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Cuban Music CD And DVD, Live Concerts, Ahi Nama Music Cuban Music CD And DVD, Live Concerts, Ahi Nama Music
Specifications: Cuban music cd and DVD. Video clips and comercial spot producers in 16mm or 35mm
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Nama Oxygen Concentrator For Home Users Nama Oxygen Concentrator For Home Users
Specifications: Product features: By breathing the steady purity 40% nama healthy oxygen, nama oxygen generator will maximize your learning effect, reduce fatigue, chronic headache, lethargy and increase your concentration, thinking power, memory, and development of intelligence. Also, it helps you quickly recover from the discomfort because of hangover or asthma. In addition, it also has the efficacy of reinforcing the immune system against virus and flu. It is always good for customers to breathe the nama healthy oxygen everyday to strengthen their immune system. Another thing worth mentioning, nama oxygen generator also includes a new feature which allows users to put essential oils for the use in aroma therapy. According to the testing report from industrial technology research institute in Taiwan, nama oxygen generator can steadily produces high purity of oxygen (40%). This is incomparable by any similar merchandise you can find in the market. Also, we use the special technique called molecular sieve instead of oxygen membrane to dispense the inconveniences of replacing the membrane constantly. Besides, nama oxygen generators one other outstanding feature is its auto shut-off timer switch which assures the proper inhalation time. (15-30 minutes per session). Product specifications *name of product: Nama oxygen generator *name of model: Ta-101 *regular voltage: AC 110-230v/50-60hz *consumption of electricity:100w +/-10 *size of product:30.3cm (l) x 16.2cm(w) x 41.5cm(h) *weight of product: About 6.5kg *method of oxygen generation: Molecular siev *consistency of oxygen:40%+/-2% *quantity of oxygen generation:3.5 liter/min *accessories: Headset for inhalation *warranty:1 year warranty NAMA
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