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Keyword "Mint"
Mark Overseas(04/15/2014)

Welcome to Mark Overseas.

Mark Overseas “worldwide Export – Import – Representatives” company of agricultural commodities. From procurement to delivery Mark Overseas, is actively taking care in all aspects of the phase. Our mission is to provide the essence of the agro resources to International Market.

Today, Mark is the source behind many globally recognized foodstuff brands. Our constant and main focus on quality and consistency, joined with our value additional services, has certified us as one of the best service providers of Agricultural Commodities.

Mark Overseas [India]
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Farin Missagh Saderat Co., Ltd.(04/30/2012)

FAMICO intense focus on our customers' success is backed by more than 15 years of providing a wide range of high quality products and services to an evolutionary Food, Cosmetic, and Pharmaceutical industries. We harness the power of collaboration to develop creative solutions and redefine value, as well as combine healthy-produced goods into integrated solutions that feed your world.

Farin Missagh Saderat Co., Ltd. [Iran]
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