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Keyword "Orujo"
Olive Oil Olive Oil

"ACESUR GROUP", founded in 1840 is a firm specializing in the production, refining, packing and export of all kinds of Olive Oils from Spain. Our specialized Oils include: Extra Virgin, Pure and Pomace; as well as vegetable Oils: Grape Seed, Sunflower Oil, Corn and Soy Bean Oils.


The main reason for “ACESUR GROUP” commercial success is based on our firms’ extensive production capability, combined with our packing capability assures our clients a quality product. 


Our most important brands are, for olive oil: LA ESPAÑOLA, COOSUR, GUILLEN, LA ANDALUZA, ITALICA, ORO Y SOL, ACESUR, ALTIVO – the last one in mainly destined for the Arabian countries- , for sunflower: OROSOL, for Soya oil: FETEN, for seed oil: ANDANTE.


Our products are being marketed and distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide and we enjoy a leading position in majority of these markets, exporting over 4,000 containers every year.


We stay on top of all Private label marketing trends and we enjoy a leading position in Supermarket chains worldwide.


ACESUR GROUP is the only company in the olive oil sector able to control the entire process of production of oil, from the field to its final packaging.


Should you require any more information you can visit our website / or contact our export department: EXPORT AT ACESUR COM 

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