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Keyword "Nylon"

Asia Dragon Cord & Twine is a leading Company in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of Yarn, Twine, Rope.
Product’s range includes TWINE and ROPE, sizes of rope from 6mm to 50mm in 3,4 strands and twines of various Denier made from 100% Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon, Polyester or a combination of 50% polyester and 50% polypropylene or on customer’s preference.

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EUROTEX is a dynamic multisector Company. We are working from several years in the Italian and International market, The principal sector we operate is in the textile branch. We deal all kind of yarns: first, second and claimless choice. We are specialist to find and select spuns at stock, little colours, changes of color and irregular bobbins. We also are manufacturer of souls and external for normal and technical ropes. We have a new business field in the development and the sales of new products. We act as pure trading and we sell: organic soil, buildings yards security nets, concrete, industrial motor vehicles, iron rods, apples, etc… We have daily contact with our customers and that allows us to be constantly informed on the market trends.
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Baberwal Traders(01/10/2012)

Dear Sir/Madam


       We are glad to introduce our self. This is Baberwal traders in India, We deal in all kinds of plastics business since 1975. Company is also establishment in the year of 1975. We deal in all kinds of plastics such as, PP,ABS,PET,CD PC,HIPS,HDPE,LDPE,GPPS,NYLON etc. We are also exporting and importing. We can supply you regularly. If you have any enquiry pls feel free to contact us.And we will also obliged you. 

Baberwal Traders [India]
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Products PC,Nylon,PET Lumps, PET Flakes, PET Sheet & POM & We ship above material to Honk Kong, Korea, Indonesia & Singapore monthly as follow.

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As you know, we are strongly producing yarn dyed fabrics. We can supply cotton fabric, linen fabric, linen/cotton fabric, linen/viscose fabric, ramie fabric, ramie/cotton fabric, acrylic fabric, T/R fabric,etc. to you. They can be shirting, flannel, seersucker, oxford,chambray,fil-A-fil, etc.
you can see some pictures from http://fashionfabric.en.ec21.com (fashion fabrics) and http://bagapron.diytrade.com (Non woven bag, woven bag, apron,cushion cover,etc)
If you have new fabric to develop, feel free to contact me, I will be ready to make samples for you.
Hope we can develop good business in the near future.
Thank you for your high cooperation.
With best regards.

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Jiangsu Chenggong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd(07/13/2011)


Catagory: rubber processing machinery

Vulcanizing equipment, Hot vulcanizing equipment, Conveyor belt vulcanizing equipment by Jiangsu Chenggong.


The CGLHJ series portable conveyor belt vulcanizer & vulcanizing equipment is applied for fast and reliable vulcanizing with rubber belt, ep fabric conveyor belt, nylon belt, canvas belt, steel cord belt repair maintance, vulcanizing and joining. 


Jiangsu Chenggong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Designs and manufactures dependable vulcanizing equipment, we do conveyor belt splicing, conveyor belt repair, belt repair kit. 


We offer vulcanization solutions for EP polyester belt, rubber and steel cord conveyor belt and PVC/PU belt repair and service, including conveyor belt vulcanizing, conveyor belt splicing, conveyor belt maintance, conveyor belt joining.


We are a company has been certificated by ISO and specializing in conveyor accessories and conveyor belt vulcanizing equipment and tools manufacturing for several years in China. 


Product and Service range include:

Vulcanizing equipment, Vulcanizing equipment, Hot vulcanizing equipment, Conveyor belt vulcanizing

Products: Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer, Conveyor Belt Stripped Machine, Conveyor Belt Repair  Vulcanizer, Pull rope switch, Deviation switch.



Vulcanizing equipment and conveyor belt vulcanizer are all kinds of equipments applied in industry, for instance, metallurgical engineering, mineral production, power station, harbor machinery, architectural working, chemical industry.


Contact us for the Vulcanizing equipment, Vulcanizing equipment, Hot vulcanizing equipment, Conveyor belt vulcanizing and more information today.


Contact: Lindsay Hu 


Jiangsu Chenggong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



No.768 Xizhang Road,

Huamei Industrial Park,

Gushan Town, Jiangyin City 

Jiangsu Province, China.

Post Code:214414  



+86 510 86950888 Ext:8007


+86 510 86353259


+86 13915234106





Jiangsu Chenggong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd [China]
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zhangjiagang ftz multi textile co.,ltd.(02/12/2012)

we are strongly producing yarn dyed fashion fabric. We can supply cotton fabric, linen fabric, linen/cotton fabric, linen/viscose fabric, ramie fabric, ramie/cotton fabric, acrylic fabric, T/R ,T/C,CVC fabric, polyester fabric, wool fabric, etc. They can be  shirting, flannel, seersucker, oxford, chambray, fil-A-fil, herribone,tweed, dobby,check,stripe, poplin, twill,etc.

zhangjiagang ftz multi textile co.,ltd. [China]
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Hong Kong Leaders Group Limited(11/29/2011)

A manufacturer & Exporter of Label Tapes to the apparel label industry. We provide a complete solution of labeling system to the fabric label printing industry. "LEADERS" tapes are in good quality and at competitive price.

Hong Kong Leaders Group Limited [Hong Kong SAR]
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