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Hengshui Maosen Chemical Import & Export Co.,Ltd(05/22/2018)

   Hengshui Maosen Chemical Import & Export Co.,Ltd is a research and development, production and sale of Chemical raw materials, metal materials, plastic raw materials ,LDE light ,wire mesh and trade joint-stock enterprises since 1988. The company insists: "reliable quality, perfect service, high reputation" for the purpose, with excellent product, reasonable price, after many years of business history, has developed to the scale of raw materials suppliers.Our products are of consistent quality and have an excellent price quality ratio.

Hengshui Maosen Chemical Import & Export Co.,Ltd has already through the ISO9000 quality system authentication and occupational health and safety management system GB/T28001-2001 certification.It has been exported to North and South America, Asia,Europe,South Africa and many other countries.We enjoys a high international honor and reputation. We are seeking to expand our clients base all the time ,more i mportant,we are quite positive to meet your requirements.

Key activities :

* provide topquality products at the most competitive prices with truly professional service for our customers.

*Production and Sales

* Development and Research.                                                  




NO.881 Shengli west Road ,Taocheng District,Hengshui City ,China








Roland Huang







Hengshui Maosen Chemical Import & Export Co.,Ltd [China]
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Unichemic Industries(05/11/2013)

Dear Sir ,

How are you? This is Dennis Williams from Unichemic Industries S.A. Our company are engaged in the development production and sales of chemical raw metarials.We are in position to supply you with fine and good quality Organic And Inorganic Chemical solvent for your industrial Use and productions , we can supply you with the below listed researched industrial chemicals.


1.   Titanium Dioxide

2.   Ethyl Acetate

3.   Carbon Black

4.   EDTA

5.   Acrylic Acid

6.   Adipic Acid

7.   Sodium Tripolyphosphate

8.   Sodium Hexametaphosphate

9.   Benzene Sulfonic Acid

10. Chrome Oxide

11. Methyl Ethyl Ketone

12. Iron Oxide

13. Zinc Oxide

14. SLES

15. Sulphur Black

16. Cobalt Oxide

17. Caustic Soda

18. Acetic Anhydride

19. Polyacrylamide


21. Zinc Phosphate

22. Zinc Sulphate

23. Copper Sulphate

24. Pentaerythritol

25. Phosphoric Acid Food Grade/Tech Grade

26. Red Phosphorus

27. Chromic Acid

28. Liquid Silver Mercury

29. Methylene Chloride

30. Sodium Cyanide

31. Paraffin wax

32. PVC Resin

33, Antimony trioxide

34. Detergent chemicals

35. Sodium  Thiocyanate 99% Purity

36. R-22 And R-134a Refrigerant Gas

37. Dysprosium Oxide

38. Praseodymium

39. Dysprosium oxide Dy/TREM 99%

40. Terbium oxide

41. Europium oxide

42. Neodymium oxide

42. Cerium Ce/TREM 99.0%

43. Yttrium

44. Dysprosium ferroalloy

45. Praseodymium neodymium oxide

46. Gadolinium oxide

47. samarium oxide

48. Lanthanum La/TREM 99.0%

49. Terbium Tb/TREM 99.9%

50. Sodium Hydride (60% ...

51. Sodium Hydride (60% in Light Liquid Paraffin Oil)

52. Cyclohexanone(CYC)

53. Tetrahydrofuran

54. Perchloroethylene/PCE99.9%

55. Aluminium oxide

56. Sodium Ferro cyanide Na4Fe (CN)

57. Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

58. Mono potassium phosphate MKP

59. Anionic Polyacrylamide

60. Toluene

61. Chloroform

62. Silicon Dioxide

63. Dioctyl Phthalate

64. Sodium lignin sulfonate


If you have any requirement, pls let me know.Sincerely hope to cooperate with you.


