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Standard Air Conditioning Brackets Standard Air Conditioning Brackets

1) Very high quality and a long life
2) Fast and easy mounting
3) Very good wear and corrosion feature
4) Material: steel, smooth, etched sheet, protected by phosphating and electrostatic powder painting
5) The brackets may be folded, which facilitates their packing and transportation.
6) The rivets are designed with a high safety coefficient (4) and they do break neither under the operation load,
nor under the testing load
7) The rivets and screws are zinc-coated.
8) The standard L550 brackets have an additional M8 x 60 screw to increase their streng  

9) The standard brackets are guaranteed for the following operation loads:
a) Standard brackets L400 = 150 kg /set*
b) Standard brackets L450 = 150 kg /set
c) Standard brackets L500 = 150 kg /set
d) Standard brackets L550 = 200 kg /set

* 1 set = 2 pieces

10) Sizes (cm):
a) Standard air conditioning brackets L400 = 40 x 40
b) Standard air conditioning brackets L450 = 40 x 45
c) Standard air conditioning brackets L500 = 40 x 50
d) Standard air conditioning brackets L550 = 40 x 55

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Adjustable Mounting Bracket Adjustable Mounting Bracket
Feature: 1) Material: carbon steel 2) Zinc plated
[Related Categories: Truck & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: Adjustable, Mounting, Bracket ]
Jewellery Mounting On Ebony Jewellery Mounting On Ebony
Specifications: Hand made diamond mountings, please feel free to ask prices of our designs or send your product photos to have our price offers. Our workmanship cost is 40 USD/piece for ebony collection EDNA JEWELLERY Other Price Terms: FOB  ISTANBUL Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,CASH Certification(s): avaliableSupply Ability: max.
[Related Categories: Jewelry Findings & Components ]
[Related Keywords: Jewellery, Mounting, on, Ebony ]
Diamond Bangel Mounting Diamond Bangel Mounting
Specifications: This is a Daimond Mounting for Bangel
[Related Categories: Jewelry Findings & Components ]
[Related Keywords: diamond, Bangel, Mounting ]
18K Gold Mounting Ring 18K Gold Mounting Ring
Specifications: Carat:18k Weight:6,14Diamond Line Payment Terms: CASH
[Related Categories: Gold Jewelry ]
[Related Keywords: 18k, gold, Mounting, ring ]
18K Gold Mounting Earing 18K Gold Mounting Earing
Specifications: Carat:18k Weight: 29,53Diamond Line Payment Terms: CASH
[Related Categories: Gold Jewelry ]
[Related Keywords: 18k, gold, Mounting, Earing ]
Mounting Frame Mounting Frame
We can provide different kinds of mounting frames; the specification includes 1-way, 2-way, 3-way, 5-way, 10-way, 20-way, 21-way, 30-way, and 50-way. It is made of stainless steel. Payment Terms: L/C at sight, T/T Certification(s): ISO9001
[Related Categories: Telecom Parts ]
[Related Keywords: Mounting, frame ]
Contact Modular Jack for Surface Mounting Contact Modular Jack for Surface Mounting
Specifications: Sell Contact Modular Jack for Surface Mounting *Key Specifications/Special Features: Performance data: Contact resistance: 20m?U max Insulation resistance: 500?U min Withstanding voltage: 1000V AC rms 60Hz, 1min *Durability: After 200 insertions Contact resistance 210m?U max *Mechanical: Retention strength: 7.7kg min Crimping strenght: 2.2kg min Leadwire breaking strength: 6kg min (with PVC) *Contact mating force: 350gr min (2p) 500gr min (4p) 800gr min (6p) 1000gr min (8p) Termination stripping: 7.7kg min *Physical characteristics: Plastic: ABS or polycarbonate resin Lead wire: 26 AWG, 7 strand, UL 1061 wire, solid wire, YL, GL, RD, BK, WH, BL Contact wire: Phosphorous bronze alloy plated Hard gold (15.30.50 M-in) over nickel Terminal: 3/4 hard brass, tin plaing Screw: Steel or brass Nickel or zinc plating Steel cover: steel or stainless steel polishing surface of hair line, clear vinyl wrapper Bracket: steel plate, Zn or Nickel plating *For more details, please contact us.BonyongSupply Ability: Up To Customer
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[Related Keywords: contact, modular, jack, for, surface, Mounting ]
Ceiling Mounting Antenna (301B) Ceiling Mounting Antenna (301B)
Specifications: 1) Model: 301B 2) Frequency range: 824-960/1,710-2,500MHz 3) Gain: 3dBi 4) VSWR: ≤1.5 5) Input Impedance: 50Ω 6) Polarization: vertical 7) Maximum power: 100W 8) Connector: N female 9) Dimensions: Φ170 x 90mm 10) Weight: 500g 11) Mounting way: fix with nut ican
[Related Categories: Network Communications ]
[Related Keywords: ceiling, Mounting, Antenna, (301B) ]
Wall Mounting Antenna (401Y) Wall Mounting Antenna (401Y)
Specifications: 1) Model: 401Y 2) Frequency range: 824-960/1,710-2,500MHz 3) Gain: 7/10dBi 4) VSWR: ≤1.5 5) Input Impedance: 50Ω 6) Polarization: vertical 7) Maximum power: 50W 8) Connector: N female 9) Dimensions: 210 x 180 x 44mm 10) Weight: 600g 11) Radiating element material: yellow copper 12) Radome material: anti-ultraviolet radiation ABS 13) Color: white 14) Mounting way: mounting on the wall ican
[Related Categories: Network Communications ]
[Related Keywords: wall, Mounting, Antenna, (401Y) ]
Wall Mounting Network Cabinet Wall Mounting Network Cabinet
