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Keyword "Outdoor Intelligent Sub-section Post"
XGW15-12/24 Outdoor Intelligent Sub-section Post XGW15-12/24 Outdoor Intelligent Sub-section Post

XGW15-12/24 Outdoor Intelligent Sub-section Post (Outdoor Ring Net Cabinet)

Outdoor Intelligent Sub-section Post

Product Introduction

With the continuous development of social progress, China's urban power grid has undergone tremendous changes, and most cities have formed or are forming more and more electricity load intensive areas. The past mode that power from 12/24kV line of substation supplied to direct users is difficult to meet the needs of urban development. Thus the mode of supplying power through sub-section post is created. However, with the intensification of urban densification, some of the original civil-type sub-section post has been limited because of land and urban planning, resulting in the appearance of more advanced and practical outdoor intelligent sub-section post( outdoor ring net cabinet).This kind of sub-section post, does not need civil and occupies less area, configuration is flexible, power supplied method is reliable, installation and debugging time is greatly shortened, the overall cost is also reduced.

With the development of modern industry, the degree for automation and  intelligence of electrical controlling equipments is increasingly higher, making use of modern electronic technology, sensor technology, communications technology, computer network technology to integrate electrical equipments' monitoring, protection, control, measurement under normal or accidental conditions, to achieve good governance, of which has become an inevitable trend and main direction of development.

Intelligent sub-section post (outdoor ring net cabinet) adopts and refers to aboard advanced technology. Install and debug 12/24 KV PT, sub-section post FTU,RTU,CCU , 12/24kv measure and automatic reading meter, USP power supply and instruction meter, then put into a movable, sealed moist-proof, stainless steel box, which help achieve the integration of urban distribution grids' first, second system and modularization of assembly,  shorten the construction period, greatly improve the reliability of the urban power grid operation.

Product features

Case has a strong anti-corrosion ability; small size, small footprint, does not block the line of sight, light weight, beautiful appearance, compact structure, reasonable layout, can be used more than 30 years.

has a special door/lock structure, good antitheft, good outdoor operation and rainproof performance.

exterior color can be designed according to user's requirements, the user can choose the color blending with the surrounding environment.

the product implements the dust-proof, moisture -proof, condensation –proof

A Schematic

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GB 3906 3.6 ~ 40.5kV AC metal enclosed switchgear and control equipment(IEC62271-200)

GB 3804  3.6 ~ 40.5Kv H.V. AC overload switchgear(IEC60265-1)

GB 16926 H.V. AC overload switchgear---- Fuse combinations(eqv IEC60420)

GB 8905 management and pilot test of gas in sulfur hexafluoride electrical equipment (nep IEC480)

GB/T 311.1 insulation coordination of high-voltage power transmission equipment (nep IEC60071-1)

GB/T 12706.1,2,4 rated voltage 1kv(Um=1.2kv) to 35kv(Um=40.5kv) extruded insulated power cables and accessories section 1st, 2nd, 4th, part(eqv IEC60502-1,2,4)

GB/T 4109 high voltage bushing technical conditions (eqv IEC 60137)

GB/T 7354 partial discharge measurements (eqv IEC 60270)

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GB/T 17467 high / low voltage prefabricated substations (eqv IEC 61330)

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