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Keyword "NdFeB magnet"
Anhui Astromagnet Co., Ltd.(09/06/2013)

 Being located in Lujiang country, Anhui province, a famous historical city facing the well-known beautiful Chao Lake, one of the top five Chinese fresh lakes, covering 45,000 sq. m, Anhui Astromagnet Co., Ltd, one lead manufacturer of magnet in China for more than 10 years. Our products range NdFeB magnet, Ferrite magnet, Flexible magnet, SmCo magnet, Alnico magnet, Magnetic Assemblies, etc. 

  we supply products as per customers' requirements with high quality and reasonable prie, as well as professional service. Now, we have enjoyed high reputation from our Clients at home and abroad. "Quality First, Customers Important", we always stand by it forever. what we will do for you will turn out what we said. Pls believe in your kind Choice. we are always ready here to serve you.

Anhui Astromagnet Co., Ltd. [China]
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Anhui Astromagnet Co., Ltd.(08/26/2013)

 Being located in Lujiang countyAnhui province, a famous historical city facing the well-known  beautiful 

Chao Lake, one of the top five Chinese fresh lakes, covering 45,000 sq.m.

Anhui Astromagnets Co., Ltd which now belongs to a social welfare-type, energy-saving and environmental

-protecting enterprise, built in 1997. Its former name is Dongguan Huien Magnets Co., Ltd  setting up in 

mid 90’s of last century in Dongguan, China. Through over 10 years of step-by-step hard working under 

the purpose of “something attemped, Something done”, Dongguan Huien achieved in successfully developing 

both big output and turnover at high speed, in keeping long-term friendly business relations with hundreds of 

customers from Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan and Europe, America,etc.      

Presently being specialized in producing and distributing various kinds of Magnetic products including 

NdFeB, Permanent Ferrite, SmCo & AlNiCo, Flexible and Jewel Magnets for which five big-scale workshops 

are respectively responsible,  already approved by ISO9001 and ISO14001, fully equiped with the world-class 

advanced production lines and high-extact & high-tech inspecting instruments, additionally converged 10 

national-class magnetic experts working in different devisions such as R & D, production, equuipment maintaing 

and service dept. etc.

Anhui Astromagnets Co., Ltd has been in the front ranks of Chinese magnetic lines. Therefore, under our leadership, 

Lujiang has become the famous production and distributing center of various kinds of magnetic products in 

Anhui province.

Meanwhile, we are exploring new  fields and  expanding the range of new products including amorphous & 

 nanocrystalline ribbon,core and related components .Also one new modern production base in Tianjin was

established ,with an annual manufacturing capacity of 3000 tons of amorphous and nanocrystalline ribbon. 

And we can supply ribbons with width of 2mm~60mm,and annual manufacturing capacity of 100 million of 

various kinds of cores, such as  (current) transformer core,amorphous C core,DC Immune CT core,core in 

high power switched mode  power supply transformer,EMC common mode choke core,amorphous filtering 

inductance core in auto audio,amorphous PFC inductance core,zero sequence transformer,etc.


We warmly welcome all esteemed customers around the world to visit us, to make business negociation and 

to discuss with us for our common idea goal. 

“Quality First, Customers important”, we stand by forever .

Anhui Astromagnet Co., Ltd. [China]
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Xinchang magnet Industry Co., Ltd.(02/17/2012)

XinChang Magnet Ind.Co.,Ltd., is one of the leading producers of Neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnet in China, was founded in 1985. XinChang Magnet Ind. Co.,  Ltd.,  has been producing NdFeB magnets since it's foundation . NdFeB magnet is made on the base of neodymium-iron-boron alloys and has the highest energy density available to date. All the processing steps from melting the Alloy under vacuum through to coating the finished parts are performed at our works ensuring optimum material properties throughout the entire production process.

Xinchang magnet Industry Co., Ltd. [China]
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