Specifications: 6U (600x550x320mm) With front and rear doors. On the rear door with optional cables in-out holes, frame structure, max loading of 60 kg; Quick open side door easy to install and maintain. Top and bottom wire path; Wall and stand installation type; Optional caster and support feet for stand installing; Optional 120mm axial motor; Convenient and quick wall mounting. Standard: Comply with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC397-2, DIN41491; PART1, DIN41494; PART7, GB/T3047.2-92 Standard; Compatible with 19' intemational standard and metrical standard &ETSI standard. Material: SPCC quality cold rolled steel Thickness: Rear door 2.0mm, square hole strips 1.5mm, others 1.2mm Surface finish: Degrease, acid pickling, rust prevention and Parkerizing, pure water cleaning, static electricity plastic painting
[Related Categories: Network Communications ]
[Related Keywords: wall, Mounting, network, Cabinet ]
Dome Wall Mounting Bracket Dome Wall Mounting Bracket
Specifications: This is a wall mount bracket for all dome cameras range from 100mm to 140mm. This bracket are available for indoor and outdoor weatherproof series.
[Related Categories: Surveillance Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: Dome, wall, Mounting, Bracket ]
Lead & Trail Edge Mounting Strips For Flexo Plate Mounting Lead & Trail Edge Mounting Strips For Flexo Plate Mounting
Specifications: DieGraphics Lead and Trail Edge Strips Our exclusive design! The strongest strip available. Its durability makes this strip a favorite with press crews. Manufactured to strict quality control standards. Used for lead edge of printing plates to mount to printing press(flexo). Trail Edge to hold back of plate mount.DieGraphics Lead Edge Other Price Terms: FOB  Toledo OH USA Certification(s): Quality ISO9001-2000Supply Ability: Available
[Related Categories: Others ]
[Related Keywords: lead, &, trail, edge, Mounting, strips, for, Flexo, plate ]
Mounting Tape Mounting Tape
Specifications: Double sided adhesive filmic tapes for mounting plate on flexographic printing machines. It is available in different sizes and thicknesses.
[Related Categories: Packing Sealing Adhesive Tapes ]
[Related Keywords: Mounting, tape ]
Mounting Squares For Photo Album Mounting Squares For Photo Album
Size:2 sizes available A.12mm x 12mm--49 squares/sheet(item code: Ms49) B.6mm x 12mm--96 squares/sheet (item code: Ms96) Packing: (combination pack 1a+1b or 2a+2b) * 2 sheets/pack; 4 sheets/pack * packed in polybag with colours printed hangcard * 960 packs/carton; 576 packs/carton * carton size:1.40 cuft * n. W.:11kgs g. W.:12kgs; n. W.:13kgs g. W.:14kgs Innovative cutting design provide you a huge cost saving in freight delivery compare to traditional packaging (with box dispenser). New design for easy tear and stick. Combo pack contains 2 different sizes which are perfect for sticking emblishment, photos, posters, scrapbook, cut out shapes and more. Idea for permanent bond. Removable type is also available. Double sided sticky clear mounting squares are acid free, photo safe and have a permanent bond. Ideal for permanently adhering photos, cut-out shapes, cards and other lightweight items onto your scrapbooks, photo albums, cark-making, and more... OEM/ODM are welcomed Payment Terms: T/T,CASH,D/P Certification(s): Passed SGS PH TestSupply Ability: 1 millions packs
[Related Categories: Label & Tag ]
[Related Keywords: Mounting, Squares, for, photo, Album ]
Display Mounting Display Mounting
Features: 1) Material: wood, leather 2) Usage: displaying watches 3) Dimensions: 360 x 360 x 660mm Inner packing: 1pc/foam box Box dimensions: 370 x 370 x 680mm G.W.: 15kg Outer packing: 1pc/carton Carton dimensions: 415 x 415 x 745mm Shen An Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
[Related Categories: Gift Packaging ]
[Related Keywords: display, Mounting ]
Metal Frame Automatic Mounting Metal Frame Automatic Mounting
Specifications: Metal frame with eletro static paint and automatic mounting, with 6 suspend folders dello plus with label holder and labels.
[Related Categories: Organizer & Multi-purpose Set ]
[Related Keywords: metal, frame, automatic, Mounting ]
Double Sided Mounting Tape Double Sided Mounting Tape
Features: 1) Double sided tape with high adhesion and can resist high temperature 2) Width: 12 - 72mm 3) Length: 5 - 50m Taishan, Hongqian Other Price Terms: FOB, CIF Payment Terms: T/T, L/CSupply Ability: 10 x 40' HQ/month
[Related Categories: Adhesive Tape & Glue ]
[Related Keywords: double, sided, Mounting, tape ]
Mounting Tape and Transparent Tape Mounting Tape and Transparent Tape
Features: 1) Mounting tape specification: 18mm x 5m, 19mm x 2.286 2) Transparent tape specification: 18mm x 20m, 18mm x 10m Packing: Blister card; display box PASCO Other Price Terms: FOB, CIF Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
[Related Categories: Adhesive Tape & Glue ]
[Related Keywords: Mounting, tape, and, transparent ]
PE Mounting Tape PE Mounting Tape
Features: 1) Adopts EVA sponge as the raw material, and coated with the pressure sensitive tape 2) For adhibiting rough material and sealed damping Hengtuo Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 300pcs/month
[Related Categories: Adhesive Tape & Glue ]
[Related Keywords: PE, Mounting, tape ]
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