企鹅放气阀起放进去【而非乔恩发乔恩发企鹅减肥企鹅放假企鹅放假乔恩发 

Sunthone Technology Circuit Co., Ltd [China]
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ExPlus Co., Ltd(03/09/2017)

Established in 1997, ExPlus Co., Ltd. a Taiwan based company has gained a well-known reputation for our professionalism in the fields of Printed Circuit Boards & Electronics Manufacturing Services. The company grew and expanded through two successful core business activities (supplying PCB and PCB assembly services) that concentrate on providing the total solution to customers’ circuit needs.

ExPlus provides PCB and assembly services to a wide range of companies in the Computer, Industrial, RF products, Automotive, Securities, Telecommunications and other electronics equipment markets. As a full service turnkey supplier of custom electronics, ExPlus can provide support from design and prototyping to new product introduction and full rate production. The main idea of running this business is to locate any potential customers around the world and extensively supplying them with good quality PCBs and related assembly services

Through long term planned investment 2006, ExPlus established a Sales office under the name of “Depot Co., Ltd” in Huizhou city,Guan Dong province, China mainly to increase the level of business fulfilling ExPlus customers worldwide. Within a short period of time the company has enjoyed a steady growth thus increasing addition Sales location in China. In 2009, ExPlus established another new Sales office under the name of “Triplus Co., Ltd” in Kunshan city Jiangsu province, China to provide support to all customers through out China region.

As our customer requirements are constantly changing and increasing ExPlus is committed to a continuous improvement in manufacturing process, machinery and technologies available. ExPlus has production lines of Flex and rigid Flex in China and PCB and assembling lines in both Taiwan and China simultaneously. To stay more competitive ExPlus is your 1 stop solution in PCB Fabrication, component procurement, assembly and turnkey jobs or choose any one of the options that suits your demands.

"ExPlus mainly supplies products and services to:
- Printed circuit board manufacturing
- Single and Double Sided PCB
- Multi-Layer PCB (up to 20 layers)
- Flexible (up to 14 layers) and Rigid-Flex PCB (up to 8 layers)
- DIP/SMT Assembly and Turnkey Job
- Component procurement

ExPlus Co., Ltd [Taiwan]
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Xinlian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd(05/15/2013)


With total factory area 1000 square meters, the number of employee is over 200, production capacity is 80000 square meters per year.
Products are applied to a wide range of High-tech industries such as: telecommunication, computer application, industrial control, consumer electronics, automobile, aerospace, medical, military and other electronic assembly industries.
We can provide the ONE-STOP purchasing from PCB design, PCB fabrication, Components purchasing, PCB assembly and logistic.
We're able to meet different requirements of techniques and customer needs. Whether it is high density single sided, double sided or multi-layer boards, we can make it happen. We can serve your needs in all PCB areas, and whether you need quick-turn, prototype, short-run or high volume production, we can handle your toughest requirements with ease.
Our services will allow you to be the most competitive player in your market, by upholding your quality, and bringing you the edge in terms of pricing, access to dedicated specialized production facilities in the cost-competitive country, and improvement of your supplying capability.
Xinlian Electronic Technology's manufacturing services are used by customers in the US, Europe, South American, Middle-East etc. Sincerely welcome your inquiry, we will appreciate the opportunity of showing you how efficiently and cost effective we can supply your needs.

Xinlian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd [China]
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Willpower Circuit Technology Company Limited(07/17/2012)

 Willpower Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2000, now already has over than 10 years experience in PCB industry, which specialized in production of high-density PCB & rigid PCB— mainly for complexity HDI board, Multilayer HDI board, multilayer back-boards, special material or special technique requirement PCB. It owned mature manufacturing technology manufacturing, advanced workmanship & production process procedure control and highly professional R&D team. The products covered from single-side to 36-layer, HDI, thick copper, Rigid-flex PCBs, that “one-stop” work style can fully meet customer’s variety of needs. 


Willpower Circuit Technology Company Limited [China]
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Shenzhen Longhai Circuit Technology Co.,Ltd(07/10/2012)


Shenzhen Longhai Circuit Technology Co., ltd is an expert at PCB and PCBA manufacture, based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. We are specialized in manufacturing Single-Sided Boards, Double-Sided Boards and multilayer PCB.

