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Shandong Huayou Chemistry Co.,Ltd.(08/27/2014)

Shandong Huayou Chemistry Co.,Ltd,established in 1992,is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of water treatment chemiclas in China.The main productsare HEDP,ATMP,PBTC,

DTPMP,EDTMP,HPMA,1227 etc.All the products can be widely used in the fields of industrial water

treatment, oil field as well as textiles.Huayou can also supply the specifical products according to your

plant system and your requirement.

Shandong Huayou Chemistry Co.,Ltd. [China]
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Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd.(03/26/2014)

 Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of water treatment chemicals in China, with sales volume being No. 1 for four years. Taihe focuses on the manufacturing and devotes itself to be the production workshop for global water treatment industry.

Taihe’s turnover reached 115 million US dollars while sales volume 88,000 tons in 2013. Taihe took the lead in continuous mass production of water treatment chemicals in the world, the quality stability and operation safety of which was greatly improved compared with traditional single reactor batch production.

Advanced SAP-ERP & bar code systems are keys to better management on customers’ needs.

Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability are Taihe’s highest priorities.

Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd. [China]
[Related Categories: Water Treatment ]
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