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Keyword "Mobile filter cage machine line"
 Mobile filter cage machine line Mobile filter cage machine line

 Mobile wire cage welding line for filter cage 
This is a mobile filter bag cage welding line, of which all machines are put into 


Mobile wire cage welding line for filter cage

With mobile cage welding line, welding work can be carried out on site, and you\'ll save all freight cost.



Cage welding machine


Model          ;         Wire qty         &nbs p;           ;   Ring space        Cage diameter(mm)       Control unit

DLN-16-5        8,10,12,14,16                   & nbsp;No restriction        &n bsp;  100-160                    KD-DL08D


DLN-24-5   8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24    No restriction           1 00-200         & nbsp;         KD-DL08D



General Specification

 Input voltage: 380V (2 phase)

•  Power frequency: 50/60Hz

•  Cooling method: natural cooling

•  Air pressure: 0.6-0.8 MPa

•  Insulation grade: F

•  Power capacity: 80 KVA

•  Working load: 20 KVA




1. Rails (7500mm) and material shelf (7500mm) equipped and connected to the welding unit. 

    The front end of the rail is adjustment-free. Good linearity can be 
    achieved for wire cages.

2. Equipped with auto feeding unit, no restrictions on ring space.

3. Positioning mould manufactured with wire-cutting process, it features high accuracy, good

    insulation and long life.

4. Four air tanks, short air route inside the machine ensures quick response of the cylinder.

5. 25mm front plate resulted from one-time machining, firmly secure that the welding cylinders

    are on the same plane and perpendicular to the axes, thus the linearity of the cage can be


6. Air valves (Airtac) together with stroke-adjustable cylinders increase welding speed,

    pre-pressing only takes 0.08s.

7. Controlled by micro-computing unit.

8. Time-sharing power-on transformer reduces the burden on local electricity grid.

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