We are honored as the excellent supplier of many companies all around this world. We can offer all kinds of services including PCB and PCB assembly sample orders and batch orders.

We have got the ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, and UL RoHS certifications. Now our PCB daily capacity reaches 1000 square meters, and PCB assembly can reach 100,000,000 units per month.

We deeply believe that our good service and experience will completely meet you need. Integrity, value and innovation are the forces that drive our success. We are the smart choice for you and the trusted source at the center of your deal. Welcome the win-win situation together

Shenzhen Longhai Circuit Technology Co.,Ltd [China]
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Headpcb is a leading Manufacturer specializes in offering PCB(Printed Circuits Board) with years manufacturing experience!

With the helps of an inner Research & Developing Department which is equipped with professional Technicians and the state-of-the-art Equipments, Head Electech is committed to offering quality & precision Printed Circuits Board(Rigid/Flex/Rigid & Flex PCB) for worldwide markets!

Headpcb is your reliable one-stop PCB solution supplier! Fast Prototyping and Quick-Turn Production services are available as well as Large-Volume Production! High-Mix & Low-Volume orders are also welcome!

Headpcb produces its PCB in a High-tech equipment armed factory plants, with the abundant experience and powerful technology in manufacturing PCB (Auto Laminating/Auto V-Scoring/AOI/Routing/Drilling/PTH/Plating/Etching Technologe…), we are able to produce high-density & delicate multilayer quality PCB!

Headpcb’s esteemed customers come from various business fields from every corner of the World! And our products and service are highly appreciated by customers! The customers take delight in cooperating with us as a long-term business partner because our updating technology can meet their requirements and keep them catching the fashion of the PCB field anytime!

Headpcb [China]
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Running Technology Ltd(10/07/2011)

 Shenzhen Running Technology Limited (R.T) is a leading factory of PCB in Shenzhen, China, founded in 2006. R.T is specialized in rigid PCB boards from 1 to 20 layers. With the development of technology and growth in electronic market, R.T has also developed flex PCB boards and stencils to meet different customers\' desires.

You can contact : Troy

E-mail :sales08@runningpcb.com

Tel:+86(0)3351 9898

Fax: +86(0) 3358 2861

Skype: runningpcb-08

Web: www.runningpcb.com

Running Technology Ltd [China]
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Klite Electronics Co.,LTD(08/10/2011)

Klite Electronics Co., LTD is a manufacturer of high quality, high reliability electronic components. Our products cover a wide range:Dip LED,SMD LEDs,LEDs strip,LEDs module,high power LEDs,PCB,capacitors,varistors,diodes,PCB,single PCBs,double PCBs,multilayer PCBs,HAL pcb,gold pcb,.,tantalum capacitors,SMD tantalum capacitors,dip tantalum capacitors,ceramic capacitors,film capacitors,electrolytic capacitors,varistors,resistors.We have very competitive price,good quality and fast delivery time…Also we offer best service..If you need our products,pls contact with me freely.Our offer list is as below,

Ceramic capacitors
Disc ceramic capacitors low voltage
Disc ceramic capacitor high voltage
AC Safe Ceramic Capacitor Y1 and Y2
Radial Multilayer ceramic capacitors
Axial Multilayer ceramic capacitors
Chip Multilayer ceramic capacitors
6mm ceramic trimmer capacitors
5mm ceramic trimmer capacitors

Film capacitors
CL11 Polyester film capacitor
CL21 Metallized polyester film capacitor
CL21X Miniaturized metallized polyester film capacitor
CL62 Metallized polyester film capacitor for AC use
CBB13 Polypropylene film capacitor
CBB20 Axial-type metallized popypropylene film capacitor
CBB21 Metallized polypropylene film capacitor
CBB62 Metallized polypropylene film capacitor for AC use
CBB81 High-voltage Metallized polypropylene film capacitor
Metallized Polyproplene Film Capacitor X2

