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Keyword "Molded FRP Grating"
 FRP Molded Grating FRP Molded Grating


– Strong but Lightweight

Molded FRP grating is a new type composite material, which is produced from glass fiber as framework and reinforced resins, including unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin.


Strong, lightweight, extremely excellent corrosion and rust resistance are best representative of FRP grating.


Nowadays, the FRP grating gradually replace the steel gratings in commercial and industrial plants as its outstanding chemical and mechanical advantages.


FRP molded grating is ideal for highly corrosive applications where larger open area gratings are required. Molded Grating is ideal for applications requiring extensive cut outs for pipe, duct and electrical penetrations.


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Two yellow color molded FRP grating are piled up on the gray background.

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 S - Series Piping S - Series Piping


S - Series FRP pipe is filament wound using epoxy resin and fiberglass reinfo=rcement. Manufactured wi
S - Series epoxy piping up to 24" diameters is ideal for yard piping and is designed to operate at temperatures up to 225°F / 107°C and pressures up to 225 psig. Also availabe in 30" through 48" diameters, is ideal for recirculating piping and operates at temperatures up to 200°F / 93°C and pressures up to 150 psig.
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 Cone Bottom Tanks Cone Bottom Tanks


Cone Bottom tanks offer complete drainage. Magic Tank’s standard cone apex angle is 90°. All Cone Bottoms are designed in accordance with ASTM D-3299 or D-4097 standards for elevated cone heads. Cone Bottom tanks come standard with a primed carbon steel pipe leg stand with floor plates and a standard 18” under clearance from the tank bottom to the floor plates. Therefore, when complete drainage is an absolute must, the Cone Bottom design is the only choice.
Leg stands can be provided as painted carbon steel, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), T-304 or T-316 stainless steel pipe legs or FRP skirt support, at additional cost.
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