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Keyword "Motherboard"
buying used computer motherboards

Hi. I need to buy used computer motherboards, from socket 462 and up (754, 939, 775, etc) ... for the price of 10$ maxim (transport included). If you can afford ... send me a message. Only interesting messages will have replys !

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Buy 1100 Motherboard
We are purchasing containers of GSM motherboard. If you can supply us. We will be very happy. And I sincerely hope that we can make a long term business friendship with you.
[Related Categories: Mobile Phone Parts ]
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Buy Motherboard Of N Mobiles
We are looking for the motherboard of mobiles ! If you have in lots pls contact me!
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Buy Nokia Mobile Motherboard
Our company locates in HongKong and Guangzhou, bases on USA and southeast Asia market. The company is specialized in reclaiming various scrap, damaged, no working goods, like mobile phone, phone mainboard, mobile phone accessory, battery, telephone, TV set, copier, computer, LCD monitor, printer, plastic, paper, iron, copper, mineral and so on. Our market spreads different places in the world like Europe, America, Southeast Asia and United Emirates of Arabian etc. If any individual or company who supply us cheap and good raw materials as listed below, please contact us. Pay attention we need scrap, damaged, no working, used goods, also brand new is ok, but the price must be very cheap. CDMA:2112,2115i,2270,2280,2285,3105,3125,3205,3225,3585,3586i,6015i,6016i,6135,6225,6235,6255,6585,6605 GSM:6610i,7250i,6260,8800,3030,7610.6600,
[Related Categories: Mobile Phone Parts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Nokia, Mobile, Motherboard ]
Buy Motherboard Overstock or Excess Inventory
We specialize in Motherboard excess stock which support Intel PIII and P4 CPU.Quantity is not a problem for us. PIII socket370(Intel/SIS/VIA) P4 Socket478 & LGA775(Intel/SIS/VIA) Please conatct us if you have stock.This is regular purchase.
[Related Categories: Hardware Components ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Motherboard, Overstock, or, excess, Inventory ]
Buy D845 Grgl Intel Motherboard
Need to buy intel original d845grgl motherboard. Please email or call with offers.
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[Related Keywords: buy, D845, Grgl, Intel, Motherboard ]
Buy Motherboard Main Chipset
We need big QTY Motherboard Main chipset.Please let us know if you have stock.Intel/SIS/VIA P3 and P4 main chip all acceptable.prefer big QTY.
[Related Categories: Hardware Components ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Motherboard, main, Chipset ]