Electrolytic capacitors
CD110X 11mm height Standard -40~+85C Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
CD268 high tempratur -40~+105C Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
CD11W 5mm height standard -40~+85C Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
CD11X 7mm height standard -40~+85C Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
SMD type standard -40~+85C Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
SMD high temprature -40~+105C Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
CD71 Bi-polar Capacitors Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
CD293 SERIE Capacitors Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Axial type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

Tantalum capacitors
CA42 Dipped Tantalum Capacitors
CA45 SMD Tantalum Capacitors

Our products included 1-12 layers PCB, PCBA, Our PCB factory has obtained ISO 9001 and UL,
And we specialize in single, double-sided, 4 layer to 8 layers at a very competitive price
With excellent quality. Lead time is 7 to 10 days only.

SMD LED  (0603smd led,0805 smd led,1206 smd led,3528smd led,5050 smd led)
High power led (0.5w,1w,3w,5w,10w,20w,50w,100w)
LED strip (3528 smd flexible led strip,5050 smd flexible led strip)
Led spotlight
LED module
Round LED
Strawhat LED

5mm Zinc Oxide Varistor
7mm Zinc Oxide Varistor
10mm Zinc Oxide Varistor
14mm Zinc Oxide Varistor
20mm Zinc Oxide Varistor

Klite Electronics Co.,LTD [China]
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Wells Electronics(06/23/2011)

Wells Electronic Technology Ltd.established in 2000, located in Shenzhen, China, is a hi-tech company,which specializes in fabricating high precision, high density and high reliablity PCB from 2 to 30layers.
We provide an extensive range of fabrication, engineering and machining services, including in-hourse vertically integrated high precision SMT mount, plastic injection molding, high volume metal stamping, die-casting and custom fabrication for automotive, industrial, medical, consumer,telecom and technology company. We focused on optimize customer's operations by lowering their prices and reducing their time to mark.
In view of meeting  our customer' different quanlity requirements, we designedly expand our factory to meet all small to large quantity order and prototype additionally requirements, no MOQ(minimum order quantity).
Your success is our aim. Welcome to visit our factory!

Wells Electronics [China]
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Shenzhen Okey Electronics Co., ltd(03/08/2011)

Our company is a specialized and over 10years experiences manufacturer in producing Buried/Blind via PCB, High Frequency PCB, Aluminum PCB, FPC, Flex-rigid PCB and HDI PCB with high quality and competitive price in China.

Shenzhen Okey Electronics Co., ltd [China]
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Pphitop Technology HK Co., Ltd(06/05/2014)



A professional service provider of electronic parts: components, semi products and finished goods. Founded in Shenzhen, China in year 2002 and established a Hong Kong company in year 2005 to better serve rapidly growing international market shares.


Involve in projects from aerospace, car, network, telecom, power system, medical control system to blue tooth, electronic consuming products etc. Provide flexible services on both standard products and custom-made products to satisfy customer variable needs.


Your engineering team in China work from prototype stage to mass production to smooth and shorten the developing flow. We are your integrated one-stop core supplier with not only benefit from our wide range product lines but also with our professional technical support and proposals.


Pphitop Core Business:

Business Unit 1:


1.         PCB: also on small quantity like 1PC

2.         IC: Atmel, Microchip, NSC, ISSI, STMicroelectronics etc

3.         Transformer, Relay, Connector, Led, Capacitor etc

4.         Cable

5.         LCD / LCM: on brand ones as well as on customed ones.


Business Unit 2

1.         Power Supply

2.         Inverter

3.         Dummy load

4.         Contactor

5.         Waveguide

6.         Machine export

7.         Camera

8.         Diagnostic Tool


Pphitop Technology HK Co., Ltd [China]
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Bicheng Enterprise Limited(07/08/2018)