Yours faithfully,

Mr Dennis Williams





Tel : +34 634 877 983 

Unichemic Industries [Spain]
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Nozhan polymer co , established In Esfahan, Iran, on the year of 2006 As a leading company specialized in paraffin wax , snow white petroleum jelly Vaseline , white mineral oil ,foots oil (residue wax ) and as a supplier of  slack wax , RPO , greases and other oil product  We began to concentrate on the overseas marketing since 2007 and we have attracted many capable , experienced , professional staffers who can satisfy the customers with comfortable services and competitive prices Believing that based on the mutual profits, we can develop the prosperous business corporation and closely friendship with customers all around the world.

This company is proud of exporting the oil products to countries such as U.A.E, turkey ,Georgia ,Saudi Arabia , Syria , India , Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, south Korea , Mexico , Tanzania ,Kenya , Mozambique , Ethiopia , and .....

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Hong Chang (China) Co.,Ltd.(03/20/2013)

 Leading and specialized petroleum wax & derivative manufacturer and distributor from China supplying whole range of paraffin wax, micro crystalline waxes,slack waxes,petrolatum,White Mineral Oil, Petroleum Jelly(Vaseline), polyethylene wax, Fisher-Tropsch Wax , palm wax, Bees Wax and other synthetic waxes with annual capacity over 50, 000mts. 

With more than 20 years expertise, we are looking forward to working with serious companies. 
Thanks & Regards, 
Peter Cai --- HCI WAX
caiyu430070 at hotmail dot com

Hong Chang (China) Co.,Ltd. [China]
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deshipu chemical(12/10/2012)

Hangzhou Deshipu Chemicals Co.,Ltd is specializing in manufacturing chemical raw materials in China. We have our own factories,first class equipment,modernized warehouses and outstanding staff.Our mainly products are Titanium Dioxide,Caustic soda,SLES and so on.Which widely used in paint,rubber,plastic,paper and detergent industry.

Our products have been exported to many areas in the world,such as Europe,America,Middle East and South Africa.All of the products have won the highest reputation from the customers.

In line with the spirit of good quality,competitive price and cpnsiderate service,Deshipu Chemicals hope we can start and establish long-term business relationship with all the friends over the world!

deshipu chemical [China]
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Our company is one of the best end suppliers in oil and petrochemical products. Our Products are as follows:

Oil derivatives:

We are expert in supplying bitumen, Base oil and RPO in current world market through Iran refineries. We can supply bitumen in bulk and drum.


Also, we can supply following petrochemical products with best quality and workable price:

1)Sulfur, 2)LLDP, 3)LDPE, 4)Paraffin Wax, 5)Slack Wax, 6)PVC, 7)Urea 8)PP  in long term with workable price.

If you want more information please contact us through following information:

 Hope hear you soon.


Hessam Mir.

Marketing & Sales Dept.

Africa Blvd, 1966846641 Tehran- IRAN
Tel: +98 21 26201028~29
Fax: +98 21 26203315
Cell: +98 912 5479610



Miranco [Iran]
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Alexandria paraffin wax(01/24/2012)

We are one of the largest companies in Producing paraffin waxes, (both fully & semi refined).

I\'ve noticed that your company is interested in paraffin wax, We can provide you with the products you need, the best quality, any quantity and we deliver all over the world.


Alexandria paraffin wax [Egypt]
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Ruinade Chemicals(01/09/2012)


With many years experience of exporting paraffin wax, we are able to offer right wax to right industries.
We ensure that you will get the most competitive price and prompt delivery of high quality products.

