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Keyword "Moringa PKM1 Seed India"
 Horse Radish Tree Seeds Suppliers From India Horse Radish Tree Seeds Suppliers From India

Organic Moringa  Seeds ( Annual Moringa)
Organic Moringa  seeds are Evolved through pure line selection   . The seeds are  99% Genitically pure  and its  Propogated by Seeds. Seed propagated 
Newly harversted seeds 
Medium, dwarf stature 
Pods are 60-70 cm long with 6.3 cm girth weighing 120g 
Bears 220-250 fruit per tree / Year
The estimated yield is 50-54 tonnes/ha 
Yield will statretd froom 5th month
Low incidence of insect pest and disease 
Suitable for varied soil types (freely drained) in tropical plains,

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