Founded in 2003, Bicheng Enterprise Limited is an established PCB supplier and exporter in Shenzhen China, severing electroincs industry worldwide for 15 years. We professionally specialize in feature services for computer, telecommunication, automotive, consumer electronics, medical apparatus and instruments, national defense and industrial equipment etc.
We have FR-4 PCB, high frequency PCB, flexible circuits and metal core PCBs featured as prototypes, small runs to mass production. We also actively research and build such high value added PCB projects as HDI, quick turn, impedance control, heavy copper and backplane board etc. This has made our PCB products generate an effective prolongation and complementation, as well as formation of integrated products line ranging from low-end to high-end.
Our PCBs are used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to, computer networking, safety and surveillance, power supply etc.
Safety and Surveillance    Power Supply    Computer Networking
Access Control    Battery Generator    USB Hub, Router
Alarm Systems, CCTV    Charger, UPS    Codec, Modem
Detector, Monitor    Power Inverter    Switch, 4G Router
Remote Access    Power Converter    4G Modems
Industrial Automation    RF and Microwave    Telecommunications
Data acquisition system    Antenna, Diplexers    Data Storage, GPRS
Process controller    Frequency Converter    CDMA, GSM Modem
Wireless Telemetry    Oscillator, Divider    VoIP Phones, IP Phone
IO Modules, PLC Modem    RF amplifier, Filter    Bluetooth Module
Satellite Equipment    LED Lighting    Automotive Electronics

Bicheng Enterprise Limited [China]
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Cenlan Electronics Co.,Ltd(10/26/2010)

Founded in 2003 May, Cenlan Electronics Co.,Ltd as a professional printed circuit board manufactory, which specilize in making Rigid PCB board from 1-12 layers, and Flex PCB board from 1-8 layers. With strict management,high quality products, good price, and excellent service, we gaineded fast development. Now we have more than 500 workers, and the area of workshop is more than 15000 square meters. Our main products cover burried/blind Via PCB,

Founded in 2003 May, Cenlan Electronics Co.,Ltd as a professional printed circuit board manufactory, which specilize in making Rigid PCB board from 1-12 layers, and Flex PCB board from 1-8 layers. With strict management,high quality products, good price, and excellent service, we gaineded fast development. Our main products cover burried/blind Via PCB, Aluminum base PCB, Flex-rigid PCB, FPC. In order to assure the products' high quality, all production processes are strictly performed and according to the ISO9001:2000 management system for meeting UL, IPC standard.
With Advanced manufacturing equipments and skilled staff, we are able to provide high quality products and flexible leading time for our customers. We all provide quick turn service for samples and mass productoin according to our customers' request. "customer first, quality foremost"- as our eternal management faith. We would like to try our best to provide one-stop service and solution to our customers. We believe what we provide are products and service, as well as our enterprise culture!

Cenlan Electronics Co.,Ltd [China]
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     We are a PCB manufacturer  which is located in China specializing in single-sided,duoble-sided and multilayer PCBs (up to 24 layer).All products are UL certified ,ROHS Compliant,ISO9001 Approved.Including aluminium core board ,ceramic based board and FR-4 conventional PCBs, and moer we have the  7 days delivery capacity(mass product).Please contact us for further information also you are welcomed to visit our company website to get more details

are welcomed to visit our company website to get more details.

            We assure your that our offer would be your best choice. 
            website: www.vsunpcb.com
Email :avail_zhu@hotmail.com


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AD Plus Corporation(03/02/2018)

AD Plus Corporation provides service in the comprehensive range of professional PCB manufacturing.


We passed ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified, UL & ROHS approved, etc.

Ranging from 1-28 layers rigid boards, Aluminum boards, Copper boards.
Material: Cem-1, Cem-3, FR-4, High-Tg FR4, Aluminum, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Polyimide, Ceramic, etc.,
Technic: Blind & Buried hole, countersink hole, castle hole (half hole), Minimum drilling mechanical hole 0.15mm, Minimum laser hole 0.1mm, via-in-pad, Impedance control, ENIG/ENEPIG. Blue peelable, Carbon lnk, etc.
According to product of versatility, AD Plus Corporation is with professional CAM engineers and process expertise, enabling prompt and accurate PCB manufacturing which meets with customer needs, together with strict quality control that contributes to more time- and costs-saving for the customer. 

  • Single layer, double layer and multi-layer.
  • Printed Circuit Board, Flexible P.C.B.

AD Plus Corporation [Taiwan]
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