Ruinade Chemicals [China]
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Natural Minsk Exports Co., Ltd (12/09/2011)

Minsk Oil Company Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, engages in refining, producing, storing, importing, and marketing of oil and refined products in Israel. The company operates in three segments: Minsk Retail and Wholesale, Minsk  Industries and Services, and Minsk Refining and Logistics. The Minsk Retail and Wholesale segment engages in marketing fuel products at filling stations and off the premises of the stations; and food and convenience products at the ‘Yellow’ stores. It also involves in the direct marketing of fuel to institutional customers, industries, and other large customers. The Minsk  Industries and Services segment provides infrastructure services in the fuel sector, such as delivery, storage, and issuance to tankers, as well as storage and issuance to planes at different airports. This segment also manufactures and sells bitumen sheets, weatherproofing and waterproofing products, sealants, and adhesives for the domestic and international construction and infrastructure markets; manufactures and packages a range of lubricants, oils and solvents, and chemicals, as well as recycles used oils; supplies LPG for domestic and industrial use; provides jet fuel storage services and other fueling services to domestic and international airlines; and focuses on the design, marketing, and installation of roof-top and free-standing photo voltaic solar systems for small to large solar parks and plants. The Minsk Refining and Logistics segment owns and manages a refinery; imports raw materials of oil and its products; manufactures oil distillates; and produces electricity, as well as storage of fuel, pumping, flow, and shipment.Minsk  Oil Company serves private individuals, government companies, the IDF, public and private corporations from various industries, agricultural farms, construction companies, airlines, and international companies. The company was founded in 1996 and is based in Algeria

Natural Minsk Exports Co., Ltd [Algeria]
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Chemact(Liaoning) Petrochemicals Ltd.(12/01/2011)

Chemact(Liaoning) Petrochemicals Ltd is a leading 

manufacturer and exporter specializing in paraffin waxes, 

blend waxes, and candles. 


We supply fully and semi refined paraffin waxes purchased 

directly from PetroChina, with melting points of 54/56, 56/58, 

58/60, 60/62, 62/64, 64/66, and others, and we also have semi 

and fully refined paraffin waxes produced by our own factory, 

which is ISO9001:2008 certified. Our own factory also has the 

capacity of providing the blend wax according to your formula.


Moreover, we offer all kinds of candles at competitive prices, 

including pillar candles, ball candles, votive candles and tealight 

candles, and especially white candles for Korean market.


The products we are carrying are the finest in quality, 

the most competitive prices and with quality service. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, 

please feel free to contact us. 

We sincerely hope to establish a long term and pleasant 

business relationship with you in the near future.

Chemact(Liaoning) Petrochemicals Ltd. [China]
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Shenyang Kangkailong Chemicals Co.,Ltd(10/28/2011)

Shenyang Kangkailong Chemicals Co.,Ltd. was located on County Industry Zone Shenyang,China,which is near the chinese top famous sea port cities named Tianjin and Qingdao. Our company is a comprehensive plastic chemical enterprise which integrates the scientific and technological development, production, sales and service into a whole, we  also have built sale companies in Shijiazhuang city,the chemical base of China. We are a diversified chemicals company that combines the power of 20 chemical manufacturing sites in our own region and 3 groups of convenient transporting teams.

Email: bruceleefield02@gmail.com


Skype: wobendongfeng

MSN: wobendongfeng@hotmail.com

Trademanager:  cn117735174

Shenyang Kangkailong Chemicals Co.,Ltd [China]
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Tianjin Jinxiang Chemicals Co ., Ltd(07/01/2011)


Tianjin Jinxiang Chemicals Co., Ltd.,which is one of the largest raw chemicals manufacturers and exporters in China, our products related to organic and inorganic chemical raw materials, pigments and dyestuffs, mainly used in paints & coating industry, rubber industry, leather industry, etc, focusing on developing the overseas market, our products have been sold to Southeast Asia, EU, South America, Middle East, etc.
For many years innovation, our advanced production skills, perfect inspection method, excellent product quality and good after-sales service has awarded high reputations from our clients all over the world.......

Tianjin Jinxiang Chemicals Co ., Ltd [China]
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Renai rubber products co.,ltd (04/06/2011)

Renai rubber chemical co.,ltd is a company who established in 1992, as a professinal  rubebr chemical manufacture and exporter in this fields for many years , we are looking for real buyers in the world amrket . If you have intention , pls contact me  sales05 at renaihose.com

Renai rubber products co.,ltd [China]
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